Questions answered by Rev. K. Munday


Rev. E. Anderson


Shall we know our loved ones in heaven?

One of the wonderful things about the Lord is His respect for individuals. He, being infinite knows His creation. The Bible states that He calls the stars by name – Psalm 147 4, and it also says that Jesus knows His sheep.

This respect for individuality obviously implies identity, and there is no Bible teaching about our being ‘absorbed into the eternal’ in the after life as some religions teach.

In Matthew 17: 3 you read of Moses and Elijah joining Jesus and the disciples on the mount of Transfiguration, and although they had been in the spiritual world for centuries, they still emerge as personal identities, and not as ‘spirits 007 and 008’ 

In Luke 16 Jesus tells of the after-life of the rich man and Lazarus, and in verse 23 Lazarus recognizes Abraham.

Ephesians 3: 15 mentions the Church as a family, and a family is together, caring for one another, loving one another, and certainly knowing one another! In the resurrection there will be a family get-together. Obviously of course as Matthew 22 shows, the married state will no longer obtain in heaven, but these present human relationships will be transcended by deeper spiritual relationships.

I am inclined to agree with an old Hymn: ‘We shall know each other better when the mists have rolled away’!


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