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Rev. E. Anderson


A Dutch politician, known for his strong views against immigration, has warned his country’s government that the Muslims were slowly taking over in Europe, and said that they should be stopped from doing so.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician, also dubbed the Prophet Mohammed as a “violent man”.

Presently, Netherlands now has a population of one million Muslims, which is six per cent of the country’s total population.

The 43-year-old leader of the Freedom Party is convinced that governments were being forced to accommodate a ‘tsunami of Islamisation’ that is fundamentally incompatible with European social values.

“Islam itself is the problem. Islam is a violent religion. The Prophet Mohammed was a violent man. The Koran is mostly a violent book. We should invest in Muslim people but they have to first get rid of half the Koran and half of their beliefs,” the Daily Telegraph. Quoted him as saying.

Wilders is convinced there is growing support for his views across Europe but its political leaders, particularly in Britain, are too obsessed with being politically correct.

“There is almost no country more politically correct than the UK. Look at the terrible things that happened in London after Madrid, you have more reason than most to make this debate transparent and public,” he said.

His intense campaign for a ban on the Islamic veil, or burqa, in public places is gaining such momentum that the country’s new coalition government could be forced to introduce the ban it does not support.

On the burqa, Wilders said: “It is a medieval token of a barbaric time, of how not to treat women, even if they want to wear it themselves.”

Allowing Muslims to wear the burqa in the Netherlands, or to have segregated swimming sessions so as not to offend religious sensitivities, amounts to “religious apartheid”, he added.