Word for the Week provided by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson


Blessing and blessed repeatedly relate to each other. To receive a blessing or blessings means that you have entered into the state of the blessed and that is a choice place to be in. To be blessed indicates that there is a knowing of the good and great gifts that God has and is bestowing in and upon life. The word bless simply signifies to experience some natural or spiritual good that enriches life in a bountiful and beautiful manner. The blessed state is where a person knows a constant enjoyment of blessing, the manifestation of God’s exceeding kindness and goodness. and such is an enviable position to be in.

It has to be recognized that God is the Blessed God and that every worthy blessing has its root and source in Him. He is called in the New Testament as ‘the Blessed Father’ and ‘the Father of mercies’ – i.e. the origin of all that is kind and good. Christ taught that His Father was the One that gave good gifts (blessings) to His children – Luke 11: 11-13. It has ever been His great desire and design to do good to His creatures. This is seen at the outset – Genesis 1: 27 and is confirmed in the rest of the Bible.

Man must enter into the great state of divine blessedness and this can only be so in and through Jesus Christ. He is to be viewed as the blessed gift to all mankind and when He is received and allowed to operate then life becomes truly and fully blessed. Ephesians 1: 3 reveals that the Christian believer has been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Him so there is no lack at all in any area of life as the chapter reveals.

Besides being forgiven, there is the blessing of being adopted into God’s Family, of receiving the Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of much more. Riches are the lot of those who belong to Christ which are veritable advantages that furnish the life for good. God the Father has ordained that Christ’s Church should be immeasurably blessed and all within her compass ought to enter into this inheritance.

The Greek word for ‘blessed’ is ‘makarios’. Cyprus is called the blessed isle because it possesses all that is essential for her development, sustenance and happiness. She is totally resourced. Heaven is the believer’s ultimate makarios where eternal blessings and blessedness is to be known.

God desires to furnish the believer’s life and experience with every token of His goodness and such should be in the position of believing Him to bring this to pass. Abraham received a promise at the outset of his call and believed that God was not only capable of doing it but would actually bring such to pass and he was not to be disappointed – Genesis 12: 1-3. God has not run out of blessings nor has ceased to be the Blessed One. He is big enough to make sure that all His children will know thi choice state.

“There cannot be a more glorious object in creation than a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he may render himself most acceptable to the Creator by doing good to his creatures.” Fielding
May I not only be the recipient of your blessings and in a blessed state, help me express divine benevolence to all at all times.


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