A Daily Prophetic Word and Meditation by Rev. E. Anderson


                                           Rev. E. Anderson

This is a daily prophetic word which is purposed to encourage you as you face this day with the Lord. He, above all loves to communicate with His people and servants and all must learn to hear His voice and take note of what He has to say. Christ said: ‘my sheep know my voice’ – John 10: 4. He speaks through His written word the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and you must read it often to hear and know what God has to declare. By His Holy Spirit He also brings a personal prophetic and inspired word to the mind and heart which confirms the written Word. Know that He is with you to bring to pass His perfect plan for your life. Listen to what He has to say and fulfill all His will and you will both know and grow in the things of God.


Wednesday – September 3rd     


Do not permit anyone or anything to mess up your life or work but see that both are kept in a holy and healthy condition so that you may ever live and function properly and so produce the best results. Of course, as you look towards Me for my input and help, all that is needed to maintain this state will be afforded. It is always in my power to prime and time each one of my children and servants so that they are in tip-top condition and enable to ccomplish that which is choice and commendable. As you commence this fresh day, be renewed in spirit, soul and body by my Spirit and Word so that you can tackle it right at the outstet in good mind and heart. You were birthed into my kingdom to lead and live a successful existence, where you will have every reason to be blessed and thankful. Make sure nothing evil or negative, therefore, intrudes and takes over, rather, receive those good people and ministries into your being that will keep you in a sound, sweet and sensible situation ready for service.


September 3rd  




It did look as if the early Church had its back against the wall when one of their leaders, James, was beheaded. Things did not look any better when Peter was taken with the intention of Herod to have him disposed of. Many Christians must have been somewhat dismayed and perplexed that evil seemed to be in the ascendancy. The powers of sin and darkness were assuming control and doing their utmost to bring about the defeat of Christendom. The spiritual fight was on and it was needful to have a significant reversal to show who really was in charge.


How heartening to read that the Church gave itself to earnest and instant prayer – v5. Peter may have been in prison but it did not stop them from pleading to the highest authority of all, the Lord. In an amazing show down the Lord sent an angel to deliver him. Without ado, God provided a light and simply loosed the chains. He told Peter to get dressed, put on his sandals and coat and led him out. Meanwhile He kept the guards and the rest of the prisoners asleep. Finally, he opened the iron gate without a problem. The conclusion to it all was the demise of Herod in a remarkable way. He paid an awful price for his action against James and the Christian Church.


When the Church or the believer is in major difficulty (and sometimes God allows it), it is that they may discover the power of prayer and the sovereignty of God. At all times there is access to the One who sees and knows all that is occurring and possesses the power to act and transform situations. Peter evidently rested in God whilst people prayed and experienced a miracle. So it is possible for you to pray for others who are facing a problem and then see God’s answer.        



Christian Advancement compiled by Rev. E. Anderson


                                       Rev. E. Anderson



Exodus 16-20


There was much to be inwardly wrought in this people that the Lord had redeemed and espoused to Himself. They were not a perfect people as Moses was to quickly discover. The days ahead would bring much to light and view that would be challenging and distressing at times. But the Lord showed patience and perseverance as He sought to refine them and mature them through the process of discipleship. He properly and perfectly engaged Himself in endeavouring to produce in them love, faith and obedience in readiness for further movement. He did it:


1/. BY TESTINGS – Exodus 16


He brought them into the wilderness with this purpose in mind, to teach and test so as to prove their spiritual and moral worth to Him and themselves – Deuteronomy 8:2. It was essential to develop the character of His elect and it could only be by this method. God was after a quality people, such as were prepared to build a sound and sweet relationship with Himself, become a holy nation and a body through whom He could promote His knowledge and government. They must become freed from doubt, murmurings etc.


2/. BY BATTLE – Exodus 17: 8-16


They were to have their first experience of conflict with an enemy and discover they could advance and become victors. Joshua was to advance to becoming a captain and they would experience triumph in a unique way. There is the great lesson of victory and advancement through prayer.


3/. BY DELEGATION – Exodus 18


There came the providential visit of Jethro and the input of his wise counsel. It was necessary for others to rise to spiritual and moral responsibility and share the load and secure the righteous state and welfare of all. Problems required answering in order to make progress. And all had to be involved in the righteous superintending OF God’s sacred people destined for greatness.


4/. BY LAW – Exodus 20


The time had come when they must be truly and fully aware of the high expectations of God and so a moral and spiritual law was imposed. This was so that they could become a noble and worthy people, knowing a greater relationship with God, setting a standard for all others and enjoying good relationships with each other.




The Lord was seeking a people who would develop and improve to a high degree and to a maximum condition. They were to be at their best for God and one another. This was all in preparation to move into the Promised Land and make that place a praise and credit for their God.



Prayer Dynamics presented by Rev. E. Anderson


                                       Rev. E. Anderson



W. Barclay                                                                                             


The wonderful thing about God is that he can listen to all men’s prayers at the same time.




Sometimes we fear to visit a person too early in the morning or too late at night or during their busy time, lest we be nothing better than a nuisance to them, lest we interrupt their work, and lest they be too busy to see us.


It can never be like this with God. Early in the morning, late at night, in the rush of the midday, God will hear.




There is no importance and unimportance in the sight of God. He is access­ible at any time to the greatest and to the smallest; for in the sight of God there is no great or small.




Sometimes we say of children that they should be seen and not heard, to quote that old Victorian tag again. But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.”


Sometimes people grow old and all their loved ones and their friends pass on and they have no one to talk to. Loneliness is one of the supreme problems of age.


No child is too small to talk to God; no aged one is too forgotten to talk to God. The fears of childhood, the problems of youth, the weariness of the middle years, the loneliness of age-they can every one of them be brought to God, and God will hear.


That is precisely why prayer should be not only a thing of the crisis and the emergency, but of the daily life of every man.


The wonder of God is that he listens to each one of us as if there was only one of us toi listen to. He is the hearer of prayer-th world’s prayer, and my prayer



Powerful Quotes by Rev. L. Goodwin


                                         Rev. L. Goodwin



“An optimist is someone who takes the cold water thrown upon an idea, heats it with enthusiasm and then uses the steam to push ahead.”   -Anon


“An optimist is a bridegroom who thinks he has no bad habits.”



“An optimist is the woman who slips her shoes back on when the preacher says `And finally



Murphy’s Law says “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

O’ Toole’s Law says, “Murphy was an optimist.”



“Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream of things that never were, and say why not?”

-George Bernard Shaw


A shoe salesman was sent to a remote part of the country. When he arrived, he was dismayed because everyone went around barefooted. So he wired the company `No prospect for sales; people don’t wear shoes here.’ Later another shoe salesman went to the same territory. He too immediately sent word to the company office `People don’t wear shoes here;’ but he added `great potential for sales!’


“Real optimism is aware of problems but recognises the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile. “

-William Arthur Ward