Leadership Factors adapted by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

Presented to you is a Christian Leadership Course that is purposed to provoke many to embrace the call of Christ to leadership within His Church. The series will come in the form of a study each week, which will be in two parts thus covering two weeks over the site. My prayer and desire is that such will help many in the summons of Christ to serve Him in these tremendous days. 


 Study 5                         THE QUALITY OF CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP – Part 1

In coming to the matter of Christian leadership, it is necessary to consider the sort of people that are required. It is not enough to state that leaders are needed: there has to be a defining of the kind that are essential. Whilst there is a description given in the name ‘Christian’, there ought to be a spelling out in the clearest terms possible what is meant in its association with leadership. It certainly implies that it should have its origination and embodiment in Christ, but there is still the demand to express simply what characteristics are vital for this important work.

 ·       If there is a need for leaders in the Christian Church, then it is arguable that the call is for the best type of personnel. The important qualification is quality. Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, is the supreme example of quality. He represents and bespeaks quality in everything. He was and is the quality man and leader, so those who represent Him should undoubtedly reveal a quality life and experience in accord with Him. Nothing but the best type of personnel are required and there should be no settling for second-best. One of the major considerations in the New Testament Church practice was the emphasis on the appointment of those with divine qualifications. If there are ‘divine qualifications’ then it must surely suggest that they should be people of quality.     ·       It must be stated that the work embraced is that of a quality order and the aim should be for excellence. No one should forget that it is God’s work, this being so, the best workmanship should be produced and this can only be accomplished through the best workman in terms of character and exercise. The objective of the task, in the main, is to secure not only the salvation of souls from sin, but to produce praiseworthy and commendable characters within the structure of the Christian community. Christian leadership is involved in preparing God’s sons for eternity, so that they are admirably ready to take up a major role in God’s eternal kingdom. This means that they have become approved because they are qualified persons. If the Christian leadership is not divinely qualified how can God’s ends be effectively served. It needs good leaders to produce good members!      ·   The requirement is for men at their best in and through God so as to achieve the best in and through God in and for others. In the construction of the Tabernacle, god appointed a man whom He had gifted and graced so as to accomplish His great design – Exodus 35: 30-35. Only God can effect the best and He does it in and through those whom He is Master and Controller of. Paul called himself ‘a wise master-builder’ – Greek ‘architect’ – 1 Corinthians 3: 10, and this was through the gracing and gifting by God with the best. They were at their best and received quality factors and training from God that made them qualified to do a commendable task.      ·   These quality people are developed and tested people, proved in order to be approved unto God, workmen that He is not ashamed of and who are not ashamed before Him. Quality leadership does not bring disgrace upon God’s name or kingdom, nor does it bring reproach upon itself. God takes enormous time and patience in the production of His leaders so that He has the kind that will bring both pleasure and profit to himself and His kingdom. This is exemplified as a Biblical principle as reflected in the case of Joshua, David, Elisha, Timothy etc. In order to assess the kind of quality that both God and the Christian Church are looking for in connection with leadership, it would be wise and proper to ask the question: what are the real qualities that are necessary for both life and service? In answering, it can be said, one is not left to guesswork or to the ideas of the natural and worldly mind.

What constitutes a good leader from the Biblical viewpoint? 


     ·       The fundamental characteristic, the one that should stand out above all others, is a genuine, divine love that is visibly demonstrated both Godward and manward. Love is to be the inspiration and motivation of life and leadership. If this is missing then the whole of leadership is gravely and greatly affected. Unless this is the mainspring of the call and work, the leadership is truly lacking as far as God is concerned and will amount to nothing – 1 Corinthians 13 : 1-3. The basic test as to whether one is suited to fulfil a leadership role within the Christian Church is know whether the ‘all-constraining love of Christ’ is present and active – 2 Corinthians 5: 14.   ·       Unfortunately, leadership can be assumed for various and lesser reasons: for the love of office (it is an office of love); for the desire to be seen; for the display of one’s own talents and gifts; for merely humanitarian reasons; for the sake of doing something or to please others. These motivational factors are totally inadequate and are worthless in God’s estimation. They are to be completely rejected and denounced as being utterly unsuitable and unacceptable.    ·       God’s work calls for leaders who have died to self-interest and are moved by the inspiration of concern and love. There is the emulating of the One who has set the pattern – Matthew 9: 36; Philippians 2: 5-11. The principle and procedure of life and work is governed by the motive force of the law of love and comes with the revelation of 1 Corinthians 13. It is to be a leadership of love not a love of leadership. If the leader has not got a heart of divine love and affection for God and those within the Church of Christ and the world. If this is not inherent and evident, such are disqualified. See the challenge of Christ to Peter – John 21 15-17. The great initiating and firing aspect is divine love within a person. 


People may possess great learning and have great scholastic and academic abilities and qualities, but particularly they must be schooled and taught in the closet of prayer. Learning may provide with tremendous knowledge of both natural and spiritual ideas and facts but they are inadequate to provide with divine, spiritual insight and foresight that are essential to the success of Christian leadership. Only prayer provides the vital link with God and qualifies to work effectively for Him within His cause. Life and leadership must be soaked in prayer.  W.M. Bounds  – The Power of Prayer – he believed in a vital school of prayerThis means:      ·   First of all, it is an established communion with God. It is entering primarily into a relationship and fellowship with God and into a position where everything can be talked over with Him. Leadership must emerge from relationship and fellowship. There must be the bringing of the leadership to Him and a conversation with God about it in its outworking. Fundamental questions are to be asked in his presence. Is life-style right? Is the leadership pleasing to Him? Are the people of God being correctly taught/ Are the problems and situations being answered in the best possible way? In communion is there an assessing as to how things are going? There is the unburdening of the heart to the Lord in relation to all the important and relevant details and there is basically a desire to know Him and His leadership within the communion – Daniel 9: 1-19.     ·   Secondly, a communication from God. Through prayer God opens the mind and understanding to His ways, methods and procedures. Prayer expresses dependency on God and He responds to this humble attitude. He beholds the yieldedness, sincerity and expectancy and warmly reacts by giving the necessary revelation and answers that will make the leadership successful. The leader comes forth with the mind and solutions of God upon prevailing situations thus indicating the effectiveness of the leads received from god. It is important to be tuned into heaven and that there is a flow of divine understanding, otherwise the leadership will be at the mercy of its own limitedness. Unless there is a learning to listen and a knowing of the divine voice then the leadership will be inadequate and ineffectual. The vital qualification and credential is not only to be in touch with God but for God to be in touch with the leader.  

Powerful Quotes arranged by Rev. L. Goodwin

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Rev. L. Goodwin



“Leadership is action, not position.”
Donald McGannon

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”
Ralph Nadar

“Leadership should be more participative than directive, more enabling than performing.”
Mary D. Poole

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”
Vince Lombardi

“One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.”
Arnold Glasow

“Leadership is the special quality which enables people to stand up and pull the rest of us over the horizon.”
James Fisher

Children’s Page edited by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

The story is taken from a book compiled by the late Rev. Gerald Chamberlain, a great children’s story teller and a person who inspired and influenced many young people. With kind permission from his son Paul.


Text:  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for;m the evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11: 1. 

One day in St. Omer, in France a 1ittle six year old boy had been to the circus and was thriilled to see the marvellous balancing tricks of a troupe of performers.   He couldn’t get the thrill out of his mind and all night was dreaming about his new found heroes and also doing some of their balancing feats himself.   

Jean, Francois Gravelot, for that was his name, was determined tha the would also be a great and daring performer on the tight rope and so next day he tied a rope between two trees and then climbed the tree . . . . .Carefully he put his right foot on to the’ rope and then with great bravery his left foot in front . . . . The rope sagged . . . .Jean wibbled and wobbled and waffled and C  R  A  S  H . . . . .  

Yes, you’re right – he landed with a terrible b bump and nursed his bruises for days . . . . .  

But his father, had witnessed his determination and pluck and decided to send him to a special 5cbool for young acrobats. Before long Jean became known as the “Little Wonder” and, he began giving public performances.’ 

By this time he had assumed the name of BLONDIN for entertainment purposes and one day announced that he would perform a feat.


He would need a rope at least one thousand, one hundred feet long, for the river was just that wide at the point he intended ‘to make the crossing. One” false move and he would be sent spinning INTO THE ROARING WATERS BELOW . . . . . 

The 30th’June 1859 arrived.   ‘The strong, long tight rope was stretched across the Niagara Fails, from the Canadian side to the American side. One end was tied .Iron Bars buried in the rock, the other side had a winch operated by a team of horses. 

The tight rope sagged as much as fifty feet in the centre and thousands of people gathered on the banks on the either side, and filled the grandstands that had been erected for the occasion. 

Blondin seemed absolutely cal, he apparently had no nerves. 

From the American side, carrying a fifty pound balancing pole stepped Blondin on the rope fearlessly. Slowly first, then quickening his pace he made to the centre of the rope, right over the roaring river below. Then the people gasped . . . . . Right in the middle of the rope he sat down!!!!  Then he got up . . . . walked a short distance and then lay full length on the rope, and balanced the fift foot pole on his chest . . . . . After this he turn backwards somersault, the walked quite cheekily to the Canadian side . . . . hardly bothering to look where he was going . . . . . 

The Crowd cheered him to the echo . . . . Surely nothing could be greater than this MASTER PERFORMANCE OF BLONDIN . . . . on his return journey he took a chair wnd when in the middle he balanced the chair and the rope and then balanced himself on the balanced chair . . . . . 

America and Canada were buzzing the next day with BLONDINS TRIUMPH . . . . 

Nothing could ever be done greater than had been done by Blondin on  that great day 30th June, 1859 . . . . But since was easy stuff for Blondin and again on the 4th July (which is Independence day in America) and on the 14th July (which is Bastille Day in france) he made the 30th June like child’s play. 

On these great days he balanced perfectly on his head in the middle of the sagging rope . . . .Then he took a chair and a table and ATE A MEAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROPE, with the waters stillhungrily waiting to swallow him up . . . . . BUT BLONDIN WAS THE MASTER OF THE TIGHT ROPE . . . . . NOTHING SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM IN THE WORLD OF BALANVCE . . . . . 


One day he said to a little boy, ‘Do you think I could carry you over to the other side? The little boy replied, ‘Yes, Mr. Blondin, ‘I’m sure you could carry me to the other side’. ‘Come on , the, ‘I’LL TAKE YOU NOW’.  

It is said the boy forced his way through the crowds and didn’t stop running until  he got home!! Some folk are like that. They say that Christ Jesus can save them, can do wonderful things for them, they say that THEY WILL NEVER MAKE THAT FINAL STEP INTO HIS ARMS . . . . THEY WILL NEVER MAKE THAT FINAL STEP O FAITH . . . . . IF YOU ARE NOT SAVED . . . .  MAKE A STEP OF FAITH NOW AND TELL THE LORD YOU ARE PLACING YOUR LIFE IN HIS HANDS. HE WILL NOT ONLY SAVE YOU TODAY, BUT WILL KEEP YOU TOMORROW. 

Extracts from My Life by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


When you have lived a considerable number of years in relationship with God one gathers a tremendous amount in testimony to God’s grace and goodness in life. One discovers that He does some amazing things with ordinary people and through the course of this page I would share some of the wonderful and interesting experiences He has wrought. And all is to His honour and glory.


We had just spent a very eventful day out whilst in the country of Uganda. Ministerial friends had taken us out on a journey from Kampala to Ginja to behold the Victoria Falls. 

What an amazing sight to behold! There the privilege was accorded to the party of four us to see the place where the River Nile commenced. It was quite breathtaking and awesome to witness the place where these historic waters made their beginning. To think they had flowed for centuries over 4,000 miles with such continuity! 

We were escorted to behold the majestic falls and the water moving at a vast speed and manifesting an abundance of life and vivacity. In appearance they were like the living waters detailed in Ezekiel 47 and the spiritual waters created by the Holy Spirit described by Jesus Christ that ought to flow from the Christian believer – John : 3-39. They progressed forward with great pace and force and certainly arrested attention and admiration. Undoubtedly, the trip was worth it. 

Little did we realize what awaited two of us on our home ward journey with the car we were travelling in. We had no trouble whatsoever on the outward journey although the terrain and roads were rough as we toured by the river Nile.  

We must have been about 30 kilometres from home when the car decided to really play up. One moment we were cruising nicely along when suddenly the engine just simply petered out without and seeming cause. There was no forewarning whatsoever and so the driver and myself were taken by surprise. We had been singing spiritual songs and chatting about the good things of God and it happened to us!  

It was around 9-00 p.m. and I was looking forward to checking in, having a little supper, preparing message for the morrow because I had to speak three times, pack my suit case a little because I had to move out of the hotel as we were due to catch the plane to the UK the next night. 

The driver, Harry, immediately tried to start it again and after a few tries and discharging the battery of its power, it sprang to life. We thought then it was a just a temporary thing but we had only proceeded along the road for less than a kilometre when it occurred again. The feeling came to us that we were in deep trouble. We were some distance from the next township, in a wooded area and other vehicles were passing us at speed regardless of our plight. 

Harry again managed to get it started but the same thing happened again and again. The problem was that a tremendous demand was being made of the battery with this procedure and the using of the same for lights. Thankfully we had a good, fully charged battery that could be relied upon. However, things began to look bad and we were somewhere around 4 kilometres from the next township. Would we make it? 

It would appear that we were on the last reserves of power with respect to the battery and as Harry turned the key we both called out in prayer to the Lord. One doubted whether it would service another operation of this kind. One is grateful for the words of the psalmist: ‘Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you’ – Psalm 50: 15. We required an answer pronto! 

Over the next kilometres the engine performed well and we made it to a garage that was open. The driver knew a young mechanic in the area and phoned him and within a quarter of an hour he was with us attending to our mechanical failure. He renewed the filter part for the petrol and put new spark plugs in and when the key was turned the engine immediately sprang to life. We inwardly knew that all was now okay and the last part of the trip saw the motor performing the best she had done that day. We also expressed ourselves in gratitude to God for His help.  

In considering the incident, it is good to reflect upon the fact that the Lord enabled us to keep our peace. Instead of being upset and angry, the Lord kept us in spiritual control and so ity was a further teaching exercise that He is able to rescue His servants.              

Contemporary Considerations presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

Snatching The Situation From God
by Jon Walker

“Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the Word of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:2a, NIV)

It’s easy to look at this verse and assume Paul is talking about the sinful behavior that occurs before we become Christians. That is, we announce our dependence upon Jesus and we renounce the sinful methods we use to make it through each day.

Yet Paul is actually referring to the sinful behavior of a group of Christians who are slandering him while also manipulating other Christians. Instead of slinging mud, Paul, our prefect in the school of Christ , ignores their specific attacks and instead directs us heavenward.

In effect, he says, we once used these same methods to get our own way, but now that we follow Christ, we depend upon him to carry us through the day. We no longer depend upon our own strength, and we no longer depend upon secrecy, deception, or self-righteousness to get our own way.

It seems it always comes back to dependence on Jesus, doesn’t it?

Paul, ever the exhorter, pushes us toward the ideal, but his standards are never imperative, “ought to” statements demanding perfection from us. He, perhaps more than any other student in the school of Christ , understands our desperate need for God’s grace. We can’t; God can.

 And because we trust, God can.#

This means we …     · No longer do things in secret – Paul says we’ve agreed to no longer do the things that bring shame, the things we’d never do if we knew they’d be broadcast on the JumboTron in New York City ’s Times Square . But before we toss this off as a lesson meant for sinners worse than us, think of it in terms of the masks we wear – the attitudes we keep buried deep inside, the actions we take when no one else is looking. Could it be we cling to these hidden things because we don’t, yet, fully trust God?     · No longer lie and manipulate – As Christ-followers, we strive toward transparent lives, where “what you see is what you get.” We abandon the use of lies or manipulation in order to get our way, in order to “give God a little bit of help.”      · No longer use God’s Word for self-serving purposes – For instance, the Bible teaches us to speak the truth in love, with the purpose of growing in oneness with Christ. (Ephesians 4:15) Yet it’s not uncommon, when faced with a conflict, for us to use just a fraction of the verse to excuse our ill-mannered or unloving behavior. We say we’re simply speaking the truth, ignoring the hard work of confronting in a loving manner.

What does this mean?     · Focus on the power of God – Don’t focus on where you’ve failed; there is no condemnation in Christ. Rather, focus on God’s strength to transform you in these areas as you place your faith in him; quit focusing on your ability to make things work.     · Ask God to open your eyes – Ask God to reveal any areas in your life where you resort to forms of secrecy, manipulation, or misusing God’s Word.     · Ask God to guide you – Tell God you want to fully renounce these ways and that you need him to help you trust his ways over your own. “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”

Sermon Starters provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

This is but a sermon starter to get you thinking and studying in relation to the text and theme. Trust it will be provocative and promotive. 


READING   Psalm 37 

Text        Proverbs 13: 12, 19 


GREAT PROMISE – PSALM 37:4  As life is lived in close accord with the Lord, He has choice ways of implanting within the heart His desires and of bringing them to pass. We must be careful not to be filled with self-motivation and the lesser longings so that He cannot sow some wholesome aspirations and expectations. His purpose: to make His people divinely pregnant. GLORIOUS FULFILMENT – PROVERBS 13: 12, 19 It is a fantastic thing when desires are brought to pass. It is good to note people who had wholesome aspirations and ambitions realised and to be encouraged on similar lines.     


Two of OT fame wanted to be inheritors and were not content with the status quo as slaves in Egypt or to merely wander in the wilderness. They knew that they were born and called for great destiny and would not remain satisfied until such was experienced. They were to be possessors and they would not allow the spirit of others with their negativity and fears to rule them. What a contagious faith they had – Numbers 14. Even in late life have undergone a great deal they retained the vision.       


A woman who had been put through quite an ordeal, brought up in heathendom, bereaved and deprived of a husband and relatives felt she wanted to know something of God and His ways and workings. Ruth had special desire –Ruth 1: 16. The consequence she sets the standard to all posterity. The Lord was fully acquainted with all the inward aspirations and was in the position to answer them.       


Within the heart of David was a desire to build a unique sanctuary for the Lord in Jerusalem. He must have been in on the Lord’s longing – Psalm 132: 13, 14, and he became linked in with it. One can read of his intense passion/commitment and God was pleased. He left nothing undone or unfinished before his final homecall but made sure all was done that he was capable of doing. An example was left as a legacy for those following on.     


Whilst enjoying a level of life and inspiration under Elijah, he was not content. A driving spiritual compulsion dictated the within – 2 Kings 2. He was to make a greater breakthrough and serve his generation with distinction. Whatever his spiritual father and mentor may have been the best way to honour him was to proceed on a course that would prove he had laid hold of his legacy of power. See also the disciples in relation to Christ – Acts 1 & 2. The Lord desired that they should follow a similar track as set by Himself. It is important that we use our gifts and opportunities – Matthew 25: 14-46.       


Within one man was a burning passion to see something built out of chaos and ruins – Nehemiah 1. In spite of the immense challenge he was ready to face and deal withy it by God’s grace – see Noah, too.      


Paul possessed great desires not only for himself but that others should come forth to serve Christ bin an outstanding manner and did all within his power to see such fulfilled – see his interest in Timothy and his letters to him 


What desires is the Lord seeking to impart and generate within you?   What is sown and allowed to germinate and grow will be brought to pass.

Great Stories collated by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Don’t bug me! Hug me!Burnper Sticker   

Lee Shapiro is a retired judge. He is also one of the most genuinely loving people we know. At one point in his career, Lee realized that love is the greatest power there is. As a result, Lee became a hugger. He began offer­ing everybody a hug. His colleagues dubbed him the hugging judge (as opposed to the hanging judge, we suppose). The bumper sticker on his car reads, “Don’t bug me! Hug me!” 

About six years ago Lee created what he calls his Hugger Kit. On the outside it reads *A heart for aThe inside contains thirty little red embroidered hearts with stickums on the back. Lee will take out his Hugger Kit, go around to people and offer them a little red heart in exchange for a hug. 

Lee has become so well known for this that he is often invited to keynote conferences and conventions, where he shares his message of unconditional love. At a confer­ence in San Francisco, the local news media challenged him by saying, “It is easy to give out hugs here in the conference to people who self-selected to be here. But this would never work in the real world”. 

They challenged Lee to give away some hugs on the streets of San Francisco. Followed by a television crew from the local news station. Lee went out into the street. First he approached a woman walking by. ‘Hi, I’m Lee Shapiro, the hugging judge. I’m giving out these hearts in exchange for a hug”. “Sure,” she replied. “Too easy,” challenged the local commentator. Lee looked around. He saw a meter maid who was being given a hard time by the owner of a BMW to whom he was giving a ticket. He marched up to her, camera crew in tow, and said, “You like you could use a hug. I’m the hugging judge and I’m offering you one”. She accepted. 

The television commentator threw one final challenge. “Look here comes a bus. San Francisco bus drivers are the toughest, crabbiest, meanest people in the whole town. Let’s see you get him to hug you”. Lee took the challenge.  

As the bus pulled up to the curb, Lee said, “Hi, I’m Lee Shapiro, the hugging judge. This has got to be one of the most stressful jobs in the whole world. I’m offering hugs to people today to lighten the load a little. Would you like one?” The six foot-two, 230 pound bus driver got out of his seat, stepped down and said, “Why not?” 

Lee hugged him, gave him a heart and waved good-bye as the bus pulled out. The TV crew was speechless. Finally, the commentator said, “I have to admit, I’m very impressed”. 

One day Lee’s friend Nancy Johnson showed up  on his doorstep. Nancy is a professional clown and she was wearing her clown costume, makeup and all. “Lee grab a bunch of your Hugger Kits and let’s go out to the home for the disabled”. 

When they arrived at the home, they started giving out balloon hats, hearts and hugs to the patients. Lee was uncomfortable. He had never before hugged people who were terminally ill, severely retarded or qua4riplegic. It was definitely a stretch. But after a while it became easier, with Nancy and Lee acquiring an entourage of doctors, nurses and orderlies who followed them from ward to ward. 

After several hours they entered the last ward. These were 34 of the worst cases Lee had seen in his life. The feel­ing was so grim it took his heart away. But out of their com­mitment to share their love and to make a difference, Nancy and Lee started working their way around the room fol­lowed by the entourage of medical staff, all of whom by now had hearts on their collars and balloon hats on their heads. 

Finally, Lee came to the last person, Leonard. Leonard was wearing a big white bib which he was drooling on. Lee looked at Leonard dribbling onto his bib and said, ‘Let’s go, Nancy. There’s no way we can get through to this person. Nancy replied, “C’mon, Lee. He’s a fellow human being, too, isn’t he?”

Then she placed a funny bal­loon hat on his head. Lee took one of his little red hearts and placed it on Leonard’s bib. He took a deep breath, leaned down and gave Leonard a hug. 

All of a sudden Leonard began to squeal, “Eeeeehh! Eeeeeehh!’ Some of the other patients in the room began to clang things together. Lee turned to the staff for some sort of explanation only to find that every doctor, nurse and orderly was crying. Lee asked the head nurse, “What’s going on?” 

Lee will never forget what she said: ‘This is the first time in 23 years we’ve ever seen Leonard smile.”How simple it is to make a difference in the lives of others. Jack Canfield and Mark V Hansen 

News and Views edited by Rev. A. Hocking

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Rev. Barry Woodward

Newsletter from barry woodward

Many of you will be aware that last year we started a project to raise finance to cover the costs of sending a copy of my book, ‘Once an Addict’, to every single prisoner in the UK.

Last year Authentic Media sent a sample chapter of my book to every prison in the UK. The requests that we had from chaplaincy teams to receive free copies of the book from the Trust was really encouraging.

Up to now we have been able to send 8,000 copies into prisons and the response that we’ve had has been overwhelming. We are regularly receiving letters from inmates who are being inspired by the book and finding faith through it. Here is an extract from one letter we received from a long-term prisoner in Scotland: 

“… I read your book and it actually touched me. Barry I cried and prayed yesterday night before going to bed, your testimony made me believe that God does exist.”

We still have over 8,000 books on order from various prisons and young offenders institutes that we want to send out. We cannot do this until we have the finance to do so. Please would you partner with us in this exciting project of ‘Reaching UK Prisoners One By One’. We need to raise £12,000 as soon as possible so that these orders can be fulfilled.

This is the first time we have done a specific appeal for finance like this, but the project is having a massive effect on the prison population. In January 2008 I spoke at 3 prisons in the West Country. Before I arrived the majority of the inmates had received a copy of my book. We saw 90 men respond to the gospel!

To support this work please send any donations into the Trust, with a note that it is for the Prisons Project, to: Proclaim Trust, PO Box 550, Rochdale, Greater Manchester. OL16 9EJ

Thank you for all your support and interest.

Every Blessing,Barrywww.proclaimtrust.org              

In Hindsight subscribed by Rev. David Hind

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By Rev. David Hind

 David is now the minister of Trinity Church Leicester and his articles have been greatly appreciated. 

Born into a musical family I had the privilege of being taught instruments as a child and was given the opportunity to sing as a chorister. At eleven I sang the verse of ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ at the Christmas recital in Southwell Minister, which was an honour. Leaving the choir at thirteen I was part of a rock band called ‘Ananconda’ for three or four years. Since becoming a Christian I have had the opportunity to record albums and sing to gatherings of hundreds and occasionally thousands.

 I will always be grateful that my parents instilled in me a love for music and the importance of learning an instrument. We have passed this on to our children. Thomas has passed his grade eight saxophone and piano, whilst Samuel has an eclectic taste and fantastic ear for music. 

When was twelve he came back from being involved in a music group with children and was despondent. He had been asked to lead and felt it hadn’t gone well. He didn’t have long to prepare, his keyboard wasn’t very good and he couldn’t hear himself. Not only that, the PA wasn’t working properly, the preacher spoke for too long and the bad didn’t ave enough time. Finally, he was desperate for the loo and couldn’t sing very well.

 I talked to him about practising hard, being humble, dealing with ego, God’s tests and what to do when it goes wrong. In the future, where he stands on bigger stages than I have, I pray he will remember. Inside the church, music plays a big part in worship, atmosphere and as a tool for leading people into the presence of God. Musicians therefore, have a responsibility to prepare themselves before God. Here are a few of my thoughts for musicians and worship leaders: 

Be Grateful for the Gift of Music

How did God create music? There are relatively few notes and yet we will never come to the end of the amazing variety of sound that can be created by using them. Don’t presume, be grateful, and play for the One who had the idea of music.

Develop Your Gift 

 Whilst recording Painting a Picture, my latest album, Ben Castle came to record some saxophone. I was completely inspired by one of the best saxophonists in our country. After he had played we talked about the hours he aims to practise every day as time allows. We are not able to do this (grateful parents of children learning the violin, note!), however, don’t be lazy.

Deal with Your Ego  

 Music is powerful and can shape our world. I recently stood at a U2 concert with around 70,000 others and saw the power of influence through music. There are moments in worship when there is great power. In these moments Jesus is the focus – it is all for Him and we are simply vessels. A record producer talked to me about the difference between high and low maintenance musicians. The high maintenance ones need constant encouragement, special treatment and appreciation. Grow up and be low maintenance.

Develop Consistency in Character 

Arrive on time, tune your instrument, be reliable and don’t be on an emotional rollercoaster. How easily are you offended? Is Jesus more important to you than the music?

Practise the Presence of God

 Learn to allow the presence of God to flow through your music. At times, less is more, and to be sensitive to Him can change any atmosphere. Keep worshipping.   

Top Ten subscribed by Rev. David Gilpin

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Rev. David GilpinSenior Minister of Hope Church, Sheffield Behind everything you see is something you don’t see.

This book is designed to outline nuggets of wisdom that often remain invisible behind thriving churches and ministries. Mixed with a touch of humour. Top 10 of Everything looks into the Private Word and the Practical World, the Handy Hints World and the Wide World of Knowledge. It gives advice on many subjects that may prove invaluable to established and up-and-coming leaders. Read it all at once or read it one Top Ten at a time. This book can also provide new preachers with an opportunity to ‘borrow’ some of the Tom 10 outlines to create lively and dynamic sermons. 



 Some Christians have mastered the art of trying to escape responsibility. It’s all dressed up in spiritual clothing and all done decently an in order. It’s hilarious. 


You’ll pray about it 

   2.  TELL THEM

You’ve been led by the Spirit to another ministry 

  3.   TELL THEM

That you felt the Lord say that you needed ‘time out’. 


            that you just don’t feel your gifts lie in that particular field 


    that your ministry is more prophetic than practical. 


   that you’ll do it when you feel God move you. 


   that your time is taken up in intercession. 


    that you think you’re coming to the end of a season and you’re not sure what the new season is yet. 


    nothing  just don’t turn up and avoid the subject if asked about 

  10.  TELL THEM

     that you’re leaving the church. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites  Bible Extra  Matthew 25:1-  30, Acts 2:42-7, Philippians 2:1-16, James 1:22-25

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