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Rev. David

Senior Minister of Hope Church, Sheffield 

Behind everything you see is something you don’t see. This book is designed to outline nuggets of wisdom that often remain invisible behind thriving churches and ministries. Mixed with a touch of humour. Top 10 of Everything looks into the Private Word and the Practical World, the Handy Hints World and the Wide World of Knowledge. It gives advice on many subjects that may prove invaluable to established and up-and-coming leaders. Read it all at once or read it one Top Ten at a time. This book can also provide new preachers with an opportunity to ‘borrow’ some of the Tom 10 outlines to create lively and dynamic sermons. 


Community chest

Jesus said that the harvest was plentiful. The word ‘plenty’ means not just a few and not the whole. It’s simply more than expected. In your city, town and village people are hungering after God. There are not just a few, it’s not everyone, but it’ more than ou’d expect.  Starting a community centre is just one way to connect the church with the harvest 


as being two different things – the community is the church in action. 


     Create a centre for every type of person and see each one as equally valued.


Create pathways. Running a slimmers’ club is great, but unless it leads to ‘a searchers club’ we can miss the harvest.      


Everyone has a heart for the orphans, prostitutes and homeless. They provoke imagination. Most people, though, don’t fall into these extreme categories.  Church should start with the general before going to the extreme. 


in its love for the lost. The more you are actively involved in the practical lives of people, the more you can forget that their real need is salvation.


any more because the community centre is doing it for them. Ninety five per cent of people are added to the church through relationships, not projects.


Community centres are about salting whole communities with the love of Christ. credibility costs thousands of pounds and thousands of hours.


to  get a stronghold in management. Positive discrimination can be as unfair as negative discrimination. Everybody is equal.


There are a lot of issues to be worked through in every centre, but leadership should remain in the hands of visionary, strategic and positive people.


Unrealistic goals associated with the granting of money can lead either the side-tracking of ministry or a replacement of leadership. 

Bible Extra:Isaiah 61: 4; Matthew 25: 31-46; Matthew 28: 19-20; Acts 1: 8; James 1: 27       

Illustrations of Note provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Whilst sat in an airport lounge awaiting to be transported to the renowned Biblical place called Malta, the word ‘journey’ sprang readily to mind. It is a word that not only makes up our vocabulary but is a real part of our existence and experience 

The idea present in the word centres of a person making a trip from one destination to another. In fact the dictionary describes it as ‘a travelling from one place to another’. All have to do so at some time other, some more than others. It can involve short and long distances and from going to one country to another. 

Paul had a vast distance to travel from Jerusalem to Rome and he spent some unexpected but blessed time in Malta. Abraham had to journey to Canaan’s fair land at the call of God. Israel as a nation had to make a memorable, historical and unforgettable trip through waste howling wilderness to the Promised Land. Eventually, they made it! 

Usually, to take a journey there are things that need to be done beforehand. There is the vital demand for preparation and this is certainly so it involves a long travel. Booking dates, flights, venues etc., have to be looked into and arranged and paid for up front. It is usually a costly business! Then there is the initial starting off point, where are you going to leave from. The starting point figures much and is a crucial consideration. Then though has to be given to those matters that have to be negotiated en-route.

You have to be sure that you arrive at definite locations in time to board the right coach, train, ship, etc. Plane etc. no mistakes must be made. On the above trip I sensed I was queuing at the wrong gate. Instantly I inquired and made the essential change. In the course of the journey there are lessons to be learned. Those in charge usually give you a run down on information to allay your fears and put you in the right mood for travel.

The historic one made by Paul by boat unveil tremendous incident and things had to dealt with in a wise manner. Unexpected happening that made them think, believe and act differently. The same could be said of Israel’s long saga in the desert wanderings. Then there is the moment of all, the thrill of arrival.

What a pleasure it is to finally reach the ultimate destination especially when welcome by friends. To get safely there is top priority and a relief when you disembark in peace. 

Such is a telling illustration of life. It can be summed as a journey in fact we often speak of ‘life’s journey’. The crucial thing is to know where we are going and make the proper arrangements. And this is where Jesus Christ really helps. He wills that all will find their way to heaven but they must make sure that they know the arrangements and abide by them. The Cross is the place where everyone must begin in repentance and faith To get on track at the first is priority. Christ must be received as Saviour and Lord. For anyone to get to heaven then sin has to be forgiven through Christ alone and He be given control of life and the journey.

Each has to be personally taught en-route so that it becomes meaningful, pleasurable and profitable. He ensures that there will be safe arrival in heaven, the eternal home. Make sure that you are on this journey and arrive at life’s ultimate destiny, heaven.

Bon voyage.  

Sermon Starters provided by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

This is just to get you thinking studying and believing:


Reading        Acts 6 & 7 

Text                  v7 


 CRISIS: It must be recognized that all was not easy going and plain sailing in the infant Christian Church. They were finding their feet as a new entity in Christ and there were things that took place that required a tremendous amount of care and handling. Unexpected things were to occur of a critical nature that demanded delicate and prudent administration and here is an instance of it in a conflict that had reason over a natural factor- v1. PRIORITY: Thankfully, the apostles were deeply aware of where their responsibilities and main concern and commitment lay with regard to God and the people – v2. Wisely they ascertained that there was something that should take precedence in their lives and ministries whilst recognizing there was a problem that needed solving. ANSWER: It was sensed that the solution to the crisis was in the appointment of people who had the compassion and ability to administrate to all concerned – v3. There were those amongst them who were of a spiritual quality and well able to attend to the situation and so bring relief to all. Wisely they left the people to appoint the personnel trusting their wisdom and choice but giving necessary counsel on the issue – v3. No doubt the apostles prayed that those selected would be the right ones and they were not to be disappointed. Everyone was delighted with the procedure and so good men were given the task. CONSEQUENCE: Things were not divided but moved forward in cohesion and unity on to blessing/growth. It turned out to be a correct decision and wise move because of the great results that came out of it. Primarily, there was multiplication that advanced everyone concerned and needs were ministered to and met. It seems that the Church moved into higher gear. The consequences four-fold:


The great spiritual fact that came to greater production and realization was – ‘And the word of God increased’ – this was an extraordinary outcome of dealing with the problem and existent crisis. The Lord sealed and blessed their united and harmonious action by causing the witness of His word to become more effectual in many ways. In allowing the apostles to get on with their real task of giving themselves to the word, it brought the decisive result of its explosion. It was essential that this was achieved and fell in line with Good’s plan of progress – see also Acts 19: 20.

        2/.  MULTIPLICATION OF THE DISCIPLES – v7.        

It must have been quite a delight to observe there was also tremendous growth rate with regard to numbers of people that were coming to faith in Christ and prepared to be disciples and discipled. Because the difficulty had been solved it provided the basis for even a bigger amount of folks to come to Christ. They were no longer taken up with the problem but getting on with the most important business, making Christ known. So impressive was this next move that it impacted the priesthood and many came to be Christian believers. Instead of being forestalled with the emergency there is release that advances the Gospel to the outside world.


 Now one of the deacons not only does a good job in relieving the natural needs, he is taken hold of and graduates to excelling in a spiritual leadership amongst the Christian community. The apostles must have welcomed him aboard. They were certainly directed in telling the Christian community to choose as deacons those who were filled with the Holy Spirit but may be never thought this would happen to one of those chosen. They were to behold the Lord promoting one of them to something more than they had possibly contemplated. The initiative of heaven had taken hold of the wise decision implemented and had placed a unique call in a man who was to impact and influence the Church in a great way permanently. He was to turn out to be a dynamic preacher with a powerful witness that would never be forgotten.


  First there is the performance of miracles amongst the people as Stephen is inspired to minister faith and power into the bodies of the saints. An exceptional anointing was upon this individual that enabled him to act beyond the norm so bless the people beyond the natural necessities. He, by example, reveals that the Lord can take hold of whom He wills to act beyond the ordinary. Whatever Peter and John had done there were still others to be used in this supernatural way. Maybe, Philip, later on got his spur from this find example – c.f. Acts 8: 5-7. 

CONCLUSION A crisis can actually turn out to be a very good thing when it is dealt with in a wise manner as seen here. Instead of becoming a bottleneck where things are held up, it can prove to be an opening out process whereby much more is wrought and unexpected things happen under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Testimony presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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After the accident                                             Up-to-date recovery

Alan Wigglesworth


‘By grace you have been saved’ – Ephesians 2: 5 

You may not realize it now by looking at me but 10 weeks ago I was involved in a traffic accident that left me looking in quite a different way as you can see.

I owe my life to the mercies of God who saved me from certain death as the consultants kept telling me at hospital.  

What happened?

 I was travelling home one afternoon on my bicycle when I stopped on the pavement to make an adjustment to the bike. Suddenly darkness enveloped me and I had the feeling of terrific pain coursing through my body. I could hear voices in the distance telling me to be still but I still did not know what had happened to me. When my eyes started to open I realized I was in a different pace to where I had been originally. I couldn’t understand why I was in this position and in such chronic pain. I tried to move but it was then that I could feel the Lord speaking to me using the verse ‘Be still and know that I am God’. I felt a terrific peace envelope me. 

It was whilst I was in hospital and having undergone surgery that I was told that I had been struck by a car travelling on the wrong side of the road and gone out of control. The car had mounted the pavement hit a wall, hit some traffic signs, and then hit me at about 50 miles per hour, then threw me on to the other side of the road. I was told that had I not been wearing my cycle helmet it would have been certain death.

The hospital staff was amazed at how I could have possibly withstood such an impact as that but it was an opportunity to witness to the saving power of God. 

Recuperating at home and talking to the Lord about the situation, the Lord directed me to Ephesians 2: 5 – ‘By grace you have been saved’. It would have been certain death for me but thanks be to God I was delivered. People are amazed at how little time it has taken to heal, as the healing process has been quite phenomenal, but this also was an opportunity to testify to the healing power of God. Twice I was told by Christian friends that this situation would turn around and work fork for my good – see Romans 8: 28, and I every much believe that God has still got a work for me to do yet. Praise the Lord.

Knowing God serviced by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson



Alongside the intensive work of Nehemiah and the dynamic prophetic ministries of Haggai and Zechariah was the major input of the ministry of Ezra. It is obvious from what is mentioned in the Scriptures that this man knew Jehovah, the God of Israel, and from this spiritual and scriptural understanding was able to conduct a powerful service on His behalf at a needful time.

He came to know God in a real manner and one can affirm this to be so because of the way his life was lived and the effect of his calling as a true priest of God in the law of the Lord. Well might he have come to this great experience through his commitment to the revealed law. God became alive to him in his personal study of the written Word. 


It declares that he had ‘prepared his heart’ in this matter. It was not a quest merely for head knowledge, for a mental appreciation of what the Scriptures had to record and state. The Scriptures were more than just ancient writings to be considered like other books, but he sensed and knew they were different for they revealed God and His purposes, and he needed to know Him and His intentions for his life and the nation. The law of God would lead him to God and lead him to a perfect and proper understanding of Him and His glorious mind, plans and movements. The book held the secret of knowing God and all that that meant.


He was determined to put into operation all that was revealed to him by God in the way of sacred precept, promise and purpose. His mind and heart attitude was one of faith and obedience and in the carrying out of the law of God he found out how real and true God was and His ways. There was this rich learning curve and even though he was in an exiled condition, he was not exiled from God. The major business of his daily procedure was to make sure that he not only read and studied God’s law but that his life and faith was regularised by it.


Seeing his compatriots, he saw that they needed to be rightly instructed in God’s law so that they would re-discover their identity and relationship to Jehovah and realise they were a covenanted people through the law of God. Great amendments needed to take place if they were to be restored to their former glory and such could only be through God’s revealed law. Israel was in a mess because of the failure to know God’s law in reality and truth but through his divinely inspired instruction and pattern of life a radical revolution would occur.


God took a hand in shaping not only his life but in ordering and directing his movements and bringing about a return to the homeland, securing a new start for God’s elect household. He discovered the king making decrees in his favour and the Lord miraculously preserving them en-route etc.

Children’s Page compiled by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Lilian Harvey – Trudy Tait 

Ida was not able to get about as other girls her own age did. The walls of a sanatorium shut her in day after day.

I suppose she often wondered why she was denied the right to run about, play games, or go on trips as her friends did, for you see, she was a cripple. But Ida learned to accept her handicap, even though she would often lie awake whole nights unable to sleep because she hurt so.

She came to realize that her pain was much more easily born if she knew how to think of others. Right there on her bed, when pain was wracking her body, she learned to think about God and his great world and to pray and talk to Him. 

Reading too, was something Ida could do quite easily. And as she read, she became interested in China and especially in the deformed baby girls who were thrown out to die in a pond which happened to be near to a missionary hospital at Kukiang. She read, too, about girls her own age who were crippled and were thought to be possessed of evil spirits. As she lay thinking about these little babies and crippled girls, she wished she could do something for them.

She knew she could not go herself as a missionary nurse or teacher. She had little she could give or do in her condition. But finally a plan arose in her mind. She would pray for money to buy that plot where the pond was over there in China. And she would pray that on that very spot a home would be built so that crippled girls could be cared for and taught. 

As her friends came to visit her, she would tell them enthusiastically all about her dream. Ida was so radiantly happy in the Lord that her friends caught her enthusiasm, and began to give gifts so that she might buy the plot. Then they told others until quite a circle of friends were involved in helping Ida to carry out her plan. We do not know where she kept the money. Maybe it was under the mattress. Maybe the matron of the sanatorium found a safe place for Ida to store the pennies, silver and notes.

Wherever it was, it grew and grew until at last Ida had $1,000 to buy this plot in China.  But now she felt she must pray for a building to be put upon the site. This meant that another $2,000 would be needed in order to erect the proper house to take care of crippled girls. And what do you know but the $2,000 finally came in. 

One night, Ida’s sister bent over her to tell her some good news. ‘Ida,’ she told her,‘ Mother has left a small sum of money to be placed in your Cripples’ Fund’. ‘Lovely,’ whispered the sick girl. She looked so radiantly happy that it was hard for her sister to believe that, even as she spoke, her spirit was slipping away into a better place. Her life had not been lived for herself, moaning over her being so shut in, but she had let her heart be enlarged so that she could take in other crippled ones like herself. 

Today, at Kiukiang, on the banks of the Yangtze, there stands the Ida Lacey Home for Cripples – a memorial to a young invalid girl who, out of an old pond had prayed something into being which would benefit others. Ida, we are glad you lived.  

Powerful Quotes arranged by Rev. L. Goodwin

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Rev. L. Goodwin



 “A world Christian isn’t better than other Christians. But by God’s grace, they have made a discovery so important that life can never be the same again. World Christians are day-to-day disciples for whom Christ’s global cause has become the integrating, overriding priority for all that He has for them. Like disciples should, they actively investigate all that their master’s great commission means. Then they act on what they learn.” David Bryant 

“A world-class Christian is one whose lifestyle & obedience are compatible, in co-operation, and in accord with what God is doing & wants to do in our world.”  Paul Borthwick 

“In the area of prayer & missions, never have so many left so much to so few.” Leonard Ravenhill 

Hudson Taylor’s qualifications for a missionary: –* A life yielded to God and controlled by His Spirit* A restful trust in God for the supply of all needs* A sympathetic spirit and a willingness to take a lowly place* Tact in dealing with men & adaptability towards circumstances* Zeal in service and steadfastness in discouragement* Love for communion with God & for the study of His Word* Some experience and blessing in the Lord’s work at home* A healthy body and a vigorous mind 

“There is no argument for missions. The total action of God in history, the whole revelation of God in Christ – this is the argument.” James S.Stewart 

“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions, and the nearer we get to him the more intensely missionary we must become.” Henry Martyn 

Great Stories collated by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


By Terry Boyle – a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, serving as field pastor for

Insight to Living 

Miriam’s father had beaten her before he ever saw her. He took out his drunken rage and frustration on her mother, and her unborn daughter. 

When I met Miriam she was nine years old, with a cautious smile. She wore unmatched plastic sandals with broken buckles that cut sores into her ankles.

In a backyard Bible slum in Mexico suburb we made bracelets with coloured beads to represent the points of the Gospel. I explained the colours to her in my unsteady mission-trip Spanish, and she listened intently but paid little attention to the growing line of beads on the strand.

On completion, we prayed together, and to my surprise she handed back the bracelet! Not with dismissal, but like a treasure. She folded my fingers over it and pushed it to my chest. Confused and lacking the language o work it out, I asked our translator, a pastor from the local mission Baptist church. Miriam was almost blind- her father’s legacy-she had no concept of colours, and no need for the trinket.

Having nothing, she was glad to receive the bracelet only so that she could give it back as a keepsake of our time together. I still have it. For me it is the most unselfish earthly gift I have ever received. 

The Gospel is full of unselfish giving: ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son’ – John 3: 16, and here, ‘by grace you have been saved through faith. And that not of your own doing, it is the gift of God’ – Ephesians 2: 8, or here, ‘And walk in love as Christ loved us, and gave Himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God’ – Ephesians 5: 2. 

Miriam’s bracelet was a simple gift back in response to what had already been freely given. To her it seemed the most reasonable thing to do.

This Christmas, amid the rigmarole of shopping for just the right gifts, take a breath and ask the serious question, posed beautifully by Christiana Rosetti in ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’: 

What then shall I give Him, poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lambIf I were a wise man T would do my part,

Yet what I have I give Him, give my heart’. 

The apostle Paul arrives at the point in Romans 12, that believers should ‘present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is your reasonable service’. The very best gift you can give back to god is your whole self, heart, soul, mind and strength – Mark 12: 30.                         

Christian Prime Timers constituted by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Elijah was given the privilege and opportunity of linking up with the young at such a late stage in his glorious career. He did not expect his final run-in to be as good as it became. At one point he wanted to quit as he sensed his inadequacy and failure.

But it was not to be because the Lord had something better on the agenda He was to link up and form an association with a young man that would be unforgettable. Not only would he have the pleasure of serving his own day generation, he would be able to contribute to the future in a positive and dynamic way.

It is needful to trace as a prime timer how he inspired and blessed this young person.


When he was summoned to go and anoint Elisha as the one to be prophet in his room, he did a significant thing – ‘he cats his mantle on him’ – and he got the message at the outset. The young man was in no doubt as to what it meant and reacted promptly and rightly. He must have known the prophet and things were already stirring within him.


Elisha was to be given the time to prove himself and the old prophet was to mentor him primarily in humility. Before he could scale the heights of spiritual power and ministry he must be taught the basic quality of lowliness. He was to be ‘a humble servant’ of a ‘great master’. The simple, menial and humble tasks were to be assigned to him and he must serve with grace and dignity. Elijah was glad to have him around. 


It was opportune that this successful prophet shares some of the choice secrets of life with him. On a one to one basis he was able to disclose personal factors that would enrich and embolden him for what lie ahead. He was ready to set him up for a major role and by sharing his past he would be rendering invaluable aid to the following generation. 


It would be a customary thing to visit regularly the school of the prophets. As Elijah impacted them he would also be doing Elisha a favour. He was able to form and build bonds and relationships with them. They were to be good connections that he would help and bless in the days ahead.     


The last and final thing was to incite him for his spiritual investiture. There was to be no disappointment here as he saw the keenness of his successor. How glad he must have been to witness this man hard on his tracks with such burning quest! Who have we got hot on our heels! He must have been thrilled to dispense his mantle knowing it was to rest on a worthy successor and would be put to further use. 


The Christian calling and ministry comes from the majestic Christ. He summons to a high, divine vocation and personally teaches the vital lessons to greater usefulness. He joins us to others so that they can contribute to eventual service. Ultimately He has in mind the double portion and anointed ministry

Extracts from My Life by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson


When you have lived a considerable number of years in relationship with God one gathers a tremendous amount in testimony to God’s grace and goodness in life. One discovers that He does some amazing things with ordinary people and through the course of this page I would share some of the wonderful and interesting experiences He has wrought. And all is to His honour and glory.


As far as God is concerned, the principle and rule of faith must be a dominant and dictating feature in those who are designated His offspring.

He has permanently illustrated this for all His spiritual posterity in the call and life of the patriarch Abraham. All must study his life and see what faith in God wrought for him. He serves as the inspiration to all later generations on the appropriation and demonstration of faith. 

In my earliest experience I read a book that has proved to a prophetic word and statement that was to quicken and govern my life and work. It was called ‘Ever Increasing Faith’ by Smith Wigglesworth an outstanding preacher and doer of faith in his day. He by example illustrated and emphasized this spiritual dynamic and how it can be initiated, expressed and developed to a great degree. As the divine truth has dawned and intensified, I realize that this should be the dynamic in me and household in my spiritual career.

It has been a joy to se it birthed, bud and blossom  and produce things of a divine order for my wife and children and their offspring. Of course, it has meant the facing of circumstances of a challenging character that would have eradicated it presence and exercise, but faith has always been up to it and takes command. 

In the 1980s we were confronted with a new situation that required an immediate positive response of faith. Unexpectedly it was called into being and exercise but was sufficient. My son and daughter in law were looking forward to the birth of their first child. Regrettably, she had conceived twice before but lost both and so were somewhat disappointed.

She was now carrying a baby the third time and all appeared to be going well and prospects looked good. Due care and attention was taken to ensure the birth of the baby. At that time I was overseeing a church in Chesterfield and they decided to pay us a visit.

During the course of the day they decided to have a look around the shops as it was quite a pleasant shopping place. However, when they returned to our home, Dawn was somewhat disturbed and agitated because there seemed to be evident signs that she would lose this baby, too. She expressed her fears. 

It was then that the Lord came to our aid. I sensed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which created a mind and heart of faith to deal with the immediate crisis. In a quiet way I simply directed her to sit down and assured her she was not going to lose this child. We prayed in affirmative way that must have pleased the Lord and grabbed His attention and intervention.

After prayer a divine peace was in attendance and we knew that in spite of all the symptoms the birth of the baby would take place. A spiritual confidence took over.

 Needless to say, months later, she did give birth to a beautiful buy was to be named Joel. There was to be no failure on the part of the Lord to honour the faith of that moment. Having arrived and seeing him now in his twenties is a constant reminder of the fact that God can and does give faith at the appropriate time. We believe he is make his valuable contribution to the cause of Christ. 

In conclusion, how good it is to know that the Lord can step into our family and domestic scenes and when a sudden crisis occurs give the essential faith and assurance to deal with such. Instead of succumbing to doubt and fear we can be emboldened by the Lord to take command and see everything solved by His intervention.

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