Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson



                              Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



It should be no surprise to a person, who has a close relationship with God and knows Him, to have choice unique and unusual experiences that are a source of delight. God does the extraordinary and expects us to accomplish things that even surprise us and give in the outworking incredible pleasure. This has been one of my particular joys in my association with him.


We have a friend who is a very accomplished motor mechanic and specialises in body repairs etc. Whilst we were in leadership in the church at Chesterfield we saw how skilled a craftsman John was with cars. Even those that had been severely damaged, under his ability and work, he was able to transform the sad, wrecked state into something attractive and useful. In that little old garage he did amazing works of transformation!


God so blessed that when the Lincolnshire Road Car decided to dispose of their premises which were very large, John obtained them and develop a greater business with men working under him.


He decided to take flying lessons in a light aircraft and succeeded in obtaining his pilot’s licence. Eventually he was in the position where he could own his own plane. It was whilst preaching at Chesterfield he told me the exciting progress that had been made over the past years through faith and looking to God. He invited to visit the airfield to see his plane and so Joan and I went and that night took us up for a short flight. What a lovely unexpected experience to view the landscape below  at a lower height than thousands of feet above in a Boeing 747.


More was to come. A further invitation to fly for a much longer flight was given. Such could not be resisted. The schedule was that we would fly over a number of places so that I could see things from another perspective. The prospects simply excited me. In musing on the unusual experience it came to mind that it would be good to take a bottle of oil and anoint these places as we flew over them. I shall never forget flying over Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster etc., praying and anointing these place that accommodated so many people seeking god’s blessing on all. After it was over, a sense of spiritual satisfaction was felt.


John is now a member of the Christian Aviation Fellowship, taking a special interest in the work that so many people do for God within it. He is now busy conducting meetings, promoting this arm of Christian service, affirming its vision, enterprise and success. He possesses untold passion and faith in his life and ministry and it is a sheer joy to note how God has blessed and uses him in a unique manner.


We should never lose our vision and knowledge of God as to what He will to do and bring about within our lives. He ever wants to open us up and achieve much more than we could dream of. No one should settle for less than what God wills to achieve, and means you.




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