Top Ten subscribed by Rev. David Gilpin

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Rev. David GilpinSenior Minister of Hope Church, Sheffield Behind everything you see is something you don’t see.

This book is designed to outline nuggets of wisdom that often remain invisible behind thriving churches and ministries. Mixed with a touch of humour. Top 10 of Everything looks into the Private Word and the Practical World, the Handy Hints World and the Wide World of Knowledge. It gives advice on many subjects that may prove invaluable to established and up-and-coming leaders. Read it all at once or read it one Top Ten at a time. This book can also provide new preachers with an opportunity to ‘borrow’ some of the Tom 10 outlines to create lively and dynamic sermons. 



 How do you make a dream become a reality? How do you get people to catch your vision so entirely that it becomes their vision? How do you transfer your passion so that it affects everyone that you are targeting? 


        Leaders create vision. Give yourself permission to be inspired by God and create a vision that becomes irrepressible and irrefutable. Stop living under people’s limitations 


Find other leaders who are called to be mentors, modellers, fathers and friends. Share your vision with them and release the power of collaboration. Let them visit and share their passion. 


            Leaders cast the vision. Create opportunities for casting the vision through preaching, publicity and prayer. 


      There are leaders and there are managers. Managers clarify how the vision will work. They find solutions and strategies. 


 Some people are born to sell. They’re the people, people, who love to be the life of the party. Search them out and power them to connect people with vision, people with people and people with leaders. 


 Vision is often caught, not taught. The carriers spread the vision by rubbing shoulders with people. They let people browse before buying. 


There are some good people who are already the first fruits of what your dream is about. Promote their testimony and release their spirit. 


There is always the next generation that needs to run with the dream. Select future leaders who will one day take the baton for you. Teach and train them in the things of God. 


 Break the vision into smaller parts and raise up people to work in teams for the success of the vision. Departmental teams. area teams, service teams . . . .teams of all shapes and sizes where the vision can infiltrate into the lives of every person. 


Getting started in a small way can cause a momentum that creates a snowball effect. Provision starts to flow and signs and wonders follow. Momentum is the hidden force of every successful ministry.   

Christian Testimony presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

From Here to Maternity! By Cerri Adkins 

The thought of being a mother was something that Cerri Adkins looked forward to, planned for and couldn’t wait for! However, it wasn’t all as she expected. She discovers beauty behind the bigness on the way to motherhood!

So, my idea of pregnancy was having a lovely baby shaped belly that made you feel altogether adorable and that people would treat you with care and kindness – offering you seats, priorities and being willing to get you whatever you requested. Mmm – reality check! I found out I was pregnant just before Christmas last year and since then I’ve been on a very strange but real journey to a destination I’m so unsure of but so excited about – it has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever gone through!

Morning sickness used to be something quite endearing to me being associated with pregnancy – having had it for three months, however, I’m not so attracted to it anymore. Having your body change constantly is like being in adolescence all over again, though this time you are (supposed to be) a responsible adult! The strangest thing of all, though, has to be that no two experiences are the same, not even for the same person! A very bizarre experience is having random people come up to you and touch your stomach, while I’m thinking “Hello!!! – What do you think you’re doing??!!”. People suddenly think it’s ok to talk to you about quite personal issues such as sore nipples, constipation and sex!!! You may be my midwife, but there are some things I’d rather not talk about, OK?!!! All joking aside, pregnancy can be magnificent and messy, colourful and creepy, fantastic and freeky all at the same time. Even when you have a loving husband and close friends around you, a lot of the time you feel very alone and very responsible. Though daunted by the prospects that lie ahead, I decided I would embrace all that comes with pregnancy, labour and motherhood. Here are some things I’ve learnt along the way:

Time Flies – whether you’re having fun or not!

The old saying isn’t exactly right as far as I’m concerned. I’ve noticed that even when things weren’t fun – they pass by and the moment soon disappears. If you enjoyed it, great – if you didn’t, you’ll never get back that moment. Hence, I realised that even when the worst things came along I needed to get the most out of the moment and not let it pass me by. It can be all too real when you realise you’ve got eight weeks left until you become a fully responsible parent – you begin to appreciate the time you have alone a lot more! Enjoy those good night sleeps and lie-ins while you can!! In fact whatever life situation you may be in right now, pregnant, unemployed, single, married, unwell, promoted – it’s important you realise the moments you have now. What you do with the moments today can determine your tomorrow – so don’t underestimate them!

Watch Out – hormone about!

Oh yes, mood swings are the essential accessory to any pregnant lady (another similarity to adolescence!). I’ve had my fair share, and just like ‘that time of the month’, it’s easy to let things become an excuse for laziness and bad behaviour! There is a reason for feeling low, angry, emotional etc when you’re pregnant – your hormones are literally going crazy. However, it’s what you do with it that can make all the difference. You can be feeling low and still be rational, you can be emotional and still get a job done. The difference is in how you perceive how you feel. If how you feel is the focus of each day and your daily outcome is determined by it, then get ready for a bumpy ride. Yet, if how you feel is simply a ‘bolt-on’ to each day that you learn to embrace and make the most of, then you’ll come out with flying colours every time. I’ve learnt the benefits of the latter. Yes, there are days when everybody who comes anywhere near me could get a slap, if I don’t restrain myself and days when I don’t feel like dragging myself out of bed for anything other than a bar of choccy and a cuppa – but I choose the hard thing because I know the reward far outweighs the effort. We all have bad days, some worse than others, but it’s what we do with them that makes all the difference. Learn to dictate your life instead of letting life dictate to you!

It’ll Be All Right On the Night – yeah – Right!

The TV show says it all, as much as you reassure yourself – things don’t always go to plan. Pregnancy is another situation that raises questions of will it really be ok. For me everything right now is the unknown – I’ve never been through anything like this before. I’m not exactly looking forward to the labour experience parse, I know it’s inevitable – but how do I know everything will be fine? No, really?! Some things you just can’t be sure of, but we have to trust in something or we’re simply floating around on thin air not really sure of where to go next or what may happen. When life throws an uncertainty at you, do you know where to turn? Many people trust in others, been there, done that and it’s not a bed of roses. We’re human – we’re not perfect and we let each other down! We need something far greater than human ability to trust in. For me, Jesus has really helped me – it may sound a little weird to you but He’s been there when it mattered the most. I’ve leant on Him, cried out to Him, talked and screamed at Him – and He doesn’t seem to mind! He hears me when no one else does. I think He understands me, even though out of all He went through on earth, He never got pregnant!

Actually you don’t need to have experienced pregnancy to empathise with me, pregnancy is just a sped up version of life – a lot of change and fast! There’s a journey we’re all on, some are doing really well others not so, some nearing the end and others have only just begun. Whatever race you’re running, or stroll you’re strolling, make sure you enjoy the moments, take it into your hands and find something you can trust in that will give you peace for the future. From here to maternity and from maternity to motherhood – here’s to the next leg of the journey!