Extracts from My Life by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


When you have lived a considerable number of years in relationship with God one gathers a tremendous amount in testimony to God’s grace and goodness in life. One discovers that He does some amazing things with ordinary people and through the course of this page I would share some of the wonderful and interesting experiences He has wrought. And all is to His honour and glory.


We had just spent a very eventful day out whilst in the country of Uganda. Ministerial friends had taken us out on a journey from Kampala to Ginja to behold the Victoria Falls. 

What an amazing sight to behold! There the privilege was accorded to the party of four us to see the place where the River Nile commenced. It was quite breathtaking and awesome to witness the place where these historic waters made their beginning. To think they had flowed for centuries over 4,000 miles with such continuity! 

We were escorted to behold the majestic falls and the water moving at a vast speed and manifesting an abundance of life and vivacity. In appearance they were like the living waters detailed in Ezekiel 47 and the spiritual waters created by the Holy Spirit described by Jesus Christ that ought to flow from the Christian believer – John : 3-39. They progressed forward with great pace and force and certainly arrested attention and admiration. Undoubtedly, the trip was worth it. 

Little did we realize what awaited two of us on our home ward journey with the car we were travelling in. We had no trouble whatsoever on the outward journey although the terrain and roads were rough as we toured by the river Nile.  

We must have been about 30 kilometres from home when the car decided to really play up. One moment we were cruising nicely along when suddenly the engine just simply petered out without and seeming cause. There was no forewarning whatsoever and so the driver and myself were taken by surprise. We had been singing spiritual songs and chatting about the good things of God and it happened to us!  

It was around 9-00 p.m. and I was looking forward to checking in, having a little supper, preparing message for the morrow because I had to speak three times, pack my suit case a little because I had to move out of the hotel as we were due to catch the plane to the UK the next night. 

The driver, Harry, immediately tried to start it again and after a few tries and discharging the battery of its power, it sprang to life. We thought then it was a just a temporary thing but we had only proceeded along the road for less than a kilometre when it occurred again. The feeling came to us that we were in deep trouble. We were some distance from the next township, in a wooded area and other vehicles were passing us at speed regardless of our plight. 

Harry again managed to get it started but the same thing happened again and again. The problem was that a tremendous demand was being made of the battery with this procedure and the using of the same for lights. Thankfully we had a good, fully charged battery that could be relied upon. However, things began to look bad and we were somewhere around 4 kilometres from the next township. Would we make it? 

It would appear that we were on the last reserves of power with respect to the battery and as Harry turned the key we both called out in prayer to the Lord. One doubted whether it would service another operation of this kind. One is grateful for the words of the psalmist: ‘Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you’ – Psalm 50: 15. We required an answer pronto! 

Over the next kilometres the engine performed well and we made it to a garage that was open. The driver knew a young mechanic in the area and phoned him and within a quarter of an hour he was with us attending to our mechanical failure. He renewed the filter part for the petrol and put new spark plugs in and when the key was turned the engine immediately sprang to life. We inwardly knew that all was now okay and the last part of the trip saw the motor performing the best she had done that day. We also expressed ourselves in gratitude to God for His help.  

In considering the incident, it is good to reflect upon the fact that the Lord enabled us to keep our peace. Instead of being upset and angry, the Lord kept us in spiritual control and so ity was a further teaching exercise that He is able to rescue His servants.              

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