Questions answered by Rev. K. Munday

Is God Dead?

A new philosophy came up some years ago declaring that God was dead, and strange to say, some theologians, who are supposed to believe in God, were also toying with the theory.

It is not always easy to understand the language of philosophy, but to us ordinary folk, the phrase ‘God is dead’ means exactly what it says, namely, that the person known as Almighty God, Maker of heaven and earth, no longer exists. It appears that some of the ‘God is Dead’ school actually mean this,
While others are using it in a metaphorical way, seeming to indicate that as man matures intellectually, he supersedes a need for God, so God is no longer relevant and therefore dead as far as modern man is concerned.

To suggest that God is literally dead is of course an absolute absurdity. He was not only the creator of the universe but also its sustainer. He maintains cosmic law and order, and if He were dead, there would be no discussion, and no philosophers to take part in it.

The theory therefore seems to boil down to a simple proposition. In a scientific age, there is no longer any place for the traditional view of God as taught by Christianity. It suggests that we have grown up and away from what we were told in Sunday school and church.

It should be stated that science can never take the place of the Christian faith. The two subjects deal with entirely different areas of human existence. Science can no more take the place of faith than a man can take the place of a woman.

The scientist looks at the universe and asks the question ‘What?’

He is concerned with the structure and composition of things. But the Christian believer, on the other hand, asks the question ‘Why?’ He is concerned with the reason and purpose of things. Science is a poor substitute for faith in God, even though man thinks that by it he can find the answer to life.

Jesus said, ‘He who saves his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for My sake, shall find it.’ On first reading that statement sounds irrational, but in experience it is found to be absolutely true. Man is more and more making himself number One, even to the extent of relegating god to the cemetery, and in the enthronement of the human ego, man has lost his true life, namely his relationship with God.

The Christian however, has decided to lose his life for Christ’s sake, I n other words he has handed it over to God, and has now learned from the experience that he has become truly himself. A person only finds that when he surrenders to God. You see, we were made for God, and there is no real lasting peace or happiness until we find Him.

It is not God who is dead, but mankind. The Bible states that we are dead in trespasses and sins, but Christ came and said, ‘I am come that you might have Life and might have it more abundantly’.

And who turn to Him can share that Life and remember that Life is eternal.


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