Daily Meditations by Rev. E. Anderson March 6th -12th – 2007


Rev. E. Anderson

March 6th     DIVINE DREAMS –       Genesis 37: 1-11

This account of Joseph indicates that God can and does reveal His purpose to use people on a meaningful scale in life. He is able to communicate with those who desire Him and want their lives to be used by Him to the well being of others. This young boy evidently had his mind and heart set in the right direction. He had his spiritual and moral values firmly implanted and established in him very early. His father got a tremendous amount of pleasure as he saw the progress of his life and somehow could share with him in relation to the things of God and his own spiritual journey to that point.

Not only was his father able to converse with him, God gave him dreams that would affect his whole future. Joseph would arrive at a place where he would exercise authority and rule on a large scale and he believed the revelation given to him. Because of his obvious immaturity at the time, he spilled it out to the others and they became resentful and hateful.

The important thing to note is that God does seek to speak into our lives and make known His great intentions for us as we go with Him. This is still true today. You can have a dream from God that will earmark your destiny in this life and as you retain a loyalty to Him, all will come to pass. Do not squander this day or the days ahead but make them count for God and life!

March 7th     IN GREAT STRAITS – Genesis 37: 2-36

Little did Joseph realize what that errand and day would bring forth as he was sent to find out the welfare of His brothers? With good will he went under his father’s instructions to discover where and how his older brothers were faring, only to be suddenly thrust into a testing period. It would be quite a thing for Joseph to handle such trauma at this point in his life, having been brought up in a comfort zone.

He was confronted immediately with the evil attitude and intention of his brothers who wanted to dispose of him and, in the first instance, desired to murder him. There was no good will in their being and he was in great straits. But for Reuben’s intervention it could have been up for him. One sees the providence of God even in this. At least he is spared. The passing of the Ishmaelite traders also turned out to be an indirect action on God’s part as it was to lead on to other things for this prospective governor. At that time he did not know that this was a progressive move to the fulfillment of his dreams!

There are incidents and events in our lives at times that appear not to make any real sense. They look far removed from the inward expectations that God has sown in us with regard to our future, especially when they are of a painful character. We have to discover later on that “all things do work together for good” but at the time, such does not seem so. Perhaps you are wrestling with apparent unfortunate happenings; this is the moment you must trust Him to bring it all together. You can be sure that God will not let you down.

March 8th     RESPONDING TO NEW SURROUNDINGS – Genesis 39: 1-6

It must have been quite a traumatic thing for this young man to now find himself in a complete change of conditions. There was the journey with the caravan of people, the time in the slave market and then the fresh placement in the home of one of Pharaoh’s officers. The sudden movements could have overwhelmed him and left him disillusioned, disappointed and despairing. But we do not read of him in that sort of mind or mood. He does not fall victim amidst the vast change.

As soon as he is in this fresh household he sets his stall out to act in a decisive manner. He commences as a slave but he toils with industry and integrity. He began to make his mark and impression in so many ways. His relationship with the Lord became the inspiration of his life and service and the immediate effect was to be noted in the household, prospering on every front. The Lord had rightly placed him. Joseph’s master could see the impact of his belief and behaviour and so promoted him to a notable position of overseer.  He found that the best way to deal with his untoward circumstances was to make them serve him by God’s grace and help.

Often the Lord, in the training of His servants, allows them to be taken out of a comfort zone and placed in an opposite situation. This may be occurring in your life at this time or may take place in the future. Do not rebel and react violently, but discover the best way you can tackle where you are. It is not by chance but by divine choice that you are so placed. As you seek to do a good job He will be with you and lead you on to the greater thing that is to be brought to pass. The point to be made here, is, that “the Lord was with him” – v3, and this in an unchanging truth and reality. He is with you.

March 9th     FACING TEMPTATION – Genesis 39: 7-20

Everything was going well. Joseph was making a success of his life and work and it looked as if he was really on the way upward. He had turned the corner and now the prospects could not be better. At the height of seeing things transformed for the better there came a tremendous challenge that was of a moral and sexual character.

He was suddenly accosted with his master’s wife wanting to have an illicit relationship. How easy it would have been to succumb! She was no ordinary person and it could have given him the idea and feeling of great importance. But there was no way of yielding because he had fixed principles and priorities in place. It would be a wrong and evil against his master, God, her and others. He would not sacrifice his own purity for any indulgence of this nature. He has served as an example for centuries on the power of a virtuous life.

Inevitable tests come on many fronts to all that would become effectual for God. They are part of the process and programme and when they arrive must not find us unprepared. We must be always on our guard and see that definite, godly rules of conduct are rooted in our daily living so that we do not fall foul of sin. The Lord that preserved Joseph can see you through every trying temptation. Whilst you do not invite temptations and tests, be assured that in facing them in the right attitude in God, they will manifest your godly character and prepare you for divine service.

March 10th     INJUSTICE – Genesis 39: 20-23

One of the things that people find it very hard to deal with is an experience of injustice. It is a terrible thing to be declared guilty of something that you have not done and then to pay a price in terms of punishment. A great deal of grief is known when one has been charged of a crime that one has not committed and then to be subjected to a state of physical affliction as Joseph was.  One can understand the feeling of bitterness and anger that arise as a consequence.  God’s servant now appears to be put through a greater test. How to remain a believer and remain sweet when things of this nature occur is a challenge! To his great credit it appears that this godly man took the thing in his stride in God.

This does not mean that he had no questions to ask or that he was not a little upset by his sudden change of fortunes. He is now reduced to prison, his liberty taken away and others around him putting him under scrutiny. Others would want to know why he was there and it would not be an easy atmosphere to contend with. What a comforting factor to read – “But the Lord was with Joseph, and showed mercy” – v21.  He was not deserted although in a vilified condition. At least he could live with his conscience and know that he had not failed heaven even though wrongly judged on earth. Instead of sitting around moping and complaining about the injustice he set to work in making prison and the prisoners lot a much happier one. The jailer was impressed and eased his load.

It is possible that you are in conflict of being because you have been wronged. The effects of it have left you choked up, resentful and reduced you to a state of impotence. It is important to deal with yourself and get over this condition. One has to learn to place vindication in the hands of God, just like Joseph.  As you get on with being and living right you will discover that the Lord will enable you to cope with the untoward circumstances and put some spiritual granite inside of you.

March 11th     SEEMINGLY FORGOTTEN – Genesis 40

It was quite a pleasure to have Joseph around even in prison. He had the capacity to inspire and encourage others when they were feeling down because of their circumstances. There were all kinds of people that became prisoners and on one occasion two became inmates from the royal household. One morning he discovered them in a depressed condition and found out the cause. Both had dreams of significance that they could not understand and he was able to help them. The butler was re-instated to his position and then ‘forgot him’ – v23. He had urged the butler to think on him in his wronged estate – v14.

It was a sad thing that this should occur after the kindness shown and this could have got to Joseph and created unrest. We see it now as another phase he had to negotiate and not to be too discouraged with. He had to allow faith and patience to work in him and await God’s time. The psalmist makes the point: “Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him” – Psalm 105: 19. This was an inevitable route that he had to take because it was to prepare him for great leadership and rulership in the purposes of God.

In the outworking of God’s programme for your life and work do not place too much dependency on men. God may use people to help us but do not allow one’s confidence to solely rely on them. They can and do fail but the Lord, never! He has His time and way to bring things to a speedy conclusion. ” He will perfect that which concerneth you”- Psalm 138: 8. Things may appear extremely difficult but ever keep in mind and heart that nothing is ever too difficult for Him. He seems to delight in moving in when things are utterly impossible. It is an area He loves to work and to exhibit His grace, love and power.

March 12th      GOD’S ANSWER – Genesis 41: 1-32

It is most assuring to know that God knows when and how to answer His servants. His timing is absolutely perfect and His ability to work in the most unusual ways to bring about His plan in and through His chosen instruments is quite astounding. In no way is He frustrated and in a powerless and seemingly helpless situation. He has many procedures and movements at His disposal so that no one need worry who place their sole confidence in Him.

Joseph would discover that his extreme circumstance was no problem to the Lord. When the grace of patience had done its ultimate work in him, then the Lord moved in to display His love and power on His behalf. He could use a heathen monarch to trigger things of and get him out of prison and initiate him into a vast program of salvation for the nation and for the elect household. Pharoah dreamed and had no interpreter to give the sense of it, and the previous fallen butler was providentially at hand to render a service to the king and Joseph.

This affords assurance to us. There are things that God intends to bring us into but it must be according to His schedule. We must learn both to wait and trust and as we do so we shall yet see what He will achieve on a much larger scale. Suddenly things can change through His workings. Do not be discouraged. Your time will come and you will be surprised at His doings and timing.