Extracts from my Life by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson


It was in the early part of 1980 that I began to experience a fresh sense of direction with regard to my calling and work.

We had been working hard in the Assemblies of God Bible College for just over five years and it had been a demanding role both for my wife and I. We had been responsible for caring and looking after the students and premises besides looking after the finances and lecturing, too. They were years when we were spiritually, mentally and physically stretched but the Lord was gracious and ministered to us in so many ways. It had been a new era to our lives and ministries and wherein we had learned and gained a tremendous amount.

However, it was at this time that I sensed a fresh challenge coming to me from the Lord which was quite unexpected. The divine summons was simply to do an Abraham, pull up roots and leave the outworking of the immediate future in the hands of God. He was calling Joan and I to trust Him in a way we had never done before. Thankfully, I could share with my partner and we were one in mind though conscious of difficulties that would be en-route. Two assemblies desired us to be their pastor but we did not feel we could go that pathway.

In the August of that year we removed ourselves from Mattersey and seeming natural security to look to God for guidance and His provisions. Our furniture went into store and we went to live with our eldest son in Rotherham who warmly received us, very jealous for our welfare.

The Lord told me not to announce that I was free for ministry but that He would open the doors and provide for our financial and material needs. In the next eighteen months we were to discover that the Lord is truly Jehovah Jirah, the Lord our provider.

During this period my son moved house and we were able to aid in the process. But by the time Easter came I felt we really required a dwelling place of our own. We had applied to the Council and nothing was seemingly forthcoming at the time. I was due to minister in Dartford for the week-end and having to leave my wife I sensed she was feeling a bit low. Whilst away I gave myself to prayer asking the Lord to meet this need, praying that when I returned I would have some good news from the local, borough council. Phoning my wife up she gave me the information that we were asked to go and see them with the prospect of accommodation. We knew the Lord was working.

As we went we were informed that we were given a new property in a very nice neighbourhood. Of course we were delighted by this sudden answer and were not disappointed at our new home. Within two or three days we had it decorated and our furniture installed and the placed proved to be a haven of rest and blessing.

My son and his wife were holidaying when this happened so when he returned discovered that the birds had flown. He said to us in comment: ‘My, when the Lord does something for you He does it quickly.’

At that time my wife was able to secure a posting in a shop as its cook for the staff. The manager was extremely kind to her giving her things that he never did for others. When Joan left he said to me: ‘you have got a first-class woman.’ Her testimony had got through to him and she had been able to assist him greatly with respect to his own marriage.

During that one year and a half, we had seen the Lord develop our faith and character and work things out for His glory. We must never be afraid to launch out into the deep with God because He will guide and provide in fullest measure.

Sermon Starters prepared by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson


PROPHETIC DISCLOSURE: The ancient prophet gives a beautiful portrayal of Chris with regard to impact and influence of Christ’s Spirit-filled ministry in His day. It certainly is revealed as a most encouraging life and service to the people of Biblical times. He was not present amongst them in a condemning role and manner but there to inspire, bless and do them good and leave them better off after His ministry. He discovered such a desperate need and He came on to the scene to change it and bring immediate relief in an encouraging manner..

NEEDFUL MINISTRY: A battered and bruised society requires a ministry that can regenerate, renew and lift to a condition of hope, health, usefulness and destiny. When evil has done her work and left humanity devastated and utterly dejected, there is a demand for those who can bring fresh inspiration and life and alter the awful state of affairs – Ezekiel 37. This is where Christ came, in order to perform a divinely anointed work. He was/is the real Minister of Encouragement.

POWERFUL EXERCISE: He had the capacity and capability through word and work of raising the spiritual climate in peoples lives and situations and inspiring them to feats of character, life and expression beyond the norm. He sought to birth in people divine worth and potential and raise the standard of life in every way.

BALANCED QUALITIES: He encouraged production on every front because He desired to see people reach their potential in character and service in and through God.



All who would embrace and follow Him must be ready for the expression of love and devoted service to Him and others for this is one of the main reasons for being and life – Mark 10:45. This is what He sought to get over to this young man and illustrated and emphasized it with the account of the Good Samaritan.  


The cursing of the fig tree and the subsequent developments happened so as to encourage His disciples into a greater state of faith and expectancy. It did not occur should to provoke and promote wonder but to initiate and instill the principle and power of faith, a believing condition of mind and heart that would pave the way for supernatural ministry and manifestation. 


So often Jesus exposes the vanity of pride and reveals it has no place or room within His kingdom and neither should it have its root or influence in those who are His disciples. The greatest demonstration model concerning this is Himself – Philippians 2. Humility leads to ascendancy. The way up is the way down. 

(4)         HE ENCOURAGES TO A LIFE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS  – Matthew 5:6,20; 6:33; JOHN 8 

He is the great inspiration to righteousness being the Righteous One. He sought to create in people a desire and will to go after righteousness, to hunger and thirst after it. It had to exceed man’s idea of it and be in on God’s standard. He did not condone the sin of the woman. Whilst forgiving her He sent her on her way to love differently. 

(5)     HE ENCOURAGES PERSISTENTCY AND PERSERVERANCE    Luke 18:1-1-8; Mark 7:26-29 

The reason why many do not receive from God is due to the fact that they easily quit in prayer and in their relationship with God. People lose heart, encouragement, because things do not happen speedily. There is the need to press through with God until what is desired takes place – Illustration:    Hannah 1 Samuel 1. 


He was not commending idleness or laziness but the readiness to be willing to sit back and be taught the important things of life. Service, of course, is important but even such has to be conducted from a state of mind and spirit that is relaxed. Sometimes there is a need to pull off in order to get the right attitude to it and ministry from the Lord is essential to restore the balance. 


So often Jesus desires to conduct a healthy and helpful time of conversation and discussion so that we may spiritually profit. He draws alongside, just like the woman at the well and the two on the

Emmaus Road

to start communications going that will be inspiring and uplifting. 


When Peter felt he had flopped it and that he had no alternative but to go back fishing in depressed mood, He discovered the Lord knew where he was going and the mind-set of his being and went to put fresh heart into him – Matthew 28:7. The Lord had already spoken on this matter – Luke 22:33. 

Having been greatly encouraged by the greatest Encourager of all with the greatest encouragement, so we must also see to it that our time, thought

Childrens Stories presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


A good while ago in smoky, foggy, lovely London there was a fully, surrendered, consecrated woman, gray-haired, bent back, (she spent many hours a day over a wash tub and ironing board). She had a boy. He ran away to sea in his teens and for years she did not know where he was. AND SHE PRAYED OF COURSE!!!.  It is wonderful to have a praying mother.

Many a time the dew of her  eyes mingled with the suds as she prayed for John on the high seas, she knew not where. And the prayer was answered. All real prayer always is. John had slipped deeply into sin and his life seemed hopelessly lost, but Mrs. Newton never ceased to pray for her wandering ‘sailor son.’

JOHN CAME TO JESUS……….He began telling others about Jesus, and he became known as the ‘sailor-preacher’ of London. All his sins had gone and he was keen to let others know about the love of God. HE WAS THE MEANS OF LEADING THOUSANDS TO Jesus……sou our chain had started with a LOVING, PRAYING MOTHER bringing John to Jesus. Now the son adds thousands of other links to the chain by testimony.

And among the thousands there was a man by the name of THOMAS SCOTT……  He was cultured, scolarly and moral, and said he ‘didn’y need a Saviour.’  But John Newton never gave up and eventually he won him for the Lord. Scott came to Jesus and then as many of you know, by tongue and pen he also won thousands to Jesus.

The Chain of Love started by the praying mother is growing longer and stronger for one of the young men led to the Saviour by Thomas Scott was COWPER…. Now young Cowper was just the opposite to Scott. He was melancholy, depressed and a victim of dyspepsia, sorry about that word, it means indigestion). He felt he was ‘too bad for Jesus.’ But Scott’s words Cowper deeply and eventually he got saved. He found out about ‘a fountain filled with blood’ and was cleansed and saved through the merit of the sacrifice of Jesus. He wrote that wonderful hymn that has blessed thousands, do you know the words? Here they are:

 There is a fountain filled with blood , Drawn from Immaneul’s veins
 And sinners plunged beneath that flood: Lose all their guilty stains.

 I do believe, I will believe that Jesus died for me
       That on the Cross He shed His blood – From sin to set me free.
       Dear dying Lamb! Thy precious blood shall never lose its power
       Till all the ransomed Church of God,  Be saved to sin no more.
       E’er since by faith ai saw the stream,  Thy flowing wounds supply,
       Redeeming love has been my theme, And shall be till I die.
The Chain of Love grows longer yet, for William Cowper touch a young man among the many, whose name was WILBERFORCE. He was a clever, intelligent man and became a Christian Statesman. WILBERFORCE reached thousands of the middle classes of England and inspired the Empire to free its slaves. An so, also, of liberated slaves rejoiced in Wilberforce and in his wonderful Saviour.

And was that the completion of the chain? NO! NO! No! Wilberforce touched the vicar of the Church of England in the Channel Islands, namely, RICHMOND. He was changed. And Richmond knew the story of the dairyman’s daughter in an adjoining parish. She had an unusual touch of the power of God. He wrote down her story, and the book went into 40 foreign translations: a remarkable thing in that day. This little bit of a book went into peasant’s huts and king’s palaces. And untold thousands of lives were touched and changed.

The start and centre of the whole things was an old woman, gray-haired, bent back, stubby fingers, bending over the washing and ironing as she prayed for her sinner-boy John Newton.

News and Views supplied by Rev. A. Hocking


Rev. A. Hocking



Two in three of us never go to church, it emerged yesterday.
Just one in ten attends a service every week, meaning most of the population only turn up for baptisms, weddings or funerals.

Britain has not, however, lost its faith.

More than half of us are still happy to describe ourselves as Christians, according to the survey by the charity Tearfund.

And around three million say they would only need the slightest encouragement to darken a church’s door more frequently.

‘What is clear from this survey is that the UK is holding firmly to the Christian faith,’ said Matthew Frost, chief executive of the charity.This is a great encouragement.

Of the 7,000 respondents, one in four went to church, at least once a year. One in seven attended a service once a month.

The Reverend Seven Croft, who was appointed by Archbishop Rowan Williams to spread the faith, added: ‘A very substantial part of the population of the UK still attends church regularly or occasionally during the year.

‘Christians are not, as yet, the tiny minority some would suggest.’

The survey has been published as c hurches increasingly raise their voices on political issues.

Some observers believe that the Church of England in particular is beginning to recover some of its lost confidence within the publica arena. New laws on gay rights have provoked protests from many leaders, including Anglican bishops who fear their schools and services will be forced to bow to demands from the homosexual lobby.

The leader of English Roman Catholics, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Conner, has threatened to close Catholic adoption agencies if they are forced to place children with gay couples and has spoken of a threat to democracy and the right to religious opinion.

Anglican leadrers such as Dr. Williams and Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu have also been speaking with growing conviction on subjects as gambling, marriage and multiculturalism.

The Church was also highly critical of attempts tp banish Christianity from modern life, such as when the British Airways tried to ban its workers from wearing crosses.

Recent poles have suggested the popularity to religion waning. A Guardian survey for example, claimed four out of believe religion is a source of division and tension.

But yesterday’s survey by the Christian charity taken among over 16s, appears to confound these findings. Fifty three per cent of respondents said they thought of themselves as Christians.

Those who don’t go to church regularly said a personal invitation, a family or a friend attending or difficult personal circumstances would encourage them to attend. Around three million could be brought in by such means.

The report, Church going in the UK, also revealed that 72 per cent of Londoners attend church each month.

This is the second highest rate after Northern Ireland, where the figure is 45 per cent.

Regular churchgoing is particular high among adults of black ethnic origin, with 48 peeer cent attending church monthly – more than three times the proportion among white adults.

Older people are more likely to belong to the faith.

Thre-quarters of those aged between 65-74 are Christian, compared to the average of 53 per cent.

Only a third of 16-34 year-olds see themselves as Christian.

The poll showed found that churches still play an important role in local communities.

Six in ten of those surveyed said they would be concerned if their local church were to close.

In the national census taken in 2001, more than 71 per cent of Britons described themselves as Christians.

Written by Steve Doughty  – Social Affairs Correspondent – Daily Mail

Christian Prime Timers recorded by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Reading Genesis 49

Jacob was a patriarch of Old Testament times who qualifies to be called a Prime Timer. He lived a long time ago and he finished his days in a healthy and strong condition. He certainly serves as an inspiration and example on how an individual can really make it to the end in a wholesome state of being and experience. In the final chapter of his earthly pilgrimage he reveals how life can be concluded on a high note.


It was a deliberate, divine and wise decision to draw them together as the head of the household to make some notable and important contribution into the family unit as a whole at this critical point in his life. He had been around a long period of time and had passed through so much in his earthly stay that ere he left them he must impart something of worth to this special group of people. In no way could he take his departure because he had something burning inside of him that must find expression. There is this spiritual factor at work within that is in full possession of the anointing and power that requires release that will bless and benefit them all.It is a praiseworthy thing when a man and father at such a point is in possession of their faculties and strength to be able to do such a thing of this nature. God had so invaded and influenced his days and experience that he sensed he must give a lasting legacy to the family. It is apparent that he was primely timed and prompted by God to engage in this exercise.


There is a marked and evident sensitivity throughout that indicates he knew each son and was capable of declaring prophetically and accurately things of a decided order in each case. As each one presented themselves before the father he had true discernment on each as they appeared before him and spoke the apt and appropriate message.  In his communication he declared forthrightly as a prophet and made known the character of his sons and their future.There were those that had given a great deal of heartache and others that had brought tremendous pleasure and he proclaims those things of a divine worth that would be their lot. He is inspired by God as he relates not simply his own mind but the thoughts, judgments and intentions of God. He had heard God speak in and throughout his life and in these final moments there is the awareness he is asserting God’s mind.


Underlying his ministry on this occasion is to be seen the overall unfolding plan of God for the whole community that existed together. A spiritual consciousness was his that God had brought all about what his eyes had witnessed. There had been the time when he had launched out alone and God had met him and through the course of the years had kept the whole family as one and through Joseph were in a unity of dwelling. He was in the know that God had something special in mind for that which had been born through him and that it would increase significantly.

What he basically desired was that individually they would be blessed but above all, in a united sense, this would be so and that everything would move ahead according to the plan and will of God. This family was to be blessed and He is quickened to pronounce a fullness of blessing – see v28. As a people they must be and be blessed as one. Primed to prime others.


Somehow he sensed that this was to be his crowning act because it states: ‘When Jacob had finished giving instructions to his sons’ – v33. A spiritual intuition was evidently his that this was what he had to say would virtually be his final breath. He was ready to go but before he did so he was rightfully, divinely primed to make a last-minute contribution to others before doing so.Final words of John Wesley:  ‘Best of all: God is with us.’In charging his offspring as to where he should be buried there is some indication that the future of Israel as a whole did not lie in Egypt but in Canaan. Later on Joseph was to make request concerning his bones thus showing that their thoughts were on God achieving his plan for the household and nation to be born. Having secured their consent he lifts his feet deliberately into bed and breathes his last. What a way to go!


The great point to be made is that God wants His people to finish up their days on earth in a commendable and notable fashion.It is possible for godly people to make sound investment of a prophetical nature in the lives of others prior to their earthly homecall.There is much to communicate of blessing even when one has reached the place where life is soon to be terminated and to go home in quiet and confident style.

Messages of the Moment collated by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. Paul Weaver

Paul is the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God and delivered this message to Christian ministers and leaders at it nnual Conference in Blackpool this year. What he said has application to all in Christian leadership.

Assemblies of God in the context of the 21st  Century 

Understanding the Challenge of the Society we live in 

Understanding the Challenge of the Church 

Understanding the Challenge of the Culture 

  • Be Confident in what you know – truth is freedom
  • Be Curious about what you don’t know – don’t let your ignorance embarrass you
  • Be Courteous about how you approach people who are different – difference need not be an enemy
  • Be Courageous about the mission – God is bigger than our worst enemy
  • Be Contextual in your understanding – there are always two sides to a story
  • Be Consumed with a Godly passion – if you don’t feel it, you won’t impart it
  • Be Consultative in your attitude – the wise ask for help, the fools fall by the wayside
  • Be Conscientious in your service – only the best is good enough
  • Be Connected in relationship – you are needed and you need others, plurality of ministry is God’s plan
  • Be Constructive in your comments – demolition is a mugs game
  • Be Contemplative in your decision making – rash decisions very often end in disaster
  • Be Comfortable in who God has made you – you are unique, don’t try to be a copy of someone else
  • Be Cleansin deceives and then destroys
  • Be Considerate of the poor – God blesses those who care for the poor
  • Be Concerned about others – no one can live unto themselves and prosper
  • Be Content in what you have – God’s provision I enough and often comes one day at a time
  • Be Celebrative – there is more to thank God for than there is to grumble about

Powerful Quotes supplied by Rev. L. Goodwin


Rev. L. Goodwin


“If you tell white lies be careful that you do not become colour blind.”-Anon 

“The best way to avoid lying is to do nothing that needs to be concealed.”-Anon 

A minister was disturbed one day to see a group of boys surrounding a stray dog. He went up to them & asked them what they were doing. They said that they were holding a competition. The boy who told the worst lie would be able to keep the dog. The minister was horrified by this & told them that when he was their age he would never have dreamed of doing such a thing. One of the boys sadly stated “Well that’s it boys, it looks like he wins the dog!”-Anon 

“The ability to lie is a liability.”-Anon 

“Most of us would rather be ruined by flattery than edified by rebuke.”-Anon 

“A slanderer is a guy who says things behind your back he wouldn’t say to your face; A flatterer is a guy who says things to your face he wouldn’t say behind your back.”-Anon 


“”Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.    Buddha 

The very man who has argued you down, will sometimes be found, years later, to have been influenced by what you said   C.S. Lewis 

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.    Napoleon Hill 

The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays. Soren Kierkegaard 

Leadership is the activity of influencing people to cooperate toward some goal which they come to find desirable. Ordway Tead 

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means. Albert Einstein 

Then God Stepped In by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson

Healed of severe back problems

My name is Anne Green and I am 69 years old, and I have been a widow since Christmas 2000.

Only six months previously, after having about six years of problems with family health, a car accident and also been embezzled, my life seemed in a terrible state, but on July 12th, 1999, the Lord showed me the light and it was amazing, my life soon improved beyond measure.

I just knew that I would change from that moment. As weeks went by, I asked my friends to take me to their church which was Pentecostal, very different to one I had attended years before.

During the next four years the Lord used me mightily and spoke audibly to me on several occasions. Eventually I was baptized in water on July 22nd, 2002.

However, on 31st July 2005, I stupidly stood on a chair to reach something in my kitchen nd fell flat on my back. I knew I had damaged myself. I was taken to the hospital, given morphine, and eventually my own doctor told me that I would never be healed and would need 11 painkillers per day for the rest of my life. I was positive the Lord would heal me, but in His time.

The whole church prayed for me regularly, that in the end it was becoming embarrassing for me, and I asked that their prayers would be for others. Friends at the church were saying: We can’t understand why you haven’t been healed yet., but I always replied, ‘I will be in His time.’

I’ve always known that the Lord can use ‘bad things’ for good, so I looked for something positive from this, and prayed that I would be emboldened, and suddenly realised that because I was so uncomfortable sitting very long, a lot of places which I had been going to with my secular friends I had to stop going, and eventually I did not want to with them anymore. The lord had made it easy for me to pull away from these places without upsetting anyone; He just changed my life altogether for the best.

About 3 weeks ago after a Sunday night meeting, I asked the visiting pastor to pray for healing, which after twenty months I was getting fed up with as I wanted to be fit enough to be used again by the Lord. The pastor asked: ‘Do you believed that you can be healed?’ I said, ‘yes, definitely.’ ‘He said, ‘If you really believe, you can be healed tonight, but you must make the promise, that should anyone pray for your back, politely refuse them saying, thank you, the Lord has healed me.’ From that night the pain has gone.

The following day, I was thankful but the devil whispered in my ear, don’t tell anyone because the pain will probable come back soon and you will look a fool. I told him, BEGONE and by Tuesday I knew I had to tell someone in order to show my faith in the Lord. I was able to tell Angela (from our church oversight). She was thrilled as she had been praying for me continually.

Next day we had a praise meeting at an old people’s home and I was able to stand and relate my story, also the following Sunday at our church, again at my art class, so my prayer to be emboldened had also been answered.

The Lord hears every prayer and usually answers it, sometimes we get what we ask for, sometimes much more than we had asked for, and thank goodness sometimes He does not answer because He knows what is best for us, and in hindsight we can see it, too.

A dear friend at our church broke her foot , so she has been on crutches for about 8 weeks. I rang to wish her well, but also to tell her that those weeks are not wasted, the Lord as probably taught you something as well and when she thought about it, she could see where the Lord had dramatically changed her life, a problem of letting her children grow up, and because she was laid up, they had to fend for themselves and slowly got used to it. How kind is our Saviour!

God does not injure or want to see us hurt., but whilst we await healing, he can use that time to change our ways and perceptions to our advantage. What a wonderful Father we have, his lovingkindness is truly amazing.

Word for the Week provide by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson


This is a very important word in Christian theology and experience that aptly describes what actually occurs when they truly become a Christian. The dictionary defines it in these phrases and terms: to change fundamentally and reform the moral and spiritual  nature of; to impart fresh vigour or higher life to; to generate anew, to give new existence to; to cause to be born again, to renew the heart of by the infusion of divine grace.

This is what Christ had in mind and taught to a religious ruler that came to Him for counsel and guidance. He said to this man – ‘you must be born again’ – John 3: 3,7. He was implying in his teaching that it was essential that every person must know what it is to experience a second birth, where regeneration had to take place and this would require a vital, creative work by the Holy Spirit of God. Whilst all men know what it is to have a natural birth and to live and experience the fact of this natural world not all know what it is have spiritual birth which opens life up to a new and dynamic world of understanding and reality. Spiritual birth and life gives entrance into the kingdom of God and where things natural are view from a divine perspective.

Man requires spiritual birth because without he can only considered from a mere natural and earthly perspective. He also needs divine, spiritual birth because he is dead to spiritual reality and also his nature is bound and corrupted by sin and he is unable to live the spiritual and God kind of life. All of life is tied up to the natural and he lacks the presence and life of God in his being and the reason for purposeful existence on this planet. Somehow he requires a radical and revolutionary change that can make Him God conscious and alive to spiritual realities.

How necessary it is that people see that they were made for two worlds: the natural and the spiritual! It is not one or the other but both in accord but the spiritual rules and truly aids in the interpreting and influencing of the natural to the highest and best degree. For this to happen, regeneration must take place by the grace and power of God. Each person must be created anew within and begin to view life from the divine perspective by God’s Spirit.

Christ’s advent and work in the world was in order to make this possible for all. By reason of a holy and sinless life and substitutionary death He made it possible for all men to be forgiven and cleansed from sin, the offending factor that robs man of relationship with God and the possession of divine life is dealt with. However, it is through His resurrection and His entrance by faith into the hearts of those who receive Him, that He quickens and gives new life to, the life of God which transforms the nature of man within and makes Him conscious and aware of spiritual factors. He can now freely in two worlds and enjoy both.  There is a knowing of the fact that he is now a new creature – creation – 2 Corinthians 5: 17. Life in the spiritual takes over and sublimates the natural and makes it more meaningful and profitable. It is the generation of a brand new kind of life and existence.

The vital thing is for you to know this work of regeneration brought about be God in your life. As you turn to God, repent of your sin and ask Christ into your life and He will beget this new life and dynamic in your so that you will be able to say – ‘I have been born anew – again.’ When this happens you will certainly know it for life will take on true meaning and significance as God has ordained.

“Walk by new rules, towards new ends, from new principles.  Make a new choice of the way.  Choose new paths to walk in, new leaders to walk after, new companions to walk with.  Old things should pass away, and all things become new.  The man is what he was not, does what he did not” – Henry

 As you have created this new nature within me, O God, may I be divinely enabled to live the new kind of life that accords with You

Illustrations that Light up Spiritual truth by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Whilst recently in the doctor’s surgery awaiting my turn to see him, I picked up a magazine entitled Gardener’s World. I was rather intrigued to read an article by Alan Tichmarsh well known gardener and one that is capable of giving immense counsel on creating a garden of excellence.

He recites the story of how he was challenged to make greater improvement to his own garden by visiting a friend’s beautiful grounds. Travelling from his home in Hampshire he knew that what he would see would be far better than what he had and this rather piqued him because he always desired to know the best. He was not to be surprised because the man was a real expert in this field and Alan was utterly delighted by what he saw.

As he went around and noted this man’s extensive and fantastic lot he sensed he could vastly change things at home and have some bigger and better plants in their setting and so have a finer show. He was not put off or made jealous by his vision but switched on to do something that would make his garden at home more illustrious. Immediately on his return he set about the task and brought about much enhanced growth and beauty to his homestead.

It made me think and realise this is what should obtain in Christian life and experience. How easy it is to be content and settle down with our spiritual situation and not move on to the challenge of greater growth and improvements!

Some Christian leaders and churches settle down in a routine groove and never really make any changes for the better. Possible the is the need to get outside and see what others are doing in their leadership and how they are developing things on a much front and seeing such in a healthier, growing state. There can be a genuine learning from others that will bring vast alteration and wonderful creations under the inspiration of God.

At a personal level this can be so, too. No one has reached or released their full potential and usefulness. Observing how others accept new challenge to more fruitfulness and beauty should incite you to move into greater growth and blessing.

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