Knowing the Truth of the Gospel by Rev. T.R. Hanford

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Rev. T. R. Hanford

Terry has been an Assemblies of God minister for over 50 years and is now retired from leadership of a church. He is an able preacher and teacher of God’s Word and has ministered regularly over the radio the Gospel of Christ. On this site he will be dealing and answering questions of importance relevant to Christians and non-Christians alike. I trust you will find the material a great help.


“Aren’t you being arrogant in saying that yours is the only way to heaven? Asked my enquirer,

Think about all the religions in the world, and all of them claiming to be the right way. They all profess to know the way to God and yet instead of coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, they all take some other route “trying” to get to God.  

You see, I believe in a God who is ALIVE TODAY  and Jesus is sitting on His right side and this is what  makes   Christianity different. We have a God who is approachable through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who became our Mediator, or “go between  

There are many false gospels being preached today. but if you believe the Bible is God’s  Word then you have taken a  giant  step to finding the right way to God and heaven. Whatever religion cult or organization someone is in they can never be accepted by God if they do not come to Him for forgiveness.  

Religion has saved no one, in fact it has lead millions to separation from God and ultimately to hell . . . . . There are many false gospels being preached so watch out! If good works could bring us into a relationship with God.   

Then why did CHRIST HAVE TO DIE? The Lord Jesus Christ is our sacrificial substitute.  In other words, Jesus paid the price for our sins and there is nothing we can do to earn favour with God, Jesus took our punishment upon Himself and suffered and died in our place. We are all sinners and the only way we can have our sins cleansed is by trusting in the precious blood of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

If you would like to know more about the way of salvation why not contact us right now for we are here  to help. We are not asking you to join a Church or follow a form of  religion but to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ  WHO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE GIVE YOU A REAL PUPOSE TO LIVE AND A HOPE TO DIE FOR..                 

God’s Thoughts and Ways compiled by Rev. E. Anderson

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 Rev. E. Anderson



READING   Isaiah 35


 A DISTINCT PATHWAY: What is stated here by the prophet declares that there is a distinct highway that is revealed by God for His elect people – v8. It cannot really be missed nor mistaken for another way because it is altogether different from all other roads. It stands out for all to see and comprehend that are within His love, grace and power. It is called ‘the way of holiness.’ A POSITIVE CONDITION: It must not be viewed as a negative factor to be rejected but as a positive one to be accepted. Holiness must not be considered as a prohibitive thing in that it contains a lot of rules and regulations that are of a restrictive order that binds and makes life intolerable and miserable. To think and talk of holiness, some would view it as gloom and doom. Holiness is a positive way of life that effects all that is right, good, wholesome and healthy, pure and sound and is of a joyful character. AN OPPOSITE STATE: What is the contrasting route? It is the low road of sin and that is a diseased, corrupt and destructive path. The opposite offers nothing at all but ultimate sorrow and grief. There is no peace, blessing or real, lasting prosperity on that way – Romans 3: 16, 17. A UNIQUE EXAMPLE:  If we want the best example of a person who trod the way of holiness then we have to look to Jesus Christ. He not only moved and motored on it, He made the way for everyone else to be able to gain access to it and then to proceed on it with grace, strength and accomplishment. From Isaiah 35 where mention is made of the ‘way of holiness’, looking at the context of it in the whole chapter, it is seen to be well situated and is seen to be most attractive and inviting. It does not put you off but calls for attention and acceptance. 


It affirms that it shall be ‘there.’ We might ask: ‘Where!” In the midst of life and existence the Lord has made a highway of significance and worth for His people to traverse. In the whole circumstance of life, amidst the ordinary goings on, abroad all the evil conditions that are existence, the Lord has created a wonderful path on which His own may tread to their well being. It is something that must be seen as a work of God for the benefit of those who want to live differently and go places. 


He is a‘Holy God’ and is jealous and zealous for holiness because it is only in holiness that there can be true fulfillment and enjoyment. He loathes and abominates the opposite. The path is a revelation of Himself and leads people to a knowledge of Himself and His ways. Holiness is more than an absence of sin or even a state of innocence, it is a total commitment and devotion to being and doing what is choice, best, right and good and leads to the making and expression of a perfect, complete and full life. There is nothing missing on this shining, glorious way. God is on it Himself and on it  people discover His company and ministry. 


It does state who will be found upon that way – v9 “the redeemed of the Lord.” The people are classified and identified in a specific way. Something has happened to them of real value that enables them to be on this special way. They have been redeemed. This is a significant Biblical word. To illustrate: Israel had known what it had been to  be redeemed by the Lord from Egypt. He had specially bought this people to Himself by means of sacrifice – c.f. Exodus 12. He not only bought them, He brought them out and placed them on the highway to the Promised Land of blessing and destiny. He sought to teach them that if they walked the way of holiness al would turn out well for them. He had saved them out of a circumstance of death and non-entity and now they were on a meaningful and profitable journey.The Church of Christ is a redeemed community and in and through Christ the way of holiness is made known – 1 Peter 1:13-25. The Christian believer possesses a new nature and a new walk and a new way to walk in. 


The word affirms “the unclean shall not pass over it” v8 and “No lion shall be there, nor ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there” – v9. There will be an absence of contagious and evil factors. Nothing of impurity and infection is tolerated and nothing of a dangerous and destructive character will be present. The diseased and the demonic will not have entrance or existence because it is a ‘holy way.’  All that is perverse and adverse will have no place whatsoever on the road or in the life and experience of those who travel on it. It is a sure and safe road to travel on. It is not like the proverbial ‘Jericho road’ where pilgrims can be open to attack, robbery and possible death.  The assurance is there of being preserved and looked after because of the holy state of those who are on this holy way.  God is on the pathway Himself to make certain that those who are on it are protected from all evil. 


So much is stated in terms of the extraordinary taking place that makes for exciting reading and expectation. The wilderness, solitary place and desert are to know a remarkable change –vv1,,2. The blind, deaf, lame and dumb are to experience a unique, divine touch of healing blessing – vv5, 6 and the land is to enjoy great visitation and renewal – v7. All this speaks of the manifestation of God in tokens of the miraculous. The way of holiness paves the way for the supernatural blessings of God. 


It is little to be wondered at that those who are on this ‘way of holiness’ are jubilant and in high spirits. They are filled with divine inspiration as they make music and sing their songs of praise and thanksgiving from a condition of everlasting joy – v10. There are no mournful dirges coming from this ransomed souls but great songs of gladness and there is a complete absence of sorrow and sighing. Holiness creates praise and worship of a fantastic character and order. There is not one individual depressed but all are in joyful mood. 

CONCLUSION ·          It is important to see and know the true character of this way of holiness. Let nothing of a negative order blind the mind to the truth and reality of this way that has been created by the Lord for His redeemed ones. ·          It is imperative that we be found on this divine path.  The call of God comes to us that we join Him on this road thus ensuring His presence and company. ·          It is needful to enjoy the blessedness of being on this route with God. Maximize on the thrill and delight of being able to move on this sure way that offers every choice blessing.

Illustrations of Note provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


It was two weeks ago that I discovered that what was formerly named the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital has got a new name: the High Dependency Unit. I suppose, really, the work done in such a place embraces both concepts. There has to be intensive care for the patients that are taken in there and also a ‘high dependency’ factor exists on the personnel who attend to the very ill people and machines, too. 

It certainly conveys the idea and message that is relevant to all in life especially when things become extremely difficult at a personal level. There are definite lessons to be learned under this ascription for one and all. The three words have a message to press home to all and sundry. 

Sometimes as human beings we like to claim and exercise independence, where we think we can manage ourselves and affairs without a great deal of help from others. There is that which is in human nature that wants to be free from the control and management of other individuals. We sense a kind of self-sufficiency and autonomy that desires to be free from anyone or anything having any rights and domination over us. This kind of attitude pressed home too far can land us into all kinds of trouble and difficulty. 

But really and truly, we are dependent creatures and do exist in a unit of high dependency. Our situation is very much like the body we possess and live in. The Scriptures point out in 1 Corinthians 12 that each member is fully dependent on the other members of the body if there is to be a perfect functioning of the body to good. What is to be manifest is ‘interdependency’.  Everyone is required and must fulfil their role so there is positive relationship and good achieved. 

Patients admitted into a ‘High Dependency Unit’ enter it with the knowledge that all will be done to ensure their rest, recuperation and recovery from one and all. Nothing is spared to secure the well-being of all who enter in a serious state. 

It is well-worth noting that the world in which we live bespeaks this factor. Each human being is really dependent upon God for life, for the next breath, for provision and protection if they are to live out their days. God alone is the only independent Being because He eternally exists and is without any aid or help from other sources, yet He sustains all things and beings. The Bible says ‘He upholds all things by the word of His power’ – Hebrews 1: 3. 

God is not dependent upon the universe or this planet; the universe and this planet are dependent upon Him. He not only created and brought into being, He has the eternal, extraordinary resources to maintain without difficulty all that He has created. We are all in, as creatures, in ‘His Dependency Unit’ and He is always present, vigilant and caring to make sure that all are fully attended to. Do rest in the fact that if He cares for the sparrow that falls, He will take intensive care of you. Live at all times with a sense of loving dependency on Him.