Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


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Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson


The God who gives revelation on our personal lives as to what is to be is also the one that brings to fulfilment in His good time. This was certainly so in relation to my wife as He was about to breakthrough to her on a greater front in an unusual way and place.

 It was mid-year, 1995, and she had an exceptionally busy schedule, involved in school ministry and catering for a number of weddings. She was in need of a break and change and it was to suddenly to ensue when she least expected. Two ladies from the fellowship, Ann Todd and Susan Savage asked if they could my wife away for a couple of days to an Anglican retreat that was being held in Swanwick, Derbyshire. I saw no problem and yielded to their desire.

My wife was not too co-operative and tried to excuse herself from going saying that she had never left on any occasion during our married life. However, she finally yielded to pressure and agreed to go. On arrival and having had a meal with the leaders and people she was not too happy about being there, in fact she said she was going to ring me to take her back home. We happened to have a visiting speaker that week that she liked and this was quite a pull. Ann and Susan became very firm with her and said: ‘Here we are and here we stay!’ 

The announcement was made that a further meeting was going to be held one afternoon. Six of the Anglican ministers had been along to Toronto and they were going to share their experiences. This both intrigued and interested them and they felt they could not missed this special event.

The bishop of Sheffield was convening the gathering and he made the point that these men after their visit had come to the conviction that what they had witnessed and experienced was of God. He went on further to say that the same Holy Spirit that was present and prevailing in Toronto was with them in a dynamic manner. He also affirmed he was going to ask the Holy Spirit to descend and enter the gathering that afternoon. A sense existed among the people that something choice and unique would happen. The bishop explained that each would know the Spirit in a different manner and experience; some would be praying, others weeping, laughing whilst others would dance or be prostrate before the Lord, etc. And it really happened as he prayed.

It took my wife by surprise. As she stood in the aisle observing she was not in the best of moods or spirit. A judgemental attitude prevailed. She began to think what have these people to teach me, after all I’ve been in Pentecost many years! Inner resentment was in her as she folded her arms and seemingly was closing her heart to the new movement of God that was abroad. Unexpectedly and quite alarmingly the bishop was stood in front of her speaking a powerful word into her life. There was an exposure of how she was feeling and re-acting. He did then declare that he was not before her in a condemning role, rather, he was there as God’s messenger to tell that the Lord had placed a fountain in her and if would allow it to bring out she would be a source of great refreshing and inspiration. Immediately she was humbled and rightly reacted and expressed her sorrow to the Lord.  

The Lord broke in such a fresh and invigorating way that she felt completely renewed by the Holy Spirit. A liberty of life and power possessed her and she sensed that this was a special visitation to her. It was to be an unforgettable experience. She was like the pigeon being released in the coote. 

On her return home, as she got out of the car, I was tidying up the front garden and became suddenly conscious that something had occurred to her whilst she had been away. I said to her, ‘What on earth has happened to you?’ Her simple reply was, ‘Don’t bring me down. I feel that I am on cloud nine.’ During the next few days I became aware of the fact that God had giving me a new wife. The old one wasn’t bad, but the new one was infinitely better!’ Things were to decidedly change that would enable her to be the woman God wanted her to be and enable her to do what He wanted to do.


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