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Rev. Ann Ramsdale


I grew up in a good home where we were sent to Sunday School twice every Sunday. My mother was nominally Anglican and my father Baptist so we went to the Baptist Sunday School. I don’t remember the Gospel being preached but we were taught the Bible and good hymns filled with the Gospel message. I do not know the date but I remember as a child of about nine kneeling by my bed and praying, ‘Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, there’s room in my heart for Thee’, and I believe that was the point when I was saved. Later, at about fourteen I went to a meeting in Leicester where the preacher was Tom Rees and I responded to the altar call. I later joined the Anglican Church and was confirmed.


When I was eighteen I began Teacher Training in Hereford. I remember there was building work going on which meant the starting date was put back by two weeks and so I was able to attend special meetings held in the town by the Christian Students from Loughborough College. During that time I made a total surrender of my life to the Lord, going straight from there to college where there was a strong Christian union and a very good, evangelistic Anglican Church and my faith was established.


On returning home I discovered the Full Gospel Mission in Coalville, Leicestershire and it was there I was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was not an Assemblies of God Church but we had regular visits from men like Howard Carter, Willie Burton, Joe Robinson, well known men with excellent ministries and so were well grounded in the Word.


We were also given every opportunity and encouragement to develop ministry. It was there I met and married Peter and from there we joined Home Missions, starting at Holmfirth. Pioneering was not easy, at that time we also had three young children, but we were blessed by the encouragement of other ministers and the fellowship of the conventions we were able to attend in those days.


We moved to churches in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and finally to Morecambe. We never had big Churches, they were always either pioneer or ‘rescue’ works. I had always ministered alongside Peter and when he died in 2003 it seemed right to continue to lead the Church, which I did until moving to live in Rotherham and join Dinnington New Life Church. God really led and miraculously provided in all of this.





Sermon Starters provided by Rev. E. Anderson


                                            Rev. E. Anderson



Reading      Psalm 1


Text           1 Chronicles 4: 9,10




NAMES:  This man, by the name of Jabez stands out most prominently amidst a vast list of names  in the  book of Chronicles. The danger in reading this Bible book is in missing out on these two choice, important verses in relation to him. One can overlook this chapter and think there is nothing in it but a big list of names that have no relatedness to life and us. But when you hear such they have something to say and impart to us

RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD:   Whatever may be said of this man, it can be argued that he   discovered   and   knew a relationship with God in a very significant way.  Within his day and generation he found his interest in God and God’s interest in him, and from that, a meaningful and fruitful relationship with Him in prayer. He was moved, inspired and motivated to pray and from this experience wonderful and beautiful things took place in his life and affairs. Jabez, it could be said, was a person who knew what he wanted and knew where to go to get what he really desired – to Jehovah, the God of Israel.

BACKGROUND: Looking into the circumstances of his life, from what is briefly recorded, it is evident that he proceeded  from a good tribe, Judah v1. Some are of the opinion that he could well have come from the stock and lineage of Caleb. Certainly, he was a famous character in Israel’s history, renowned for vision, faith and enterprise. His forefather was a man who knew how to trust God and look to  Him for his blessing and advancement. Having left a memorable impression behind, maybe Jabez desired the same and was ready to go for it.

FAMILY:  He had a number of brothers as v9 reveals, although it could mean the tribe as a whole. It would suggest that he was brought up in quite a large family household and this would give some idea that he knew the rough and tumble of life. It was far from an easy and comfortable lifestyle. Being with others ensures you do not get all your own way and such makes for the development of character and personality.


“When the going gets tough the tough get going.”


INTERPRETATION:  His name means “Sorrowful.” What a name to be called by and to live with! The very mention of his name was enough for people to look at him with a kind of sadness and leave him to himself. Every time it was mentioned, it must have disturbed him and awoke awful and regrettable feelings in his heart. It was an awful thing to afflict a child with and he had to deal with this imposition.


What are some of the major things that are stated that serve as an inspiration and instruction in the matter of effectual praying ?  This man became an effectual person of prayer and got the ear and hand of God in his life and affairs.  How was it that he got his prayer answered and obtained the favour of God? There were reasons why he obtained a divine response and they are revealed in the verses –




This was the fundamental and critical area in the forming and progress of his life and relationship with God. This was a very crucial and imperative as far as God was concerned.


·          He was to be distinguished amongst his fellow brethren and that was a thing of noteworthiness. There must have been certain marks, traits and tokens that showed that he excelled both spiritually and morally above those around him. There was something that he aimed and worked for within his being to produce, something admirable and commendable. It surely indicated the fact that he himself set high and great standards for his life, sound rules of conduct, principles that were the best to produce the best. He would set the tone and allow nothing to besmirch his being and behaviour.            THE AIM – Excellence.

·          In contrast, his brethren may not have been of similar spirit and persuasion. It may well have been that they did not think it necessary to have such high ideals and manner of life and felt no urgency in these things. Their opposite views and manners did not pull him down to their level but spurred him on in his quest. He felt the need to leave a worthy pattern of conduct behind, one that he would not be ashamed of and inspire others to great heights. The fact that he belonged to Israel may well have provoked him too. There is little doubt that he was a spiritual man with noble objectives. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – Romans 12: 1, 2 “Do not let the world squeeze you into its mould.”


 Illustrations:       JOSEPH AND JESUS.    The words of encouragement by Paul to Timothy – 1 Tim .4: 12 “be an example in word, behaviour, charity, spirit, faith, purity.”  See the incentive in Psalm1.




It appears that he was ready face life head on and to conquer everything on the way. He was not going to allow things to hinder or frustrate him from making real progress. In no way was he going to sit down in despair and depression and be defeated.


·          His name could well have spelt the start of sorrow and been a prophecy of what was to be. This thing that had been sown could have become rooted in him and developed to vast proportions. It could have settled as a fixation and produced a permanent bondage. He could have lived in expectation of the worst in every situation. Had not his name indicated trouble! There could have been a wrong mental attitude to everything and everyone. A large chip could have been on his shoulder for life.


Illustrations:    Daniel and the captive maid – both testimonies in alien lands for God


·          The prayer of Jabez reveals he was not prepared to tolerate a mind and mood of this nature. Though he may have been handicapped with his name, he would not permit it to rule his life or work. He had the power to change the same through God. These things would not break but make him.


Illustration:        What to do with lemons – turn them into lemonade. One can make lot of lemonade from lots of lemons. There is the power to turn and exchange the bitter into the sweet.




This was a very vital stage and step in knowing God’s intervention in his life and affairs. He got the procedure right and moved on to the ultimate, blessed result.


·          He knew who to turn to amidst his personal situation. It was “WHO” to go to with such a big demand. The God of his forefathers had been great and willing enough to meet them and surely he was up to his current condition. He was not satisfied to be an Israelite according to the flesh, boasting a lineage from the patriarchs and with such a tre­mendous history. He must know and prove God for himself in his day and circumstances. They were gone but their God lived on to show Himself, sufficient for succeeding believers. He highly valued and rated the covenant relationship and word that Jehovah had established and be­lieved he belonged to it and could claim its blessings.

·          As far as he was concerned, He was not only Jacob’s God, Jehovah was his God and could be looked to and relied upon. There was the certainty of His existence and a firm conviction and belief that he would respond to his need. Heb.11: 8 were known to him as he placed his situation before the Lord. He wanted an up-to-date testimony in his life of the Lord and His ability and he was not to be disappointed.




One can measure the spirit of his prayer in its intensity in the way he approached God with the matter. There was to be nothing half-hearted or lukewarm in dealing with this in and before God. The text reveals the degree of feeling as well as faith in the request.


·          The temperature and power of his praying can be summed up in the little but meaningful word – “Oh.” It is not a casual formal approach but is an expression of heart- longing and yearning. Real depth of emotion and feeling is gathered within it and the clear impression is that he meant business with God. All apathy and indifference were removed and had no place in his being. For him, there would be no satis­faction until he got his reply. If one had been able to have placed a thermometer alongside his spirit it would have registered a very high condition of heat and warmth.


Illustration:        Someone asked Martin L. Jones when revival would come again to the Church. “When the Oh ! returned to the praying.”


·          He may have learned this fervency and persistency from Jacob – Genesis 32. His forefather had tenacity and will, so there was no letting go of God until the answer was forthcoming. The longing produced the stamina as well as the spirit to press through so that he knew God loved and favoured him. There was no intention of quitting – Luke 18: 1. Passion is a persistent factor.




·          Things of minor worth were not on the agenda in his praying. They were not on the list. The prayer consisted of those things that were to have a major bearing upon his life and others. He knew that the Lord would be very much interested in the things that were to be put before Him. It is thought that his prayer is based upon his going forth into battle against the Canaanites.

·          He wanted to be “personally blessed” and with appropriate blessings. He wanted to be done good to by the Lord so that life would reach total development and fulfillment.       

·          There was the desire for personal progress   “enlarge my coast.” All the limitations and inhibitions are to be taken off so that he could live in faith and without fear. The restrictions in his own person needed to be dealt with so that he could go forward to achieve maximum results in relation to his life arid work. Divine headway to be made into new territory arid greater achievements are to be known.


Illustration:    Joshua  – 1: 2-9


There was the desire for the Lord’s presence“and that your hand might be with me.”  This symbolized the immediate presence and inspiration of the Lord.  It is the Lord that makes all the difference. See it demonstrated in the experience of Ezekiel 1: 3.


There was the desire for divine preservation“and that Thou will keep me from evil  . . . .” It is apparent that evil forces were present and prevailing in his day. He was a prime target of the evil one because of his godly commitment. There was awareness in his being that the Lord was able to place a preservation order on his life and save him from the corruptive and destructive forces of evil in spite of their relentless activity. It is good to have a preservation order on life.




There was a justifiable climax and conclusion to his life and praying. The Scriptures simply but surely announce – “And God granted him that which he requested.”  This says it all.  The answer showed:


·          He stood in the good favour of God. The fact that he got what he desired indicates the Lord’s approval on him.  It has to be realized that this is one of the proofs of the Lord’s pleasure and vindication. Answer to prayer is a token and seal of good standing with God. Christ – John 11: 41.  He further taught that it is God’s will to show that approval in those who are obedient –  John 15; 16; 1 John 5:  14,15

·          He could experience and enjoy the things he prayed for in reality and truth. The fulfillment brought release and untold good to his life and witness for God. This is why the Scripture records it and advances him and his praying as an inspiring example. He had nothing to be sorrowful about anymore because God had turned it into joy. Everyone knew that Jehovah was interested arid committed to him.


Prayer Dynamics furnished by Rev. E. Anderson


                                Rev. E. Anderson


Dr. W. Barclay


A great many people stop praying because they think that prayer does not work. But this happens because they have a wrong idea of prayer.


Prayer has its laws.


Here are two of them.



It is a first law of prayer that God will never do anything for us that we can do very well for ourselves.

God is not the easy way out.


Very off en a child brings an exercise home from school and asks his parents to help him with it. Every wise parent knows that, while it is far easier to do the exercise for the child, that it is no help to the child at all. The real help is to guide, explain, encourage until the child can do it for himself.


Prayer is not simply unloading our tasks on to God. Prayer is the means by which God enables us to do them for ourselves.




The circumstances are the same, but we approach them with new courage, new strength and a new ability to cope with them.


Epictetus said, long ago, that everything in this world had two handles, one of lead and one of gold, so that how we faced a situation depended wholly on the handle by which we picked it up.


Prayer helps us meet difficulties in a new way.


Christian Advancement collated by Rev. E. Anderson


                                           Rev. E. Anderson





Things were very difficult and traumatic for God’s people in Gideon’s day. They were eking out an existence because of what their enemies were doing. They were not allowed to live in the open and when their crops were ripe their enemies came and raped the land of both crops and cattle. It was far from easy in these circumstances. The cause of this evil had been brought about by an abandonment of God and so he had abandoned them. They were literally ‘God-forsaken.’ He was no longer with them to protect and to provide. It is a hopeless state to be in when there is no covering. But mercy and grace was to be shown by way of intervention after intercession – Judges 6: 6. Change and advancement came




Gideon felt anything but a hero. One can understand his thoughts and feelings of deference in the light of present conditions. They were reduced to poverty, impotence and fear and with no prospects. But the angel knew and could see in foresight and prospect and prophesied and this prepared the way for progress.




After a supernatural display of power and a divine revelation, Gideon is called to reveal his courage in removing the local important idol. It was not an easy assignment. His metal had to be tested at home first before a greater challenge to Gideon. This abomination had to be removed before greater conquest and advancement could be experienced. God had to be put in His rightful place.




He moves into the heroics by the Spirit in calling forth his people to join forces for battle. Because he made the move the Lord was ready to confirm with the dew and dream.




The fearful and not so vigilant had to be removed and the force reduced to 300 men. A unique way of introducing the conflict was initiated. As the battle commenced emphasis was on the Lord and a union with Him.




The Lord became Jehovah Shalom to Gideon and gave him real, inward spiritual peace that enabled him to become a mighty hero and warrior. Peace prevailed in him and divine peace came into being that spelled prosperity.


Messages of the Moment received by Rev. E. Anderson


                                    Rev. E. Anderson

Resist the Devil
by Rick Warren

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” – James 4:7 (NIV)

*** *** *** ***

After we’ve humbled ourselves and submitted to God, we’re then told to defy the Devil. We don’t passively resign ourselves to his attacks. We’re to fight back.

The New Testament often describes the Christian life as a spiritual battle against evil forces, using war terms such as fight, conquer, strive, and overcome. Christians are often compared to soldiers serving in enemy territory.

How can we resist the Devil? Paul tells us, “Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” – Ephesians 6:17 NLT.

The first step is to accept God’s salvation. You won’t be able to say no to the Devil unless you’ve said yes to Christ. Without Christ we’re defenseless against the Devil, but with “the helmet of salvation” our minds are protected by God. Remember this: If you are a believer, Satan cannot force you to do anything. He can only suggest.

Second, you must use the Word of God as your weapon against Satan. Jesus modeled this when he was tempted in the wilderness. Every time Satan suggested a temptation, Jesus countered by quoting Scripture.

He didn’t argue with Satan. He didn’t say, “I’m not hungry,” when tempted to use his power to meet a personal need. He simply quoted Scripture from memory. We must do the same. There is power in God’s Word, and Satan fears it.

Don’t ever try to argue with the Devil. He’s better at arguing than you are, having had thousands of years to practice. You can’t bluff Satan with logic or your opinion, but you can use the weapon that makes him tremble – the truth of God.

This is why memorizing Scripture is absolutely essential to defeating temptation. You have quick access to it whenever you’re tempted. Like Jesus, you have the truth stored in your heart, ready to be remembered.

If you don’t have any Bible verses memorized, you’ve got no bullets in your gun! I challenge you to memorize one verse a week for the rest of your life. Imagine how much stronger you’ll be.


Knowing the Truth compiled by Rev. A. Hocking


                                           Rev. A. Hocking



A tired, timid old lady approached the enquiry desk of an insurance company’s office, showed them a policy and explained that she was unable to keep up the payments on it.  She could only just manage on her pension, and there was nothing left over for such things as Life Insurance payments.


The clerk saw that the policy was very valuable, and warned her that she was being very unwise to cancel it after all this time.  What did her husband say about it, anyway, since it was his policy?  She explained that he had died some 3 years earlier.


Immediately, the company went into action. Far from her owing them premiums, they owed her three years premiums she shouldn’t have paid, plus the very substantial value of the policy that had become due when her husband had died!


She hadn’t realised that she was entitled to the money as soon as her husband had died.  Instead of living in poverty, she could have been living very comfortably indeed.


The greatest ‘Life Policy’ of all time became due when Jesus died on the Cross, 2000 years ago.   He said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”.  Life here and now, and Eternal Life in Heaven.  Most people seem to have the idea that they have to ‘earn’ their way to Heaven.  How often we hear phrases such as, “well that will help get me into Heaven!”  Yet the Bible clearly states that all our efforts to earn ‘righteousness’ are as filthy rags in God’s sight, when compared with the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on Calvary.


Stop trying to ‘earn’ your way to Heaven and simply put your trust in Jesus, who paid the penalty for your sin on the cross.  Pray this prayer; “Lord Jesus, thank you that you died on the cross to take away my sin. Please forgive my sin, come into my life and help me to live for you from now on”.  Now you can start living life as it was meant to be – and look forward to eternal life.