Kids Stories supplied by Glen Howe

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Glenn Howe 

Glen visits and addresses in at least eight schools in the area that he lives and is welcomed by headteachers because of input he makes to the children and young people. Trust you appreciate these stories and will be able to use them in your sphere of labour amongst kids groups week by week.

Heaven sent childrens stories

The grass and the rose bush

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”. – Luke 18:16 

In a very nice yard where children played, there, among the children’s toys lived a nice lawn and a beautiful rosebush.
One day, the Rosebush said imperiously to the lawn, “Grass, do you think the people here love you?”
“Of course they do,” answered Grass.
“Oh, really?” said Rosebush, “if they did, they wouldn’t always run and stomp all over you, would they? They would allow you to grow. They would give you special care like they give me. They water me, they prune me. They cover me in bad weather, and they put special food in my soil. They bring beautiful cuttings of my flowers into the house so that they can admire my fragrance and beauty. Do they do any of these things for you?”

“No”, answered Grass sadly, as he pondered the way Rosebush was treated.
Soon, poor Grass began to turn from a rich green to a pale brown. He was very sad, for he thought that he was not loved, and not being loved is a very terrible thing indeed.

In the yard was also a very old and wise oak tree. Oak Tree saw that Grass was not looking very well these days, and asked him what was wrong.
“Oh, Oak Tree, I am so sad today,” replied Grass.
“Now, what would make you so sad, my little friend?” asked Oak Tree.
“I am not loved,” sobbed Grass.
“Not loved! That is ridiculous!” said Oak Tree. “Why ever would you think such a thing?”
“Well,” sighed Grass, “I was talking to Rosebush, and she told me about all the special things the people do for her. They don’t do those things for me. She also said that the only thing I am good for is for people to walk and run and stomp all over me. She said that they don’t let me grow either. They let you grow, Oak Tree, see- they love you better too. I am really not loved!” sobbed Grass.

“Oh, my poor little friend,” said Oak Tree, “Let me tell you some wonderful things that Rosebush didn’t mention. First of all, you are loved; you are loved very much by the people. You know how much the people love their children. Do you not realize how much fun and enjoyment the children have playing on you? They play football, and soccer, and tag on you. They play cops and robbers, hide and seek, and they have races on you. They lie down on your softness and look up at the clouds and the stars at night, and they wonder about all kinds of things. They sit on you and have picnics. The people cut you so that you will look handsome. They cut you so that they can enjoy running and playing on you. You, Grass, are very strong, and you do not need the attention that Rosebush gets. So, you see, Grass, you are very much loved. I enjoy the children climbing on me and building forts in my branches. I like to give them shade in the summer, and somewhere cool to sit. This is why God made us, to make people happy, and especially their children. Without you, Grass, there would be no where for them to do all these things.”

Well, Grass began to ponder all these new things and he began to feel very excited, not only was he loved, but he was loved very much. As he thought about these wonderful things, his pale brown blades began to turn into the most beautiful rich green again. He was overjoyed now, and filled with gladness.

Rosebush noticed Grass turn from brown to green, and this made her angry and jealous. She felt that it took away from her beauty.
“Grass,” called Rosebush “Why the sudden change of colour?”
“I am loved, and loved very much!” announced Grass.
“You fool”, sneered Rosebush, “Don’t you remember what I told you?”

“You are wrong,” said Grass,” I talked to Oak Tree and he told me how the people and their children enjoy me and that without me they couldn’t do many of the things that they enjoy doing outside.”
“That old Oak Tree, he is even more foolish than you are. People are here to take care of us, and as far as their little brats go, they better not come near me or I will grab them with my thorns and prick them! You go ahead and believe what you want. I hope there’s a drought and you wither away!” hissed Rosebush.

It was a beautiful day out. The children had come home from school, and were playing on Grass, so Grass ignored Rosebush and was happy.
The game the children were playing was hide and seek. One was hiding behind Oak Tree, another was hiding behind the gate, and the last one, the youngest, was hiding behind Rosebush.
Well, Rosebush kept her terrible promise, and reaching out, she grabbed the little boy with her big sharp thorns. She held on, and would not let him go. The poor child was crying and calling for help.

The other children ran to get Mother. She came out and untangled her child from the wicked thorns. As the young child walked on Grass to go back into the house, Grass felt the soft tears from the child fall on his green blades. This made Grass very angry with Rosebush.
“Rosebush!” called Grass, “That was a very mean thing to do! You should not have done that! You hurt that poor little boy!”
“Ha ha ha!” cackled Rosebush, “I told you they should not play near me!”
“You are going to get it,” Grass was very serious.
“And what do you think you will do to me, Grass? Nothing!” sneered the arrogant Rosebush.
As the young child was inside, getting extra love, and lots of band aids, Mother said, “That nasty old rosebush, I’ll speak to your Daddy. That mean old rosebush has gotten much too big, and besides, I think it would be nice to have a strawberry patch there instead.”

When father came home, mother spoke to him. He saw that she was right, and he went straight away to the garage.
Rosebush was still gloating about pricking the young child as she noticed the father coming over to her with his gardening tools.
“You see, Grass, I can do whatever I want, and the people still give me special attention and care.”
Well, Father put his tools down next to Rosebush. Then he picked up a tool Rosebush had never seen before. It was long with a big sharp piece of metal at one end. All of a sudden Rosebush became very nervous. Father swung back his axe, and with one huge chop, cut down the wicked rosebush.

Grass and Oak Tree looked on. They were sad that Rosebush couldn’t have been nice, like other rosebushes, but, she would not change, and so they were glad that she was finally gone.
The people and their children picked up all the pieces from Rosebush, and put them down by the trash. Then they hoed and raked the soil where Rosebush had been. They planted new little plants and mulched the soil carefully around the baby plants, and then they watered the soil.

“Hello”, said Grass, “my name is Grass, who are you?”
“Hi,” said a soft little voice, “I am Patch, and I am scared.”
“Don’t be afraid,” said Grass. “I will be your friend, and so will Oak Tree. You will like it here, the people and their children love you already, I can tell.”
“Really?” asked Patch, “even though they know that I won’t have berries for a year yet?”
“Of course!” said Grass.
So, Grass, Oak Tree and Patch lived peacefully together, enjoying the passing years, and giving joy to the people and their children.

Matthew Abrahams 

Powerful Quotes supplied by Rev. L. Goodwin


No one else holds or has held the place in the heart of the world which Jesus holds. Other gods have been as devoutly worshipped; no other man has been so devoutly loved. –John Knox
Even those who have renounced Christianity and attack it, in their inmost being still follow the Christian ideal, for hitherto neither their subtlety nor the ardour of their hearts has been able to create a higher ideal of man and of virtue than the ideal given by Christ of old. –Fyodor Dostoyevsky
A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. –Mahatma Gandhi
Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mohammed, and Napoleon; without science and learning, he shed more light on things human and divine than all philosophers and scholars combined; without the eloquence of school, he spoke such words of life as were never spoken before or since, and produced effects which lie beyond the reach of orator or poet; without writing a single line, he set more pens in motion, and furnished themes for more sermons, orations, discussions, learned volumes, works of art, and songs of praise than the whole army of great men of ancient and modern times. –Philip Schaff
I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very centre of history. Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history.–H.G. Wells
As the centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating that, measured by His effect on history, Jesus is the most influential life ever lived on this planet. — Historian Kenneth Scott Latourette


“You’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.”
– Pat Riley

“I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.”
– Lillian Hellman

“The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

“Assume nothing, pursue everything.”
– Kevin Riper

“The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well.”
-Sir William Osler

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.”
– Virginia Satir

“The mode by which the inevitable comes to pass is effort.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”
– Jack Penn

“To find fault is easy: To do better may be difficult.”
– Plutarch

“One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment.”
– Merle Shain

News and Views


Rev. E. Anderson

The nativity story movie

The nativity story film shortly to be released in USA,“The Nativity Story” is a movie that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem in a down to earth way that is surprisingly close to the story in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.  When (or if) it will be released in UK has not been announced yet.   However, if it is, it is probably worth going to see from what I have seen from the trailer.
Director Catherine Hardwicke says, “You have this girl, she’s 14, rejected and not believed by anyone, including, initially, Joseph. “The people in Nazareth were likely ready to put her to death, to stone her for infidelity. And the angel didn’t leave an instruction manual. Mary has to deal with all these doubts, all these fears and she’s a very young woman. People don’t think about that.”

Mike Rich, who wrote the script, tells why he wrote it.  “We hear the Nativity story all the time, but the focus is on the events, not the characters. That interested me. What frightened me was that there’s not much biblical source material, which meant that if I decided to write a script, 80 percent of it would be speculative in nature. Otherwise, we’d have a 15-minute movie.”
Rich spent months researching, the background to the gospel stories.   He learnt about early Jewish culture, about Herod and his paranoia over the Jewish teaching of the coming Messiah. When he meets the Magi, he realises that his feared Messiah is a baby.
“The Nativity Story” is rated PG probably because of Herod’s soldiers massacring young boys in Bethlehem in an attempt to kill the Messiah.
Screenwriter Rich says he wanted to get away from the tinsel and romance of Christmas and remind people what the season is all about. 
Of course no doubt there will be as usual plenty of detractors.  It is always easy to find fault. I wonder what the church’s response will be to the fact that Keisha Castle-Hughes, the sixteen-year-old who plays Mary, is “great with child” not just in the movie, but in real life by her nineteen-year-old boyfriend? Then again, the director, Catherine Hardwicke, has directed films that would not exactly be classified “Christian” such as Thirteen which was “Rated R for drug use, self-destructive violence, language and sexuality”.
However, we may like to consider that God has not always used the obvious.  For example, Moses was a murderer.  David was an adulterer and a murderer.  The 12 disciples were an unlikely lot as well – a tax collector, several rough fishermen, a thief, etc. Paul (Saul) persecuted the church! From what I can see, the film seems to be very professionally made and reasonably accurate. Although produced by a secular production company, perhaps Paul would say of the producers, “Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice” (Philippians 1:18).
Well, what do YOU think?

I understand that this new Holywood epic opens in UK cinemas on December 8th. The movie presents a great Christian outreach opportunity.

Then God Stepped In- answers to prayer


Rev. Anderson

Sale of a house
Psalm 86:7 – “In the day of my trouble I will call to you, for you will answer me”.

I have recently taken over a new position of employment, which involved having to relocate from my current home and all the problems and difficulties that sometimes brings. I accepted the position in May of this year and began to make the necessary arrangements to take up my new employment, including the sale of our house. We lived in a good area for schools, employment and shops and assumed the house would sell quickly. There was no need to bring the ‘House Doctor Team’ in because everything was in good order internally and externally (we had just had a new kitchen fitted). The advertising board went up in early June and we sat back to wait for the rush of people to come and view, offer and buy our house.

We relocated in August and in late October we were still waiting for the offer and buyer to come. From June to October we had only four viewings, no offers and therefore no sale. I began to feel that time was running out, certainly finances were (having to run two homes), for the sale to be completed this year – but God.

I have to be honest and say that having done all we could to sell the house I was beginning to feel it would never happen, and yes I even questioned whether I had heard God right in our relocation. Feeling at the end of my self, having done all I could naturally, I came home for lunch and shared with my wife how I felt and she prayed (thank God for praying wives) and I went back to work. Within 20 minutes I had a phone call from the estate agent with a viewing for our house and within less than 24 hours the house had sold.

I just want to say that God has not stopped answering prayer and sometimes the delay is on our part. He just wants us in that position that we realise when we have done all we can (and we must do all) then God will do what only He can do. Remember however big or small the problem is ‘in the day of trouble call to Him and will answer’.

Alan Fereday 


Sermon Starters


Rev. E. Anderson



Genesis 1 

Living Bible v1     “When God began creating . . .” 

Genesis is the first book of the Bible and is commonly known as the book of beginnings even as the title suggests. It is an important book even as this first chapter is a vital introduction into the matter of creation.  The initial premise of the book is God, where all commences. He is shown as being the responsible cause of creation. As you premise an Almighty God, therefore, the fact of creation is not difficult to believe and accept. 

(1)  WHEN GOD BEGAN HE BROUGHT ORDER OUT OF CHAOS – v2       Living Bible “the earth at first was a shapeless, chaotic mass.’ God had to go to work upon a total state of disorder.  This would imply and bespeak an original creation brought to a place of devastation or affected by divine judgment in some way. It is suggested that this could have been at the occasion of Satan’s fall. God nevertheless, whatever the reason, was able to produce in spite of the disorganized state, shape, beauty and order. He brought something into being – see new creation. 


By His creative word He manifested design in the order He set about forming – (the days) and the works of creation (light, darkness), trees, plants, birds, animal, sun, moon etc., and in the continuance of His outstanding construction the process of generation and growth is outlined. Creation was started with that which had the divine life, mind principle in it and is continually so. 


He brought government in concerning the sky above, sun, moon ruling and affecting the season and man below to govern and direct creation. He was called to superintend and look after in and through God this beautiful planet. In being made like God he was to hold a noble and notable position as ruler. 


God was pleased every day with His work and at the climax was highly delighted with what had been accomplished. He had no grounds for displeasure and it is something to observe when God is pleased. He ended on the note of approval. 


Genesis 1: 26, 27; 2: 7 

The Bible gives a simple and straightforward introduction as to the origin of man and expresses the fact that he was and is the creation of God. This marks man out from the start as a unique creature made by the Master designer of the universe and this world. We are informed as to what he was created from and what he became. ‘The Lord God formed – from the dust of the earth – and man became a living soul.’ He had a humble beginning with a great destiny ahead. Previous reference shows who he was made like- 1: 26,27. Because he was the last to be created, he was made like God etc, and this surely denotes the importance of man in the purposes of God.  

He is of threefold constitution: spirit, soul and body. 

·          A spirit which is purposed to make him God conscious and aware of spiritual factors and identities to be valued and enjoyed·          A soul which is planned to make him self conscious and aware of his own unique person and characteristics to be developed aright·          A body which is intended to make him world conscious and aware of natural factors to be sensed and experienced
Man was therefore made to know and enjoy the spiritual and the natural, the unseen and the seen.  The soul is the essential link between the spirit and the body and the spiritual was purposed to guide and govern the natural in and through the input of God. 


The soul is a real factor with marks and evidences of identity and individuality. The soul is the inward person alive within a body that possesses intelligence, emotion and will. Such has mind, heart and will and is reflected in thinking, feeling and doing, a union of thought, desire and action. 

The soul was made to know a personal consciousness of God, of the world and self. Man was endowed from the start with potentiality of an enormous order because he was made like unto God. Great possibilities were latent waiting to become patent and for the unfolding of the person in greater and finer degree. So much invested was invested in him waiting to be released and revealed. This created being was alive to the creation of God and the great Creator. Though other things had existence and order they could not state they had personality like man. 


A perfect person and being is placed in the most wonderful environment. Besides creating a beautiful world, a special garden was found for this personality. Nothing was too much trouble for God to do for man. He would give him the best and desired he should become the best. The garden was a veritable holy of holies. God met Adam and his partner there. Here God catered for all the needs and made the place a marvellous sanctuary and home. The Garden of Eden has ever been thought of as the most idyllic place to reside. The conditions in which original man was located could not have been improved upon. 


He was given a perfect task to perform to keep him occupied and to develop his latent abilities. God gave him a governmental role and it was necessary that he sense his responsibility and accountability. His job was to rule and manage affairs for God and give good account of his work and commitment. God was seeking to develop both a good relationship and responsibility. 

Of course, he needed to be tested within the region of duty –vv16,17. In view of his creation and position he needed to proceed with care because so much hinged upon his proper and perfect development. The whole of creation looked to him for a lead and desired his progress and success. 

CONCLUSION                ·          All men need to recognise their true origin in terms of creation·          All must be aware that in their location God knows where they are and seeks their true development·          All must sense that they are in this world to develop the most important factor with God’s help – quality character 


Genesis 5: 21-24 

This is a most wonderful and satisfying commentary upon a man’s life – “Enoch walked with God.” It would indicate that Enoch knew what it was to have a real, divine fellowship with God. He really believed and certainly touched the heights with regard to friendship and relationship with Him that can do so much good for him. He could have no better friend than God and could have no sweeter communion. 


God must have broken in upon his life around the time of his birth. It is evident that something occurred because 

·          of the statement of Scripture  – “and Enoch with God after . .” It would seem that Enoch was a spiritually minded person and that he was anxious and desirous of knowing God. In some way God entered in upon his life’s journey and subsequent equations and started a wholesome relationship. Around the birth of his son God visited and decided to keep personal company and association with Him and Enoch was ready to take up on the opportunity and privilege.·          of the name given to the baby. His name – margin “at his death the sending forth of waters.” Enoch must have observed the degeneracy in his days with regard to the people all around in relation to sin and evil and realized the inevitability of divine judgment. It was his commitment to get and keep close to God and so safeguard his own life and future. 


It wasn’t something that started and then finished. It went on uninterrupted. It wasn’t one of fits and starts or a five minute wonder. Some may have thought in his day that it was something that was temporary and transitory but this was not the case. There were things that he had to face and confront and master. 

·          It continued in spite of family background and responsibility. The demand of the household was his lot but was no preventative to this all-important association.·          It continued in spite of the length of time. The passing of the years found no let up but an ever growing bonding of his union and communion with God.·          It continued in spite of increasing wickedness. There was the major problem of sin, violence and corruption then but such would not allure him away from his accord and fellowship with God.·          It continued in revelation – Jude v14. God made known to him the way things were to tragically end for society and this must have been a spur more than ever to keep up his vibrant association with God. 


He was too good for this world! Friendship with God meant he took on the quality characteristics of the one he was friends with. His disappearance from earth meant his appearance in heaven. He took a long walk and never came back from it. It was out of the presence of men into the presence of God. 

His life on earth may have been shorter than others but it was greater when considered with the length of years of those of his time. He made an impact with God and left a permanent testimony to his worthwhile relationship. 

Take hold of the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and begin your personal walk with God and develop a unique friendship. 


Read Genesis chapters 6-9Introduction 

Noah is presented in the Bible as a unique person because of what he accomplished in his life-time. He was the first preacher who undertook to become God’s spokesman at a very critical time in human history. Peter called him ‘a preacher of righteousness’ – 2 Peter 2: 5 using him as an example of a person who stood out in his day for God. There are lessons that every preacher and Christian can learn from this former, ancient character. These are points for you to ponder and build upon. 









He was a man who made a big difference to the blessedness of mankind. 

He set the example for others to copy throughout human history. 

His life and work is a great challenge to all who would perform a ministry for God. 


Reading   Genesis 11: 27 -32; 12-25Introduction 

People are born into this world with the original purpose of God in view, that they will and can make a difference for good to the whole of society under His blessing, inspiration and guidance. 

God must have been rather enthused and pleased when this man, Abram put in his appearance and was ready at the right time to respond to His revelation and input. The career of this man in his personal relationship with God is recorded, in the main, in the early chapters of Genesis and the amount provided in record is a witness to his impact. Other references are found elsewhere in the Bible and the birth, preservation of a nation and nations through him is quite a staggering testimony to him and his achievements. 

It should be observed and noted as to the major things that caused him to be different and caused him to contribute so influentially for God in the cause of mankind.  These are some of the major pointers. 


In a pagan system and surroundings God came to him and gave a disclosure of Himself that was to radically change his life, faith and future conduct. He had been raised as an Amorite and was a worshipper of idols – see Joshua 24: 2,3, 14; Judges 6: 10. The revelation of God was to increase in his spiritual journey and he became increasingly sure of Him. 


From the time God broke in upon his life He was to be supreme and sovereign and so became totally committed to Him in every way. There was a complete break with the world’s ideology and philosophy and a readiness to go with God and His plans for his life. He not only left the
Ur of the Chaldees but also its idolatrous practices – Genesis 11: 31. It says of the Christians in Thessalonica that
‘they turned to God from idols to serve the true and living God’ – 1 Thessalonians 1: 9. A clear directive is given to all – ‘flee idolatry’ – 1 Corinthians 10: 14


He was to be personally inspired and sustained right from the onset with the promise of divine blessing in an outstanding fashion at 75 and he was ready to believe God’s word on the issue – Genesis 12: 1-4. Note the assurances given to all who believe and know Christ – 2 Corinthians 1:20. 


One cannot help salute and admire this individual in that he was ready in an instant to leave a seeming secure position to launch out on a career and future with God – Genesis 12: 4. Instead of opting for material assets and easy life-style in
Ur, he went for living in a tent with God and discovered a tremendous expansionist programme. He was the first Pilgrim Father.


It is a well known fact that he and Sarai were childless and that the time had gone for any possibility of this particularly in relation to her. She was passed child-bearing so there was no hope on the natural front. But God caused Abraham to believe and receive this special blessing – Genesis 17: 15-19; 21: 1, 2; Roman 4: 17-21. 


The time came when he was unable to make a journey to find a wife for his son but he knew that the Lord would safely direct his servant Eliezer and lead him to the right woman. He was not to be disappointed. Faith and prayer was to be rewarded – Genesis 24. 


In Hebrews more information is given on this amazing individual for it says that his eyes were fixed on greater factors – ‘for he looked for a city that had foundations whose builder and maker is God’ – Hebrews 11: 10. The visible was but a pointer to the invisible that was more significant and lasting and such grabbed his faith and attention. 


Life is intended to be a challenge and purposed to bring about vital radical changes for the better in people. 

God is the one that will present immense challenges that are capable of realization through the constant input He will give. 

Be encouraged by Abraham who set a fantastic example and made it and encourages you to do the same in and through God. 


Reading Genesis 37Introduction 

It is well worth considering and noting that God not only is the author of life but desires and is able to give real prospect to life and bring to glorious fulfilment. 

This can be discerned in the life and biography of Joseph, an Old Testament character, who truly rose to achieve a great role in his day and serves as an example to all to take note of. 

It can be observed how it all started and how it ended up and what took place in between as a process to bring the divine prospect to fruition. Those stages must be duly studied because they serve as a help and inspiration to others to follow suit. 


Of all the sons of Jacob, from a child and youth he appears to have demonstrated a true belief in God and manifested a healthy respect of Him. His father found in this boy one in whom was this latent and inward desire for God and he must have fed it with good understanding of God’s dealing with him in his life – Genesis 37: 3,4.  Into this atmosphere Joseph began to sense some good hope and prospect for the future in and with God. 


He was to receive two dreams of great significance that bore witness to the fact that he was destined to something quite unique. He knew in his spirit being that they were from God and was not afraid to declare the revelation even in a hostile environment – Genesis 37: 5-11.  


It was not simply because of his dreams that his brothers hated him or his closeness to their father; he was an individual that demonstrated a quality of character that stood in complete contrast to their own. When he was present they were convicted by their own bad behaviour. They knew that he possessed something they didn’t have and both envied him and his dreams and prospects – Genesis 37: 11; 49: 26. 


It is apparent that he was not work-shy but had a mind to truly labour when placed in that situation. He possessed a work ethic that God was pleased to bless and advanced him in the prospect ahead. It did not matter whether he was in Potiphar’s home or in the prison, he gave himself to serve with utmost effort – Genesis 39: 1-6; 22, 23. He was not afraid to soil his hands at any time.  


He certainly had to endure quite a few things in the making of him in order to realise the ultimate prospect but he succeeded in passing his tests. There was his trying period in his own home with his brothers, the moral examination under the provocation of a real temptress, the endurance of being in chains and in jail under awful suspicion etc. But he remained with his faith intact and trusted God with his prospect. 


Throughout his career he held his father in highest regard. At home, he venerated his patriarchal father. When he had opportunity of showing kindness to him he did in such an outstanding manner by sending wagon loads of stuff to him – Genesis 45: 21, 27. He also made sure that he was catered for with respect to the next 20 years and saw to his funeral arrangements. No wonder he was to receive the double blessing of the first born – Genesis 49: 22-26. Jacob could witness the fact that God had brought the prospects to total accomplishment.  


Joseph sensed that there were not only prospects with regard to this life which he saw divinely achieved, he knew there was much more to come with regard to himself and his people – Genesis 50: 22-26; Hebrews 11: 22. He died in prospect! CONCLUSION 

The God that gave and filled this ancient, godly character with vision and hope still seeks to communicate and generate divine prospects today in the lives of people. 

He not only gives prophecy and prospect of a meaningful and profitable destiny, He brings such to pass in those who cooperate with Him.

The Questions They Ask by Rev. K.Munday

Is the Bible True?

This is an important question seeing that Christians regard the Bible as the authority for their beliefs, and a guide for their conduct. Much stands or falls therefore on its validity.

First of all, what is the Bible? It’s more of a library than a book. Sixty-six separate documents written over a period of some 1,600 years. Its writers were varied in culture, nationality and calling. They include a statesman, a soldier, a king, a farm labourer, a civil servant, a doctor and a university graduate to name but a few.

Their writings contain history, poetry, drama teaching, prophecy, official records and stories; and the remarkable thing about the Bible (and I hope, by the way, that the critics have read it!) is the standpoint from which it is written. All life is related to God, and man’s need of God, and in some cases the writers actually state thath they were writing under a form of inner (or outer) compulsion. God urged them to write, and they simply had to put the message down, even though they may not always have fully realised its implication. This is known as inspiration.

Students in particular usually start to question the Bible when they compare its statements with science. They may feel that to accept its conclusions might involve them in some sort of intellectual dishonesty.

This is a mistaken idea, because the same God Who created the universe together with its natural laws, also inspired the Bible. There cannot be therefore any real discrepancy between the two. The proviso however must be that the scientific principle is proved and that we have interpreted the Bible correctly. For instance, evolution is treated as a fact when it is only a theory; and some Christians have dated the creation at about 4,000 BC without obvious proof. All seekers after ultimate truth should do so with sincerity and humility.

What we must realise above all, is that the Bible is not primarily a handbook of science, neither could it be. It contains God’s message to man. It shows us the way of salvation. Its chief subject is Jesus Christ and it sets Him forth in His majesty and glory. He said: ‘I am the Truth’. We can conclude confidently therefore that a book who leads to ultimate truth must in all respects be true itself.

When a man was preaching in Hyde Park, London, he was constantly interrupted by a heckler. Another bystander said ‘Why don’t you leave the Bible alone?’ The heckler replied, ‘Because it won’t leave me alone’. And that’s just it, it won’t leave us alone. It is living and powerful, and this can be proved by reading it with an open mind, and then by acknowledging the Saviour Jesus Christ to Whom it points.

Word for the Week by Rev. E. Anderson


Rev. E. Anderson

This is what I have called simply a ‘word for the week’ giving you something to meditate and chew on for seven days, seeking to extract as much as possible from what is embodied in it.

BEGIN OR BEGINNING Genesis 1: 1; Isaiah 40: 21-31; Psalm 139: 14-18; Colossians 1: 16, 17‘Beginning’ is used in the opening declaration of the Bible – “In the beginning God.” It is used in relation to the creation of the heavens and earth. He, who had no beginning, was and is before all time and things is stated as being the great Creator of all of material existence as witnessed by the natural eye of man.  The original Architect and Maker is God and He is affirmed as being the responsible agent for the all that is evident in the natural and material realm. He is the One that ante-dates creation and is its genesis. He is the God of beginnings.

The book of Genesis is a book about tremendous beginnings as implied in its name. The first chapter introduces us into the creative genius of God. All worthwhile and wholesome beginnings have their conception and creation in and through Him. As planet earth is viewed and considered and all that is within and around it has it being by reason of Him, by His inspired, life-generating word. It is affirmed in Hebrews 11: 3 “that the worlds were framed by the word of God” and in Hebrews 1: that “all things are upheld by word of His power.” He who gives origin to all by His word sustains it by the same means. The divine principle and procedure is that beginnings occur by this divine dynamic.

What God begins He truly and perfectly finishes in a beautiful manner. He is not only an author but a finisher – Hebrews 11: It states in Genesis one that God began and all through the context of it reveals that as He starts so He concludes with immense satisfaction.

In His new creation through Christ what He initiates in man by regeneration, the implantation of His divine nature within him, He works in and through to a perfect state of completion. Paul says: “He that hath begun a good work in you will perform until the day of Jesus Christ” – Philippians 1; 6. Christian believers will ultimately conform to the image of Christ and become His masterpiece. God has begun in you!

Think of the new beginning that God has wrought in your life and the further new things He wills to bring to fruition and fulfillment. What does He desire to birth and be created today and the succeeding days of a choice order in you? Pray that God will move into what has been chaos in your life and affairs will change because God has moved in with His creative and generative power to produce a cosmos of beauty and significance.
“Begin with God and He will begin anew in you and beget His love, grace and power to achieve His greater purposes”

Lord, give me the will and strength to start all things with and in you.

Welcome to my Site

earnest-nig.gif  Rev. E. Anderson

Greetings and Best Wishes to You!


Greetings and Best Wishes to You!


In writing these few lines to all who have visited the site, just a personal thank you for doing so. I trust that you may have found it both profitable and pleasurable. There has been quite an interest shown on a regular basis and I desire to see it both maintained and increased.  I am learning daily and realize there is much more to be done to make it more useful.  Any helpful suggestions will be welcomed to improve it.


One is seeking to make it a means of help particularly in Christian teaching and understanding and of practical use, too.


A number of people are helping by means of contributing articles and the purpose is to provide a number of things that will be of Christian value and service.


The theme of Prayer Dynamics being introduced is with the idea to prove that God is still in the business of answering prayer in relation to all things. Also, the Children’s page is with the thought of given stories that could be employed in Schools and Church ministry. The Meditation Notes are what I have put together over the past three years and a number of churches use them as weekly hand-outs to their members.


I am hoping to commence also a page of Ministers and their Churches, to give insight relative to their Christian conversion, call to the ministry and what they are now doing in their ministry with other subjects of worth. It should prove quite informative and interesting.


To all who visit the site over the next couple of weeks: a very happy Christmas and God blessed New Year.