A Word for the Week presented by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson


This word is certainly a very important and active word in the life of people. The definition of it is simply having the ability to decide in mind and will what one desires to do from a possible selection of options or opportunities. Before a person’s gaze is a number or a couple of things that are up for judgment, decision and action and there is given the prospect of making a choice from them. It is extremely difficult to choose when all the items before are of an excellent character and order.

There is a phrase known as ‘Hobson’s choice’ and this was coined from a Cambridge livery stable keeper who insisted every customer’s taking the first horse inside the stable door or none at all. Really this is no choice at all because it gives no option and presents no alternative. Involved in choice is the matter of preference and selection. Usually it is the matter of choosing from a possible variety of things but it can mean that the option is restricted to two factors.

It has to be said that in choosing at any time requires a great deal of wisdom and common sense so that whatever is decided upon is always the best decision so that it works out right. One should never be in a hurry when it comes to making choices if such can be avoided. There is the tremendous need to carefully way up everything, the pro’s and con’s, and in the end take the best assessment so the finest rewards ensue and there are no regrets. In the final outworking we have to live with what we have decided upon.

Life daily is seemingly all about making choices, having to choose those things that will make life beautiful, significant and blessed. Some things that are to be chosen are not altogether important and nothing much hinges upon them but others are massive decisions that affect one’s whole future well-being. In the case of those momentous choices enormous care and consideration must be taken so that no mistakes are made. Sometimes we require the aid and counsel of others so that we can get the maximum understanding on what course to take.

In the Bible people were called upon to use their mind and wills on this matter of choosing. Joshua at a very late stage in life faced a whole nation, Israel, as to making a very vital choice. The issue was plainly put to this people and it was time and opportunity for them to make up their minds and take the right course of action. They had to choose between serving Jehovah the true or living God or the many gods that other nations were chasing after. God had shown His love, care and commitment to them in outstanding ways and now it was time to really decide if they were going to love, believe and obey Him Joshua had already made His choice: ‘as for me and my house we will serve the Lord’ Joshua 24: 15.

It is apparent from the Bible that each person in their day and generation have to make a choice as to whether to believe in and accept the ways of God or do their own thing and accept the other options that are presented. God has given all a will to choose or not to select Him or go for other alternatives. Elijah in his day put the issue plainly before his people in this when he stated: ‘How long halt you between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, follow him’ – 1 Kings 18: 22. Christ laid it down that people had to make choice as to whether they were to become His disciple and spelt it out – Matthew 16: 24 ‘If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.’

This is the most critical and vital choice for all to make in life. In choosing Christ there is the choice of the best and the most rewarding. He knows whether you have chosen Him and whether you are following. Make sure you have made your choice in relation to Him.

‘There is no road to success but through a clear, strong purpose’ – Munger


Help me. Lord, to see clearly the options that ever presented and enable me to always to make the right and best decisions

Powerful Quotes supplied by Rev. L. Goodwin


Rev. L. Goodwin


“Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue, the basis of moral authority; it is the highest summit of art and of life.”
Henri Frederic Amiel

“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“Moral courage and character go hand in hand… a man of real character is consistently courageous, being imbued with a basic integrity and a firm sense of principle.”
Martha Boaz

“No man can tell whether he is rich or poor by turning to his ledger. It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.”
Henry Ward Beecher

“Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.”
Malcolm Forbes


“Blessed is the person who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.”
George Eliot

“There is no security on this earth: There is only opportunity.”
General Douglas MacArthur

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”
Max DuPree

“Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”
Dag Hammarskjold

“All things are possible until they are proved impossible – and even the impossible may only be so as of now.”
Pearl S. Buck

Then God Stepped In by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson

The earnestness of prayer

One of the vital ingredients in dynamic of prayer is the matter of earnestness. People get things from God because this particular factor beside other things is present in their praying. It is reflected in two of the parables Christ taught. In Luke 18: 1-8 He refers to a woman who is in earnest entreaty with an unjust judge over a problem and is not prepared to let go until he decides in her favour. In Luke 11: 5-8 He mentions the account of a man desperate for bread at  midnight, who calls on a friend to help him and is not prepared to take no for an answer.

The word earnest has been defined as seriousness; reality, not a pretence; a serious object or business, not a jest; zealous in the performance of any act. It has to be stated that prayer is real business with God and it has to be enacted with genuine, holy and real desire. There has to be no pretence at all in connection with it because God is has no time for such and is altogether aware of it when it is present. For prayer to be answered, prayer must be regarded as real business.

This is illustrated in the New Testament in an incident that involved Peter. It shows more than anything else what God will do when His people get down to the business in entreating His help when things are seemingly in a hopeless state. The dynamic of prayer can be introduced when things have reached a point of utter extremity and powerful results can result from its ministry – Acts 12. Viewing the incident there appears to be earnestness in it all.

1/.  The earnestness of herod  – vv1-4

Herod appears in the context in a very earnest and demanding disposition and sets about as his business to harm the Church of Christ. He is evidently in a definite mood to bring havoc and heartache especially to the Christian leaders that in turn will damage the believers. It was no light thing that he entertained in his mind but there was a real, despotic attitude present. There is little doubt he was provoked by Satan to do it.

He certainly had some major success in the fact that he was able to dispose of James in a brutal fashion – v2. It appears he got some satisfaction out this. On top of this he discovered that what he had done had pleased the Jews and this meant he was appeasing an enemy and so things could be easier for him. It was a seeming prompter to gain more favour with this group that he decided to take the apparent leader of the Church, Peter. He was going for the big fish in the hope it would truly have a wider damaging impact and effect – v4. From his action it is evident that he wasn’t playing around with this but meant business.

2/.  The earnestness of the church – vv5, 12

What happened to Peter seems to have galvanized the Christian community into spiritual action. Suddenly the believers see the situation as a real crisis and they cannot remain indifferent to it. All complacency had to go and the desire and will became birthed to see things dramatically altered. It would not be to the good or advantage to see Herod establishing his mind in this.

At least they had recourse to a resource. Whilst it was pointless entreating Herod they knew they had access to a greater being and power, God. The main thing on the agenda was Peter and so relentlessly they beseeched God that He would do something about it. It appears that there was no let up whatsoever as they bombarded heaven with their request. As God heard he realised that these people were desperate and needed an answer.

3/.  The earnestness of the  Angel – vv8-11

In response to their insistent supplications God was ready and able to intervene and prove He was quite capable of dealing with this emergency. He was quite aware of the plans and intentions of Herod and He had the power to override them as He pleased. It would appear that He leaves it to the last minute before He actually steps in to work the wonder.

All that was needed was an angel to bring Peter out of prison. Note that the angel was urgent and insistent with regard to Peter at the outset and made him realise this was a no nonsense procedure. He said ‘Arise up quickly’ – v7. He expected Peter to act with speed and alacrity for the angel was on divine business. He did not treat the issue in any lackadaisical manner. He took full charge of this deliverance and made it obvious that he was doing God’s work.

Peter also had to show some earnestness in continuing to knock at the door to gain entrance to the prayer meeting. There he appeared and stood as an answer to earnest prayer.


The sequel to this shows God in earnest. He does not allow matters to drop with regard to Herod but reveals in His time He will deal with this wicked man. At the seeming height of his power when people were admiring and honouring him God expresses His judgment. The monarch was to pay an awful price for what he had done.


Instead of the Christian Church wallowing in dread and defeat the ultimate is that of God’s Word growing and multiplying at a very fast rate – v24. The Gospel of Christ I seen making tremendous progress and making greater inroads into the lives of people.

Daily Meditations by Rev. E. Anderson Feb 27th – March 5th 2007


Rev. E. Anderson

February 27th      KEPT WAITING – Genesis 30: 1-24

It must have been quite a torrid time of torment for Rachel, the wife of Jacob. The situation must have become very galling to her over a number of years as she notes her sister having sons and she is in a state of barrenness. What pent up feeling and anguish is to be sense in the cry: “Give me children, or else I die!” – v1. The period was long, dark and bitter as she is kept in this state of waiting. When you have to wait, it is a big draw and demand on patience and no one is a big possessor of it. There came the moment when something wonderful happened as v22 reveals: “And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.”

She was to become pregnant in answer to prayer. The child to be born was to be one of significance and worth. It was not only to be a time of the taking away of her reproach but there was to be the birth of a child of destiny. Joseph was to become a person who would produce a choice character and perform a glorious ministry and work for God. It has to be said: He was worth waiting for!

It may be that you are somewhat disappointed and frustrated at the present developments and situation you find yourself in. As you view others and see their marked progress and your own seemingly static position you are in anguish and distress. You have prayed out of a painful lot. Take note: the Lord has observed and taken on board your request and in His loving providence will bring a rich and satisfying answer. It will overwhelm you when it occurs!

February 28th      A TRUE ADMISSION – Genesis 30: 25-43

It was quite a thing for Jacob’s uncle to admit, that his prosperity and increase was due to the fact that he had been abundantly blessed because of the incoming and labours of Jacob – v27. He could honestly confess, “I have learned by experience that the Lord hath blessed me for your sake.” Since his nephew’s arrival things had gone so well that he was a man of real substance and wealth. The Lord was fulfilling the promise He had made in Genesis 28:13-15, and starting to bless his life and work in a significant way so that others were being greatly benefited.

The Lord would work similarly with you in your sphere of life and influence. He would so be with you in all that you say and do that your capacity to enrich others is a real witness and testimony to the fact that His blessing rests on you in such a dynamic way. This is how it should be. Joseph, David, Daniel etc., were people who contributed greatly to the advantage of others and so left a wonderful legacy of goodness that still can be pondered on today. They serve as an inspiration now to the promotion of a blessed life and ministry.

It did not stay there because from this point Jacob began to be blessed himself so that the final verse, v43 reveals that “the man increased exceedingly . . . .” The time came for him to be favoured by God in abundance. There come moments, in the Lord’s ordering and providence, when there is to be the introduction and establishment of a season of untold blessing, and it is a delight when such occurs. May you begin to enter into a fresh and full experience of the extravagance of the Lord in your life and affairs. A friend of mine used to say: “May God embarrass you with His generosity.” See Haggai 2: 19 “from this day I will bless you.”

March 1st      DISTURBING THE NEST – Genesis 31

The Lord has a number of ways of causing us to move on to achieve His plans for our lives. The patriarch, Jacob, was to discover that he would not be able to forever reside with his in-laws and that there would have to be a going forth to fulfil God’s will in a greater way. There came some evident unrest on the family front, especially when they saw Jacob prospering to their disadvantage. The thing served to get God’s servant to consider another option, to leave to ease the problem and at the same time bring other factors into being with regard to His eternal purpose.  In this unsettled situation the Lord speaks and gives both direction and assurance – v3 “Return to the land of your fathers, and to your kindred; and I will be with you.” The message was brief but it was enough to stir him to action.

In responding positively to the Lord it had to be in faith and obedience. There would be a number of consequences entailed in the operation and He would have to look to the Lord for His providence in every way. He now had a larger responsibility but was sure the Lord would not fail.  Events proved that the Lord could be wholly trusted. It was better to leave the nest with God rather than stay and try manage his own affairs as best he could.

It may well be at this time you are finding the Lord allowing your comfort zone to be ruffled and disturbed. One has to say, it is not an easy period to negotiate, but as He affords His word and presence a new door of opportunity will open up that will be most rewarding. There are certain factors that have to be left behind at times, though painful, in order to make spiritual headway. As the decision is taken and acted upon, the end result is always more satisfying. Don’t hesitate in responding to His design on your life and future.

March 2nd   UNNECESSARY DISTRESS AND ACTION – Genesis 32: 1-21

There are times when people get strung up unnecessarily with fear and torment and as a consequence take a course of action that is not essential. Such was the case with Jacob. He had heard that his twin brother was coming to meet him with 200 men! That scared the daylights out of him and he felt he must take some form of appeasement to assuage the bad feelings and attitudes that had been formerly created. The simple fact of the matter, he was trying to buy off the anger of his brother.

There was no need to be unduly alarmed because the Lord had told him to return and he had recently experienced a real protection from his uncle. If the Lord could take care of that one, He could and would deal with the other. It was now time for his faith to increase and trust God rather than scheme his way out of this one! Eventually when his brother arrives on the scene he is full of good will, so Jacob need not have been anxious and he could have saved his goods because his brother did not desire them.

Let us learn the lesson of trust at all times. If we are simply doing God’s will then there is no need to be up tight about anyone or anything. We must live with a real sense of being under his care and providence and resist the temptation to make escape routes in awkward situations. God is always able to outsmart any opposition that is formed against you. In fact, He can make it urn out to your good!

March 3rd      A RADICAL ENCOUNTER/CHANGE – Genesis 32: 24-32

Little did Jacob know that night that it would turn out the way it did. In a state of loneliness he was to have the biggest encounter and fight of his life. He must have wondered at the first who his opponent was. Had Esau arrived ahead of time and purposed this personal duel?  He knew from the onset that he was in a real tussle that threatened his life and future and a struggle that would require all his wit and strength if he was to succeed. He sought to put forth all of his prowess and energies in the hope of winning the contest.

 It was to be a long ordeal and when his thigh was put out of joint with a simple touch, Jacob must have realised this was no human encounter. The determination was to cling on more than ever to this divine messenger. The end result was a name change and commendation. He was to become a ‘prince with God’ because he had ‘power with God.’ He had now made it in relationship with God and it was time to move into a place of spiritual identity and authority. From this day he could never ever be the same physically and spiritually. He would have a permanent limp naturally but spiritually he was to have a positive status in and before God. This meeting was not only to affect him but a whole nation to be born and blessed through him in God. Israel was to be reckoned with!

The Lord does meet and enter into conflict with us in order to defeat the sin and self in us so that we may emerge from the dual utterly and personally transformed. He would encounter us in order to dynamically change and bring to spiritual princedom so that we might live with a new authority and role in life. He works in His love, wisdom and power to achieve this vital status so that there will emerge an individual capable of exercising spiritual rulership. It may take some time before this actually matures but be sure that God has this in His sights for you.

March 4th      A GRAND REUNION – Genesis 33

Isn’t it a great feeling when something you dread does not happen and it is replaced by the opposite emotion of favour and pleasure? This is what really occurred for Jacob. Instead of being threatened and done evil to by Esau, he is overwhelmingly greeted and valued! When you realize how these two parted, with a dark cloud truly hanging over their relationship, Jacob from the natural standpoint had every reason to be worried and anxious. Were it not for the Lord, things could well have been to his personal ruin and end. He would have been no match for his twin brother with all the manpower at his disposal.

There is no doubt that the Lord had worked on and in him, softening him up and causing him to change in his thoughts and attitudes. He had silently and effectively operated behind the scenes tempering Esau and making him ready for this encounter. Instead of hatred and bitterness there would be peace, good-will and harmony in manifestation. It would turn out to be a memorable occasion and one that would be worth recording. What a verse that describes it: “And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept” – v5. Contrast this with Genesis 27: 41 and it is possible to gauge the miracle the Lord had wrought in Esau.

It has to be remembered that the Lord is able to make our enemies to be at peace with us. Have you a strained and difficult relationship with somebody and there is bad feeling existent? By prayer and wise movement, under divine inspiration and guidance, you can see that healed so that peace will prevail. Do not allow the negative to rule but seek a restoration of relationship that will prove both pleasurable and profitable. The Lord will help you in this! The renewed accord will also serve to mutual advantage in the future and receive divine approval.

March 5th     THE FOLLY OF SIN – Genesis 34

This is one of those chapters of the Bible that does not make inspired reading but it provides a true record of what occurred in the history of the elect family. There is the disclosure of immorality that led on to other awful events that Jacob was not pleased or proud about in relation to his sons. In spite of the fact that these men had a good and godly father they proceeded on a course of action that was not beneficial to the household. No wonder Jacob was displeased and angry!

The folly commences with an act of fornication between Shechem and Dinah the daughter of Jacob. The account seems to indicate that he imposed himself and forced this maiden into this act of wrong. It was a very unwise deed that led to disastrous consequences. What may appear to be innocent and acceptable at times has within it the makings of a tragedy, and this is how it turned out in this instance.

There came the agreement that was based on deceit and should never have taken place at all because Jacob’s household was distinctly set apart to serve God’s purposes. It was actually against divine intention for behind it was the subtle plan to murder the men of Shechem. Even they were not free from their evil designs – see v23, and felt they would profitably benefit at the expense of Jacob. It is a case here where everything went wrong. Remember, it all commenced with a lustful deed! Sin always is folly and has vast repercussions!

Extracts from Life by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson


It was in 1955 that I responded to the call of God and felt constrained to enter Bible College to receive some good Biblical teaching and training that would prepare me for ministry and service for Christ. Looking back, more than ever, I view it as a challenging time. I was just 23 years of age and had been married for a year and was gathering a home together. In venturing forth to go to the Assemblies of God Bible College that was situated in Kenley, Surrey, little did I know what really lay ahead? The past five years I had spent on the farm as a conscientious objector and learned some of the skills of farming. Eventually I drove the tractor and had to learn to perform on this with the various implements etc. So it was good experience that had been mine.

I had a formal secondary modern education, whilst I was no dunce neither was I a clever wit. Learning was not an easy process for me so going into Bible College was to really test me to my limits.

That first term listening to the lecturers and having to take down their notes was a new experience for me. I was neither a quick thinker nor the best of writers so  sitting in the classroom, listening, learning and writing was a big ordeal. There were those students who were quite gifted and sitting at the side of them added to the pressure. Some had not left school or college too long before they entered college, therefore they were more suited to this procedure.

The end of term came when we had to fulfil examinations by each lecturer. I was not too thrilled at the prospect but I managed to look through the notes I had written and somehow managed to scrape through. In honesty, when I went home for the Christmas break I had not a great appetite to return wondering how I had fared with the examinations. To my surprise I got a 75% marking and this cheered me up a great deal and put a further spirit of determination in me.

Not long after this, we had a visit from a James Wallace, he was the principal of the Bible College in Australia. He had been the pastor at Doncaster church and represented me at my tribunal in Leeds when I stood as a conscientious objector. I shall never forget him chatting to me and in the course of the conversation asked how I was getting on. In truth I said to him – ‘Not very well.’ He gave some good counsel that day which I have never forgotten and has inspired me throughout life and service for  Christ. He said: ‘Ernest, remember this, it is the plodder that always wins through.’ From that day I have been a plodder and the Lord has seen to it that I have succeeded. In my final term at Kenley I attained very high marks and became head student, so the Lord honoured the plodding.

In later years I was called to serve in the Bible College at Mattersey and been able, to some degree, to help students in this kind of bracket. One has observed that diligent and consistent application pays off and people make it when they have the will to press through to accomplishment.

You may be a plodder. Do not get discouraged. Remember that in the race between the hare and the tortoise it was the latter that won. And you can win through!

Contemporary Considerations by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson

A Balanced Christian Community

The Christian Church as a whole is to be a well balanced and blessed society of people consisting of all age groups. This is how God has ordained it should be and it is a perspective that should be taught and sought for by the leadership of the Church at the local level. Each individual community of believers needs to have a good representation of all ages so that it presents to the world the great reality that Christ can save and satisfy at every stage of life.

In the Scriptures there is indication that there was a joining of young and old together within Christendom so that united they would present Christ as the one who met and ministered to each generation. Christ chose and matured young men so that they would be able to serve all that would enter within the life of the Church. Paul is seen as enlisting Timothy and Titus, young men, to be an integral part of the Christian Church in its life and ministry. John, the apostle, is found addressing both the fathers and young men, respecting and challenging both in their particular grouping – 1 John 2: 13-14. How jealous he was in his pastoral care that both should function in their age and setting and contribute to the life and growth of the Christian fellowship!


Whilst it is wonderful to be young, vibrant and full of life, it is essential to possess goals that will make life and work creative and productive and to become most capable and reliant. Youth is to be a time when everything is bursting forth and blossoming in excitement, radiance and prospect but at the same time there must be the sense that there has to be a proper development of the spiritual and dynamic potential within. There has to be the ripening of the life so that the maximum good can be obtained and that there will be no regrets later on. Every young person within the confines of a local Christian fellowship must discover who they are and what the Lord has given to them to be constructively developed as soon as possible by the help of God.

It said of Christ, who is the pattern for the young, that He ‘increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man’- Luke 2: 52. That is the ideal image for every young person and believer to embrace. Gradually and positively He advanced in the right way. He matured as was required and was ready to fulfil His ministry and mission. God wills that those who are young within Christendom will learn the principles by which they can grow into real Christian adulthood and be ready for this vital period of life. To all young people one would say: seek to ripen your life, character and ministry for the Lord so that you will be able to render the greatest good in your youthful years and move on to even bigger things.


Some folk allow themselves to become very old and haggard in spirit and attitude and lose the zest of spiritual blessedness. There is a phrase abroad which says: ‘Grow old gracefully.’ One could say that one of the best ways to grow old is to remain young in heart and vision.

Having grown as God has desired, under His input and influence, into a mature person there should be a freshness and tastiness about your life both in belief and behaviour. Although the natural body shows every sign of age there is, however, a vital spring of youth within your being and this is reflected in the way you think, speak and associate with others. There is still the will to learn and have your life exploited on further fronts. Whilst you have matured there is no dead wood within you. You are alive unto and with God so that you still view things and act from a youthful disposition. In fact, people discover that you are a pleasure to be with because they receive much through your presence and ministry.


When the young are rightly maturing and where the old retain their youthful spirit and outlook there is sure to be a rich bonding in communion and the growth becomes as God has designed. There is a rich balance and counterbalancing and where each sees they need one another desperately.

The young see in the age the maturity they desire. The image and pattern set by the older becomes an inspiration and trigger within the young and they see it is possible to grow old in a wholesome and worthwhile manner. There is the will to relate to the old that some of what they have will rub off on them. The old are not a picture of decadence but of life, fullness and achievement and so they reach out in aspiration and with determination to obtain the same. It produces a oneness and the birthing of immense possibilities within nthem.

The older are enriched by the input of the young and are delighted to see their legacy of life and experience having such a dynamic and dramatic effect and so fresh inspiration flows into them. There is a greater determination than ever to keep youthful and abreast with the youth and to service them so that they can attain higher goals. There is a drawing from their fellowship and a rejoicing in their growth and so Christ and His kingdom are greatly advantaged by both in their cooperative fellowship and growth.

Combined together in this way they become a powerful unit of blessing and growth.

Christian Conversion compiled by Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


Lying face down on his living room floor, Nathan Morris wept uncontrollably. He had never felt anything like it.

For years he had been hooked on drugs, but this awesome experience had nothing to do with illicit substance.

As he lay there, terrified, Nathan realized that the Holy Spirit had knocked him off his feet.

He said, ‘I knew straight away that God was calling me. He said that he had a work for me to do. I was scared and was crying my eyes out and trembling.

‘God literally came into my room and set me free. I’d touched every drug going. I was bound by my lifestyle, but Jesus Christ came and washed me clean.’

The following day – the AOG church led by his parents, Peter and Pamela Morris, in Wath-Upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire – Nathan committed his life to Christ.

He was immediately given a raw hunger for the presence of God, and quickly began preaching the Gospel on the streets and encountering God’s presence in ways that changed his life.

Four-and-half years later Nathan heads up Shale the Nations Ministries, and preaches at Gospel Crusades around the world.

In 2006, he saw more than 30,000 commit themselves to the Lord, there were many stories of the blind, deaf and crippled being healed by the power of God.

Nathan said, ‘I remember spending hours in my room as the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me. He would show me pictures of vast crowds – people were being healed and coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.’

Nathan, 27, describes his journey as a ‘rollercoaster that doesn’t have any breaks.

For more information on Shake the Nations, call 01709/872300 or visit www.shakethenations.co.uk

I am pleased to say that I can autheticate the story and testimony of Nathan because I was attending the Wath church when he was truly restored to God. We praayed much for him prior to it and saw it all happen. To God be the glory!

News and Views presented by Rev. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson

This is just some gleanings of a report sent to me of what is occurring on the spiritual front in Brazil. It is apparent that the Lord is working very powerfully there in the building of His Church. It is supplied by Rev. Paul Randerson who is very involved in the Christian witness there.

Pastor George Val –  Solomonoes river tells this testimony – He was working in Jaracoa without any success.  One day in a meeting with his few believers, someone
prophesied “a team from USA is coming to build you a church – get ready” – The believers told the community at large but they all said it would never happen.  A few months later an American team arrived and built a wooden and brick church for the believers.  At the dedication service of the building, 15 were saved and 7 of these are now baptized – God has shown me He can send help from anywhere”.

God of miracles and growth

On our last trip we made so many notes, it is impossible to fit everything into any one newsletter.  We met Pastors and people who told us of God’s miracle and healing power working among them.  One Pastor on the Purus River told us the story of the day in 2006 when he visited one of the church members in response to an emergency.  When he arrived, the family were in tears and grief.  They had just received a message from Manaus that their son was dying on the surgery table.  It would take days to get to him.  The pastor heard God say to him – Take the father to Manaus, I have just healed his son.  They started the 2 day journey and when they finally arrived at the hospital, the son was not there, he had been discharged and sent home. The doctor said, for some unknown reason he just recovered, we completed the surgery and he is fine.  3 years ago there was a prophecy given in the Manaus church that soon there would be more cell groups in Manaus than bars – It has come to pass with around 9,000 bars and now 10,000 cell groups – Praise the Lord.

God of Love

The Manaus church demonstrated the love of God to all the pastors and families who come in from the jungle to the conference – 10,400 families received social/medical help in the 2 weeks they were in Manaus.  Many had not left their jungle communities for 2-3 years.  Pastors and their wives received dentures/glasses and malaria treatment.  2 of the Federal state deputies who are believers provided a suit for every pastor, a dress for his wife and shoes for their children.  A mammoth expression of love and appreciation for all the interior pastors, 90 of which are serving because of your generosity too.

Personal Testimony  – At the conference last year, a cameraman was allocated to us to video us preaching and ministering.  One day after the meeting he came to me and said “Pastor Paul – I am here today because of you and John Phillips” – I asked him to explain he said “10 years ago I was backslidden and had given up on God because my life had been too terrible.  Then at one of these conventions I was asked to help as I have a lot of technical knowledge.  Whilst videoing you and Pastor John preaching and sharing your burden for the people of the Amazon.  I was convicted of my sin and came back to God.  Now I look after the videoing work for the church. Isn’t God great.

Questions asked and answered by Rev. K. Munday


I recently heard of a person seeking an annulment of his marriage. Is this different to divorce?

Certain conditions must be complied with before a marriage can take place and if there is a legal impediment although the couple may have gone through a wedding ceremony it can be declared null and void.

Some disqualifying factors for instance include: a) being under age.  b) Insanity at the time of marriage.  c) If the woman is expecting another’s child, or, e) if either party refuse or are incapable of consummating the marriage. Any enquiries about impediments should be addressed to the Registrar beforehand.

An Annulment differs from a Divorce insomuch that it declares that a marriage has not been recognised.

Illustrations that light up Spiritual Truth – Rev. E. Anderson

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Rev. E. Anderson


In working with the computer, the message appears occasionally on the screen for the need for updates to take place so as to make it more efficient. The option and amenity is offered and it seems quite sensible to take advantage of this benefit. It is not something that is forced on the user but it is wise to positively respond in order to maximize on the good that such will bring. The greater usefulness of the computer is dependent upon the input of these updates.

The same can be said with our lives. There is the constant need for the upgrading of our experience and usefulness and daily the divine options are open to us to be updated on many fronts. Whatever the past may have served up to benefit there should always be openness to development and improvement.

God ever desires that we should be living and serving at a premium so that we are contributing the best possible on a regular basis. He is ever seeking to tune and tone up the mind, heart and will continually because He desires to see each one attaining the highest good. Whatever may have taken place may have been good and profitable but He knows that the full potential has not been expressed and revealed and so the need for His personal, spiritual updates.

As you are switched on to His Holy Spirit, Word and His servants, they are the means by which such takes place. He comes in a gracious manner and on to the screen of our minds reveals that He desires to impart further factors that will cleanse, equip and empower to greater usefulness. The updates will reveal that you are up-to-date and ready for the current demands around you. In the today of your existence there is to be a keeping abreast with God and all that He wills to accomplish in and through you. Don’t be an out-dated person and believer. Make sure you are to up-to-date because of the daily operation of God within your life.

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