Christian Testimony presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Mike and Celia Deakin 

Prayers were answered for Divorced Pair 

A couple who spent 16 years apart believe prayer brought them back together. 

Mike and Celia Deakin separated in 1983 after nine years of marriage, leaving Celia to care for their two young children. Despite Mike’s departure, Celia believed God would bring her husband back to her and began to pray for his return. 

In an amazing testimony of persistent prayer, Celia, from Lincolnshire, says her cries to heaven were answered in 2001, when her ex-husband returned radically converted to Christianity.

 Celia said, ‘I prayed every day for a long time, and after so long, each time Mike came to my memory I would pray and ask God to fulfill his word and his promise over our lives.’ 

But Mike, a workaholic who churned out 70 hours’ work a week, wasn’t interested in Celia and married someone else. 

Some years later, during the course of his work, he became interested in religion after visiting some Christian homes and, in 1997, gave his life back to God. This didn’t change the cou­ple’s marital situation, despite Mike divorcing for a second time and remarriage was on the agenda.

 ‘We were talking on the phone, sometimes three, four or five times a day, but I thought it was all over and done with and there was no way of going back there,’ said Mike. 

But Celia, who was happy to be friends with her ex, said, ‘1 knew it was close to happening. Mike said I should move to his area and get a job there, and I said that would only happen if we got mar­ried again. We both kind of suddenly agreed – that was August 2001 and we were married in April 2002. We had a fully Christian engagement, and didn’t have sex until we wed. It was so special: 

About 300 attended the couple’s second wedding, at Talbot Street Christian Cen­tre, in Nottingham, and their marriage is blossoming.

 Mike said, ‘I’m still gob-smacked that we’re married again, but I have come to that place where I know God has forgiven me. Our first marriage was for us, but the second one is for God.’ 

Celia now 59, added, ‘I love Mike and have no bitterness towards him. He’s an amazing man and I respect and look up to him for who he is. I knew, when he came back, that God had really changed him’. 

Now the couple have put then story into print, and their book ‘To Have and to Hold’ has just been published. 


Meet the Ministers furnishd by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. & Mrs. William Watt 

I was brought up in an AOG church in a little village in the North-east of Scotland called Cairnbulg.  It was there at the age of 14 I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.  My salvation was radical and dramatic.  Up to that young age I had been in a lot of trouble with the law and the authorities.  I got involved stealing cars, breaking into shops and boats and was regularly before the courts.  I was put on Probation for those offences and was warned by the judge that if he saw me again I would face a period in Borstal.  It was around this time that God started dealing with me and I began to attend church with my dad.  Our Pastor at the time was Arthur Hibbert.  One night when he was preaching I felt as though he was speaking just to me and that night I surrendered to God.  When I got saved the whole village knew and I had the joy of leading quite a few of my friends to salvation. 

I would like to say that everything went well and I continued to follow the Lord, but I didn’t.  After about nine months I went away from God.  It was a long slow process before I came back to God, a road that was filled with a lot of pain for me and my family.  I became a heavy drinker and usually when I was drunk I was involved in fighting.  I was in and out of the police cells quite a lot.  God has been very merciful to me, and eventually I re-dedicated my life to him when I was nineteen years old.  It was short time after this that I strongly felt the call of God upon my life. 

When I was twenty I married my girlfriend Jane and we now have four children; three girls and a boy.  The youngest one is now twenty one.  I have also two grand-children. When Jane and I were first married we fellowshipped in the Fraserburgh AOG and at that time I was one of the youth leaders.  The youth group grew from ten to a number of around sixty.  We would take them on open airs and together we sought to reach young people for Christ.  We served in the church there for around nine years. 

It was the Christmas of 1983 when we believed God led us to move to Shetland.  I became the Youth Leader and this was a time of great blessing in our lives.  The church that was pastored by Mick Bonner, who is now in Coventry, was experiencing a mini revival at the time.  The whole church went through a tremendous time of growth and blessing.  People being saved and miracles were the norm; it was unusual if people weren’t being saved.  The youth group also grew substantially at that time.  

After a period of four years Mick and Sandra Bonner moved to Coventry, this then became an unsettled time for the church.  The problems in the church intensified and it eventually ended up dividing.  The church went from 160 adults to 20 over night, it was tragic.  Three months later I was invited to become the Pastor to the 20 people who were left.  This was daunting for me; up to this time I was only a fisherman and had never even served on an Oversight.  After prayer and seeking God I agreed to accept the position of pastor.  Over the next four and half years, by the grace of God, we saw the church grow significantly. 

In the summer of 1992 we moved to Lincoln as we felt the call of God.  The church was going through a very difficult time but eventually things settled down and again we saw significant growth.  This was a very trying time for me as we had no income at all for one year.  Due to family illness back in Scotland and also considerable financial difficulty, we decided to leave and return to Scotland.  The church at Lincoln had grown to around 80 members.  

We moved back to Scotland and at the time my local Assembly did not have a pastor.  The oversight and myself came to an agreement that they would let us live in the church manse and I would help them until they got a pastor.  The initial thought of a ‘prophet having no honour in his home town’ came to mind and wondered if this arrangement could work; yet God was good to us and it turned out very well.  I worked with the church until they secured a new Pastor. 

I contemplated what to do with my future and decided to return to the fishing for a period.  I was very involved with the Fraserburgh Assembly with preaching and helping with the youth.  I

It was at this time the churches united to begin an outreach to those with drug problems in the town and opened the Solid Rock Café.  I was part of the team who on a voluntary basis worked there.  Since its inception in 2000 many young people have made commitments to God and quite a few with drug problems have gone to rehabilitation centres. 

I again felt God was calling me back into full-time ministry, and after prayer we had the invitation to move to Rotherham.  This was a church with a lot of history.  At one time there had been large membership but over the years there had been divisions and fragmentation, leaving a group of around 70 adults with very few young people.  I took on the pastorate in July 2001.  This would be a massive rebuilding work, but by God’s grace we believed that we would see the church thrive and prosper again. 

To date we have now 120-130 committed adult members with over 100 young people on our register.  Out of this 100 there is around 30-40 who are saved.  There is also a healthy children’s work with up to 50 children attending.  In December 2003 we invited George Jack to become our full-time youth pastor and the growth in the young people is largely due to him and his wife Jayne. Over the last three years we have been working closely with the Probation Services.  This last year they have completed substantial rebuilding and refurbishment work in our premises.  Last March, the Mayor of Rotherham came and opened our ‘Drop in Centre’ which was renovated by them.  

In September of 2006 I felt God speak to me about leaving the church in Rotherham.  I initially resisted; I was very settled, the church was going well, and my family was all near.  Yet, I could not shake off what I believed God had said to me.  After much prayer and heart searching I decided that I had to obey what I believed what God had said to me.  I left the church in Rotherham in September of this year and we were very sad to leave so many good friends there.  We know that God has great plans for them. As for us we are excited and looking forward to taking on the pastorate of Dudley Christian Fellowship in January 2008.  There is a very good group of people there and we believe by God’s grace great things lies ahead. 

Message for the Moment introduced by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

3 Keys To Speaking In FaithBy Rachael Taylor

Everyone of us loves to be around positive people. You know the people who always look at things or others and see the best in them; then, there are the negative people who suck the life right out of you. The positive people see the glass half full and the negative people see the glass half empty.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Kyla, the doctor said she would not survive and that she would die within the space of two weeks if nature took its course. At that time positive speaking over that situation would not guarantee that she would have survived. Here is where speaking with faith is a big difference. Being positive comes from the mouth but faith comes from the heart. Although I think being positive is the way to go, there is a big difference from speaking positive and speaking with faith into a situation. Positive speaking, lets call it positive confession, it does not guarantee it will happen just because you are speaking positive over the situation.Here are 3 keys to speaking in faith

       1. Remember the promises of God

In Hebrews 10 it says, ‘let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful’. It is so easy to be swayed by life’s circumstances. When I was pregnant with Kyla the circumstance that was in front of me was impossible but I knew that my God was the God of the impossible. That is a promise in the Bible in the book of Luke; Jesus said ‘what is impossible with men is possible with God’. God can never lie, every promise in the Bible he is faithful towards it.

       2. Meditate on Gods word

In Romans it says, ‘faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ’. How do you get faith? You get faith by meditating on Gods word – a golden nugget from God. One of the times when God gave me that golden nugget was again with Kyla while I was pregnant. I knew in my heart that God was going to heal Kyla, it wasn’t just positive speaking but it was the word of God. The verse in the Bible that God showed me was in Psalm 27 ‘I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord’. Life is full of circumstances that can take you by surprise but by meditating on Gods word when the circumstances do come your way you will be well equipped with the word of God to get through them.

       3. Speak the promises of God out.

Every day I spoke the word of God out loud over Kyla with boldness and faith, declaring the promises of God that God would heal her, that he loved her and he had huge plans for her. Because of Gods promises and faithfulness Kyla is with us today, a miracle from God. Never under estimate the power that is in Gods word. It is not experiences that build up your faith it is meditating on Gods word and speaking it out with boldness and declaration.The 3 points to speaking in faith will help you shift from speaking just positive to speaking with faith and authority and just watch what a difference it will make to your life. Remember God responds to faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.  

Wisdom’s Ways compiled by the late Rev. A. Linford

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Rev. A Linford, before his decease, was recognized as a good, great and interesting Bible teacher in the Assemblies of God Fellowship for many years. He was a well-loved Bible College lecturer and writer that bequeathed a tremendous amount of Biblical material in his generation. What a legacy he has left to be researched and brought forth to refresh our day! We shall be using such on this site: His writings from the book of Proverbs and also his Editorials that he wrote for the Redemption Tidings when he was its editor. I trust you will enjoy and appreciate his inspired teaching.  

WHEN ICICLES HAND . . .’by the late Rev. A. Linford 

A cold spell, a slight thaw, an overnight freeze – you know the weather. The gutter of the Assembly hall was festooned with icicles. As I looked at them through the window their frigid aloofness seemed forbidding. Later in the service I looked again. The morning sun had been at work, “tears” were streaming from each pendant wedge and running into the drain below. The icy separates now flowed together. 

What a parable in Human beings, like water, react strongly to temperature. In an atmosphere of indifference, neglect or fear, we freeze up. But a breath of kindly interest, a gust of humour, a zephyr of love, and we melt. Some churches are spiritually cold, the congregation sitting like rows of icicles in the pews. But when the Spirit of God begins to move hearts are warmed, chilled spirits revived and fellowship established. 

The atmosphere of the world is wintry. “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Blasts of unbelief, blizzards of sin, tem pests of temptation, and cyclones of corruption – how can a Christian keep his heart warm in such bitter moral temperatures? The Spirit of God can bring springtime to our hearts. 

I’ve likened men to icicles: a defective simile. An icicle is entirely at the mercy of the weather; man is not. He has ways to combat the cold so that, in spite of the prevailing atmosphere, he can go on. Here are three ways to keep warm. First, be active. There is nothing like exercise for producing bodily heat. When below-zero temperatures beset you, betake yourself to strenuous toil. If you are cold in heart, do something for God that will warm you up. Secondly, feed wisely. Proper and sufficient nourishment provides fuel for the inner fires. Exercise will help the blood (our inbuilt central-heating system) to circulate its warming fluid around the body. Food will supply the raw material to nerve and muscle: the result, energy. To nourish the soul on rich Biblical fare will keep it alive and warm. Thirdly, we can put something between you and the cold, such as clothing or radiant heat. A glowing brazier creates a circle of warmth that keeps the frost at bay; even so a glowing church is a source of heart­warming to all who attend. Our winter woollies keep out the cold, mediating between our warm bodies and the frigidity. To be “clothed in righteousness divine” through the mediation of our Lord Jesus Christ is an effective way of keeping out the cold of judgment and the frost of despair. 


“My Son, walk not thou in the way with the way with them”      Proverbs 1:15-19 

Companionship is an important adjunct of life: good companions are a boon and a bless­ing, bad companions are a bane and a blight. As is later said: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20). 

The walk of wisdom. This is a negative side to holiness – “walk not”. There are some paths our feet should not tread, some directions we should never take, some places we should never be found in. “What doest thou here?” is a question we may well, at times, ask ourselves (cf 1 Kings 19:13).  We must learn to “flee temptation”, to “follow after righteousness” to “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6:11,12).  We should not fellowship with those who “make haste to shed blood”, but with those whose energies are bent on doing good (Galatians 6:10).

The warning of wisdom. The Word of God makes us aware of the wiles of the devil. His net of temptation, lured with false hopes of easy money, will not entice us. “We are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11) and so escape the traps he sets on our path. His land-mines are secretly strewn along our way, but with the mine detector of Holy Scripture we can pass safely through the mine-field of temptation. Happy is the man who knows God’s law; its testimony is a defence against the attacks of the enemy, its admonitions a shield against evil.  

he way of wisdom. Those who hurt others for personal gain seal their own doom. “They lie in wait for their own blood”. Retribution overtakes them: they shed blood – their own blood is shed; their callous killing calls for their own execution. It is one of the laws of life that we receive what we give, both in measure and in kind. This is the law of reciprocitv taught by Jesus. He said: “With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again” (Matthew 7:2). So, if we judge, we shall be judged (Matthew 7:1). And if we give, to us it shall be given (Luke 6:38). The world is like a mirror, it reflects what we show to it: smile, and it smiles back; frown, and it frowns. It is like an echo, speaking back to us the things we say, both in force and in feature. Be kind, and kindness comes; hate, and hatred returns. 

PRAYER:    May I always flee the bad by following the good, 0 Lord.

Knowing the Truth of the Gospel by Rev. T.R. Hanford

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Rev. T. R. Hanford

Terry has been an Assemblies of God minister for over 50 years and is now retired from leadership of a church. He is an able preacher and teacher of God’s Word and has ministered regularly over the radio the Gospel of Christ. On this site he will be dealing and answering questions of importance relevant to Christians and non-Christians alike. I trust you will find the material a great help.


“Aren’t you being arrogant in saying that yours is the only way to heaven? Asked my enquirer,

Think about all the religions in the world, and all of them claiming to be the right way. They all profess to know the way to God and yet instead of coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, they all take some other route “trying” to get to God.  

You see, I believe in a God who is ALIVE TODAY  and Jesus is sitting on His right side and this is what  makes   Christianity different. We have a God who is approachable through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who became our Mediator, or “go between  

There are many false gospels being preached today. but if you believe the Bible is God’s  Word then you have taken a  giant  step to finding the right way to God and heaven. Whatever religion cult or organization someone is in they can never be accepted by God if they do not come to Him for forgiveness.  

Religion has saved no one, in fact it has lead millions to separation from God and ultimately to hell . . . . . There are many false gospels being preached so watch out! If good works could bring us into a relationship with God.   

Then why did CHRIST HAVE TO DIE? The Lord Jesus Christ is our sacrificial substitute.  In other words, Jesus paid the price for our sins and there is nothing we can do to earn favour with God, Jesus took our punishment upon Himself and suffered and died in our place. We are all sinners and the only way we can have our sins cleansed is by trusting in the precious blood of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

If you would like to know more about the way of salvation why not contact us right now for we are here  to help. We are not asking you to join a Church or follow a form of  religion but to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ  WHO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE GIVE YOU A REAL PUPOSE TO LIVE AND A HOPE TO DIE FOR..                 

God’s Thoughts and Ways compiled by Rev. E. Anderson

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 Rev. E. Anderson



READING   Isaiah 35


 A DISTINCT PATHWAY: What is stated here by the prophet declares that there is a distinct highway that is revealed by God for His elect people – v8. It cannot really be missed nor mistaken for another way because it is altogether different from all other roads. It stands out for all to see and comprehend that are within His love, grace and power. It is called ‘the way of holiness.’ A POSITIVE CONDITION: It must not be viewed as a negative factor to be rejected but as a positive one to be accepted. Holiness must not be considered as a prohibitive thing in that it contains a lot of rules and regulations that are of a restrictive order that binds and makes life intolerable and miserable. To think and talk of holiness, some would view it as gloom and doom. Holiness is a positive way of life that effects all that is right, good, wholesome and healthy, pure and sound and is of a joyful character. AN OPPOSITE STATE: What is the contrasting route? It is the low road of sin and that is a diseased, corrupt and destructive path. The opposite offers nothing at all but ultimate sorrow and grief. There is no peace, blessing or real, lasting prosperity on that way – Romans 3: 16, 17. A UNIQUE EXAMPLE:  If we want the best example of a person who trod the way of holiness then we have to look to Jesus Christ. He not only moved and motored on it, He made the way for everyone else to be able to gain access to it and then to proceed on it with grace, strength and accomplishment. From Isaiah 35 where mention is made of the ‘way of holiness’, looking at the context of it in the whole chapter, it is seen to be well situated and is seen to be most attractive and inviting. It does not put you off but calls for attention and acceptance. 


It affirms that it shall be ‘there.’ We might ask: ‘Where!” In the midst of life and existence the Lord has made a highway of significance and worth for His people to traverse. In the whole circumstance of life, amidst the ordinary goings on, abroad all the evil conditions that are existence, the Lord has created a wonderful path on which His own may tread to their well being. It is something that must be seen as a work of God for the benefit of those who want to live differently and go places. 


He is a‘Holy God’ and is jealous and zealous for holiness because it is only in holiness that there can be true fulfillment and enjoyment. He loathes and abominates the opposite. The path is a revelation of Himself and leads people to a knowledge of Himself and His ways. Holiness is more than an absence of sin or even a state of innocence, it is a total commitment and devotion to being and doing what is choice, best, right and good and leads to the making and expression of a perfect, complete and full life. There is nothing missing on this shining, glorious way. God is on it Himself and on it  people discover His company and ministry. 


It does state who will be found upon that way – v9 “the redeemed of the Lord.” The people are classified and identified in a specific way. Something has happened to them of real value that enables them to be on this special way. They have been redeemed. This is a significant Biblical word. To illustrate: Israel had known what it had been to  be redeemed by the Lord from Egypt. He had specially bought this people to Himself by means of sacrifice – c.f. Exodus 12. He not only bought them, He brought them out and placed them on the highway to the Promised Land of blessing and destiny. He sought to teach them that if they walked the way of holiness al would turn out well for them. He had saved them out of a circumstance of death and non-entity and now they were on a meaningful and profitable journey.The Church of Christ is a redeemed community and in and through Christ the way of holiness is made known – 1 Peter 1:13-25. The Christian believer possesses a new nature and a new walk and a new way to walk in. 


The word affirms “the unclean shall not pass over it” v8 and “No lion shall be there, nor ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there” – v9. There will be an absence of contagious and evil factors. Nothing of impurity and infection is tolerated and nothing of a dangerous and destructive character will be present. The diseased and the demonic will not have entrance or existence because it is a ‘holy way.’  All that is perverse and adverse will have no place whatsoever on the road or in the life and experience of those who travel on it. It is a sure and safe road to travel on. It is not like the proverbial ‘Jericho road’ where pilgrims can be open to attack, robbery and possible death.  The assurance is there of being preserved and looked after because of the holy state of those who are on this holy way.  God is on the pathway Himself to make certain that those who are on it are protected from all evil. 


So much is stated in terms of the extraordinary taking place that makes for exciting reading and expectation. The wilderness, solitary place and desert are to know a remarkable change –vv1,,2. The blind, deaf, lame and dumb are to experience a unique, divine touch of healing blessing – vv5, 6 and the land is to enjoy great visitation and renewal – v7. All this speaks of the manifestation of God in tokens of the miraculous. The way of holiness paves the way for the supernatural blessings of God. 


It is little to be wondered at that those who are on this ‘way of holiness’ are jubilant and in high spirits. They are filled with divine inspiration as they make music and sing their songs of praise and thanksgiving from a condition of everlasting joy – v10. There are no mournful dirges coming from this ransomed souls but great songs of gladness and there is a complete absence of sorrow and sighing. Holiness creates praise and worship of a fantastic character and order. There is not one individual depressed but all are in joyful mood. 

CONCLUSION ·          It is important to see and know the true character of this way of holiness. Let nothing of a negative order blind the mind to the truth and reality of this way that has been created by the Lord for His redeemed ones. ·          It is imperative that we be found on this divine path.  The call of God comes to us that we join Him on this road thus ensuring His presence and company. ·          It is needful to enjoy the blessedness of being on this route with God. Maximize on the thrill and delight of being able to move on this sure way that offers every choice blessing.

Illustrations of Note provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


It was two weeks ago that I discovered that what was formerly named the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital has got a new name: the High Dependency Unit. I suppose, really, the work done in such a place embraces both concepts. There has to be intensive care for the patients that are taken in there and also a ‘high dependency’ factor exists on the personnel who attend to the very ill people and machines, too. 

It certainly conveys the idea and message that is relevant to all in life especially when things become extremely difficult at a personal level. There are definite lessons to be learned under this ascription for one and all. The three words have a message to press home to all and sundry. 

Sometimes as human beings we like to claim and exercise independence, where we think we can manage ourselves and affairs without a great deal of help from others. There is that which is in human nature that wants to be free from the control and management of other individuals. We sense a kind of self-sufficiency and autonomy that desires to be free from anyone or anything having any rights and domination over us. This kind of attitude pressed home too far can land us into all kinds of trouble and difficulty. 

But really and truly, we are dependent creatures and do exist in a unit of high dependency. Our situation is very much like the body we possess and live in. The Scriptures point out in 1 Corinthians 12 that each member is fully dependent on the other members of the body if there is to be a perfect functioning of the body to good. What is to be manifest is ‘interdependency’.  Everyone is required and must fulfil their role so there is positive relationship and good achieved. 

Patients admitted into a ‘High Dependency Unit’ enter it with the knowledge that all will be done to ensure their rest, recuperation and recovery from one and all. Nothing is spared to secure the well-being of all who enter in a serious state. 

It is well-worth noting that the world in which we live bespeaks this factor. Each human being is really dependent upon God for life, for the next breath, for provision and protection if they are to live out their days. God alone is the only independent Being because He eternally exists and is without any aid or help from other sources, yet He sustains all things and beings. The Bible says ‘He upholds all things by the word of His power’ – Hebrews 1: 3. 

God is not dependent upon the universe or this planet; the universe and this planet are dependent upon Him. He not only created and brought into being, He has the eternal, extraordinary resources to maintain without difficulty all that He has created. We are all in, as creatures, in ‘His Dependency Unit’ and He is always present, vigilant and caring to make sure that all are fully attended to. Do rest in the fact that if He cares for the sparrow that falls, He will take intensive care of you. Live at all times with a sense of loving dependency on Him.

A Time to Laugh presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


A young man is lost and walking in the desert.  One hot day, he spots the home of a missionary. Tired and weak, he crawls up to the house and collapses on the doorstep.   

The missionary finds him and nurses him back to health. Feeling better, the man asks the missionary for directions to the nearest town. On his way out, he sees the missionary’s horse. He goes back into the house and asks him if he could borrow his horse.  

The missionary says, ‘Sure but there is a special thing about this horse. You have to say `Thank God’ to make it go and `Amen’ to make it stop’.  Not paying much attention, the man says, ‘Sure, ok’.  

So he gets on the horse and says, ‘Thank God’ and the horse starts walking. Then he says, ‘Thank God, thank God’, and the horse starts trotting. Feeling really brave, the man says, ‘Thank God, thank God, thank God’ and the horse just takes off.

Pretty soon he sees a cliff coming up and he’s doing everything he can to make the horse stop.  ‘Whoa, stop, hold on!!!!’  

Finally he remembers, ‘Amen!!’  The horse stops four inches from the cliff. Then the man leans back in the saddle and says,                      ‘Thank God’. 

Knowing God presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson



So many have been impressed and influenced by this outstanding Bible character and somehow can relate to him, and in so many aspects. Joseph certainly knew God and in and through that knowledge his character was made and destiny became fulfilled. From a very early moment in his experience he seems to have come into a personal understanding of God and entered into a deep relationship with him and this became the bulwark of his being through quite a torturous route. Character of the highest quality marked his life and conduct and this surely stemmed from his close identity with God.  


It is quite remarkable that a seventeen year old young man should be the recipient of such divine dreams. Without doubt, he stood not only in a favoured position with his father but with God. There must have been a noble appreciation of him by the Lord hence the input into his life. He was a person who was separate from his brothers in that he had a noble, godly disposition and direction to his life. Those dreams must have had divine conviction in and with them. 


It was not a nice thing to experience, being a son one moment and a slave, next. In this move into Egypt he was to see the hand of the Lord in outworking something significant. He became industrious in his new master’s household and this reveals character, and is soon promoted as chief administrator. In this fresh position he was conscious of the Lord and must have related both his life and work to Him. Did not give up on God because of where he now was. 


He was to have his loyalty and character challenged and it must have been a very difficult burden to bear but, again, there is a spiritual fortitude and courage that sustains and sees him through this period. In the prison scene he gets his roots deeper in God. There is no way that he can get out of this mess without His help and so he retains a faith and union. He became rocklike in his fellowship with God believing even though he could not altogether understand. 


When God steps in to change his circumstances he is already spiritually tuned up and is able to give the king the essential information and guidance. The pagan monarch instantly recognised there was something different about him and confessed it – v38. 


He was to be highly exalted and in the new position afforded Joseph would know that the Lord had brought the dreams to pass and in this new destiny there would have to come the honouring of God. This certainly remains so in his dealings with his brothers, and is revealed in the naming of his sons, in the predictions of his father and in his ultimate confession. Fame and position did not amend anything as far as God was concerned in his being. He had priority to the end.   

Prayer Dynamics furnished by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


After flying all night from Washington, D.C., I was tired as I arrived at the Mile High Church in Denver to conduct three services and hold a workshop on prosperity con­sciousness. As I entered the church, Dr. Fred Vogt asked me:’Do you know about the Make – A-Wish Foundation?” 

‘Yes’, I replied.

 ‘Well, Amy Graham has been diagnosed as having ter­minal leukemia. They gave her three days. Her dying wish was to attend your services’. 

I was shocked. I felt a combination of elation, awe and doubt. I couldn’t believe it. I thought kids who were dying would want to go see Disneyland, meet Sylvester Stallone, Mr. ‘T’ or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Surely they wouldn’t want to spend their final days listening to Mark Victor Hansen. Why would a kid with only a few days to live want to come hear a motivational speaker? Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted…. 

‘Here’s Amy,” Vogt said as he put her frail hand in mine. Before me stood a 17-year-old girl wearing a bright red and orange turban to cover her head, which was bald from all of the chemotherapy treatments. Her frail body was bent and weak. She said, ‘My two goals were to graduate from high school and to attend your sermon. My doctors didn’t believe I could do either. They didn’t think I’d have enough energy. I got discharged into my parents care. . . . .This is my mom and dad’. 

Tears welled in my eyes; I was choked up. My equilib­rium was being shaken. I was totally moved. I cleared my throat, smiled and said, ‘You and your folks are our guests. Thanks for wanting to come.” We hugged, dabbed our eyes and separated. 

I’ve attended many healing seminars in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve watched the best healers at work and I’ve studied, researched, listened, pondered and questioned what worked, why and how. 

That Sunday afternoon I held a seminar that Amy and her parents attended. The audience was packed to over-flowing with over a thousand attendees eager to learn, grow and become more fully human. 

I humbly asked the audience if they wanted to learn a healing process that might serve them for life. From the stage it appeared that everyone’s hand was raised high in the air. They unanimously wanted to learn. 

I taught the audience how to vigorously rub their hands together, separate them by two inches and feel the healing energy. Then I paired them off with a partner to feel the healing energy emanating from themselves to another; I said, ‘If you need a healing, accept one here and now’. 

The audience was in alignment and it was an ecstatic feeling. I explained that everyone has healing energy and healing potential. Five percent of us have it so dramati­cally pouring forth from our hands that we could make it our profession. I said; ‘This morning I was introduced to Amy Graham, a 17 -year-old, whose final wish was to be at this seminar. I want to bring her up here and let you all send healing life-force energy toward her. Perhaps we can help. She did not request it. I am just doing this sponta­neously because it feels right’. 

The audience chanted, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

Amy’s dad led her up onto the stage. She looked frail from all of the chemotherapy, too much bed rest and an absolute lack of exercise. (The doctors hadn’t let her walk for the two weeks prior to this seminar.) 

I had the group warm up their hands and send her healing energy, after which they gave her a tearful standing ovation. Two weeks later she called to say that her doctor had discharged her after a total remission.

 Two years later she called to say she was married. I have learned never to underestimate the healing power we all have. It is always there to be used for the highest good. We just have to remember to use it.                                                                Mark V Hansen    

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