Profile – Rev. and Mrs. E. Anderson

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Rev. & Mrs.  E. Anderson 

Just to say a sincere thank you for visiting the web site and trust such will be of value and service to you. 

Since I introduced it almost 12 months ago, you will be please to known that almost 1,000 a week visit it. I am so pleased it has contributed to someone’s gain and blessing. Quite a number of people have sent in encouraging comments, and I thank you most sincerely. 

One thing I seek to do is to keep it fresh every day and that it will serve the wide body of Christendom whilst reaching out to those who are making honest inquiry after God and the Christian Gospel. A number of subjects are engaged upon and others will be introduced in the future. You may not agree with all that is presented on the site, however, the Lord make a channel of His blessing to all. 

I never thought that at 75 years of age I would be involved in such an important ministry and am delighted to place my maturity and ministry at the disposal of both old and young alike. 

With regard to myself, I have been a Christian for over 62 years and have been involved with the Assemblies of God Fellowship as a minister for over 50 years. I had the joy of leading a young lady to Christ in 1951 and then married her in 1954. As you can note, we have had our Golden Wedding and had so many happy, God-blessed years together.

She has been a fantastic partner as we have served in six churches and in the Assemblies of God Bible College as its Dean for over six years. It has been a demanding, adventurous life, but the Lord has not failed in any way. He has blessed us with two sons and a daughter and they are all happily married and have presented us with nine grandchildren. A few years ago we had the delight of adopting a further son and daughter in law along with their daughter.

We know God has been good and it is to Him we render our thanks and give Him all the glory. 

Every blessing be upon you in every way, every day.                                 


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