Meet the Christian Ministers introduced by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. Alwyne and Mima Pearson 

We were born about 2yrs apart and one in Scotland and the other in England. Her parents were not Christians but my mother, at least, was. My father was saved later. We went to Sunday School and Church and were born again, myself at almost 9yrs and Mima at 23. How did we meet?             

In 1950, Assemblies of God in G.B asked me to go to Peterhead, Scotland and follow on a Campaign there. In this, Mima’s mother was saved and some months later, herself, during a missionary visit. She remained in the Church. In ’53 we married and left immediately to go to Leicester, England to work in a crusade and to serve the expanded congregation there. They were great times of salvation, healing of bodies, baptisms in water and Spirit and material supply, and more. Outreach to Stanton, nr. Leicester was blessed and the Lord provided ground in central Leicester for a building for the Church. After the Lord led a new pastor to them we left there: Mima and our son to Scotland and I to visit the U.S.A. where we joined each other after six months.     

In the U.S. we travelled in evangelism mostly, also in Canada, and the Lord gave us more family there. However in’57 my health gave way and in ’58 we returned to Scotland where I began to recover through the Lord’s goodness. He led to England to a quiet village to pastor an Assembly for nearly four years and then a confirmed call came to serve a group of His People in Aberdeen, Scotland. We went and six children also and left 25 yrs later. Again the Lord did many things which were great in our eyes. Young and older were saved (as prophesied), a nucleus of saints grew strong and were added to, even from far away, a new Manse provided and a great building for the Assembly. He gave increase but some weaknesses undermined His work to some extent.                                 

When the Aberdeen Door closed after twenty four and a half years we were blessed to be moved to Ayrshire, Scotland to serve a small group in Auchinleck where we stayed for about 8yrs. before linking the Believers with the Prestwick New Life Fellowship. It was a new but good experience for us both that I would serve in a Team capacity with Peter Cochrane and his assistant and Core Group. We are privileged still to be in this Fellowship but with changes in the Oversight.                  

Mima remembers that after her conversion a brother said “Burn your bridges behind you…” to prevent turning back. She did that and it preserved her. Something we did before our marriage and have endeavoured to continue since is to read God’s Word and pray together each day. This has been such a means of Grace. Our children (ultimately seven in number) were involved also according to ability. Most of them actively serve the Lord. Mima’s father received the Lord at almost 92 yrs. of age. Praise the Lord. We are indebted to the Lord, His Father and Spirit and faithful believers for the benefits of our lives, together with all other persons and things they have provided above and below. Amen. 

Sermon Starters provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

This is but a sermon starter to get you thinking and studying in relation to the text and theme. Trust it will be provocative and promotive. 


READING     Jeremiah 18 TEXT             v6 


The prophet is to be given some important schooling and teaching from the Lord. He is to taken to the work scene of a potter to gather and gain a vital lesson in the working of the Lord IN RELATION TO His people. THE POTTER: His perfect and absolute skill as an artisan, master craftsman: Take into consideration His sagacity, strategy, sincerity, sensibility, simplicity etc. He seeks to work on, in and then through. He cannot fulfil the letter until the former has taken place. THE CLAY: It has to be pliable, resilient, yielded, impressive, mouldable etc. There are at least six things to muse on and consider in this sacred connection.


It would have been very easy to have thrown away the seeming useless piece of clay and selected another piece that He could readily work with to good but decided that He would not reject the clay in His hands although not responding as He desired. It would require further grace and skill on His part to do something with it.


Instead of leaving the vessel in a broken state He picks up to bring it all together again into one whole piece and to shape and form something that would be complete and presentable. It was to be more than useless pieces of undeveloped mud, rather it was to be compacted into a whole piece and fashioned gracefully by His skilful mind and hands and made into a complete unit. The clay would not finish up in a wrecked condition.


It was to be ‘a holy vessel’, that which would be set apart as a tribute and glory to His workmanship and craftsmanship. It would be raised to a level that would attest the ability of wisdom and power – ‘For we are His workmanship’ – Ephesians 2: 10 ‘masterpiece’ New Living Translation.


The purpose of a vessel is that it should be filled with some choice drink, be it refreshing water or wine. The reason for Christ calling and forming His disciples was that they should not only be choice vessels but that they should be full and overflowing with what He had to bestow – Acts 2: 1-4.  


The Lord has usefulness in mind more than anything else. Whilst He creates for beauty and attractiveness, He also creates for blessing and service. This is brought out in Paul’s expression in 2 Timothy 2: 20-21 – ‘In a wealthy home some utensils are made of gold and silver, and some are made of wood and clay. The expensive utensils are used for special occasions, and the cheap ones for every day use. If you keep yourself pure, you will be a utensil God can use for His purpose. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work’ – New Living Translation  


Instead of being consigned to the dustbin and scrap heap as worthless and to be cursed, God’s rich blessing will rest upon the vessel and ministry that will flow through it. He chooses His servants that they will be such and bring great honour to Him – see Acts 9:15 – ‘For Saul is my chosen instrument to take my message to the Gentiles and to kings, a s well as to the people of Israel.’ What an enormous blessing this man turned out to be not only to his generation but to the whole Church and the world.