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God has favoured you with the gift of life and existence. You are not here by chance or accident but by His wise and generous providence. It is imperative that you make the most and get the most of your every day. This means giving your best and that is only through Christ. As you turn from sin and self, (negative factors and forces), and allow Him to forgive and free you from such, permitting Him to come into your being to take control, so life’s real expectations will be birthed and produced. With Him in charge, you will more than cope with the day’s challenges and proceedings. Live on top of everything!


Pastor’s Weekly Thought

Studies for the Week from Proverbs:


It is a very important thing in life to be wise. This is the instruction of the book of Proverbs and the intention of it is to pass on counsel and advice that will affect this. How essential it is to be schooled and taught by those who seek our good and blessedness. Herein is a great deal of sound direction that followed through will bring about some positive results. The opening verses endeavour to lay the foundation for life and living and by this means reveal what the purpose of true wisdom is.


It is imperative to know the governing principles on which life is to be constructed like as it is essential to know how to put up a great edifice. One only has one go at life, therefore it is needful to have the right input and to be shown and taught how everything can become profitable as well as pleasurable. Wisdom is a proven track and can be relied upon. It has good hindsight from the past, insight for the present and foresight for the future.


It is not meant to be either an ugly word or experience. It is putting into operation what one has correctly been taught of a healthy nature. There is a putting into practice sound precepts that are found to be true and most rewarding. What is bad and destructive is eliminated and what is good is known, embraced, believed and applied. Good creed is put into great conduct.


The benefit is seen to deliver from a state of darkness and nonsense and aids in establishing a true set of values and virtues within the mind and heart that makes for stability and success. Instead of being bankrupt of knowledge there is true and sound intelligence that lightens the life and path. It stops from being fools.


One cannot become wise too young. The sooner that one knows and adopts the path of wisdom and starts becoming wise the better. It is wise to get on to this track as soon as possible. Just as one gets children into education as quickly as possible, one can, so on this front, too.


From the outset on this course we are taught what is the real foundation of wisdom – it is the fear of the Lord. He is the fountain-head of all truth and understanding and a wholesome respect of Him and His word yields enormous dividends. He is utterly committed to teaching good sense and making clear the proper and productive ways of life and living.

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson  


We must know what the LORD requires of us and do it without reserve. It is not our task to amend what He has commanded but perform in love and faith what He has revealed. Samuel was called to anoint a person who was to be the replacement of Saul. It appears it was to be an unlikely candidate and could have been seemingly by-passed. The prophet knew he should not behave like the monarch, so David the successor was duly anointed. Remember you must fit into His plans and not expect Him to bless and endorse your program or you. When Saul became Paul when he was converted, he said to the LORD, ‘What shall I do?’ He lived ever surrendered to heaven’s designs. And so should we all!

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


This is certainly true if you perform with grace, dignity and humility. As you say and do the right and good thing today from a noble mind and heart you will have no cause to be embarrassed or to blush with shame or disgrace. In a quiet and laid back attitude you can proceed to act with maximum inspiration to live and serve. There will be no seeking for personal glory, the will to obtain the limelight or to act in an unbecoming manner that creates disgust, disgrace and dismay. Learn to handle praise as it should be handled for all to be truly blessed and helped. It is to your greater gain!

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


Be aware of the fact, the kingdom of Christ is not simply some futuristic idea, ‘pie in the sky’ that comes after death. When He came it was not only to be Saviour but LORD AND KING. He was born King, lived and served as King and immediately introduced and began to set up His kingdom and reign. When all the nations of earth are finished, His will appear and eternally dominate through His kingship and the rule of His regenerated people. Even now, it must be understood, He has more power and influence in the building and blessing of His spiritual empire in this world. He said and meant it: ‘I will build my Church’ and neither Satan, his cohorts or unregenerate man will be able to hinder its progress or success.


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Ernest Anderson  


This is what the apostle Peter affirmed: he had tasted and known in a very personal manner how much it was so. He had let Christ down in the final stage of His earthly life after making an avowed that He would stick by and up for him whatever the demand. But he blew it and he felt it keenly.! Christ sought him out after His amazing resurrection and showed that He was around and CARED. He is still on the scene and loves, knows and truly cares about you in every way. Simply look to and trust Him to take care of you and your circumstances. As the hymn writer wrote: ‘He is not a disappointment’. Christ does not have to turn up: He is ever present! Hallelujah!

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson  



As you seek to be filled with the fullness of God day by day, you will learn to live life to its best and greatest. Taking Christ on board is more than becoming a church goer and religious, it is experiencing His faith, knowledge and zest for living. Christ desires to switch you on to something that the natural cannot give or promote. You can step out with Him into a tremendous future and see His choice, incredible plans brought to pass in and through you by His power. He is not interested in loss but untold gain and He has all that is essential to raise you to immense expectancy and fulfilment. Let today be the start of that which God alone can bring about. You will have no regrets!

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


In a world that seems to be permeated by hopelessness and despair, there is a real call for assurance and hope. Various leaders seek to create and bolster it but do not make a success of it. There is One, Jesus Christ, who came to generate and stimulate sure certainty and countless millions have discovered He has all the answers. He gives hope for forgiveness and freedom from sin; the delight of knowing that one’s life here can be lived under God’s guidance providence and blessing; the pleasure of being able to spend one’s days in worthwhile pursuits; the great assurance that at life’s conclusion there is a heaven to enter and a greater world to be known. These factors become a living hope within the heart. Such can be yours today if you but switch on to Christ in faith.

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


Note, it is not only what you do that matters but why and how you do it. In your ministry and service for Christ this is a factor that has to be kept in mind and operation. It is not a case of putting on a good s how on how and to gain admiration and praise, rather it is the opposite. It means to do things quietly and not to be seen and heard. It really means the crucifixion and removal of self and a sincere motivation of attitude and action in all things and at all times. There is One who observes all we do and how and why and, in the ultimate, will reward in His way. All can afford to live and work in the consciousness that He notes our belief and behaviour!


welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


One of the best ways of dealing with failure is to honestly and humbly admit it. Although it seems to be embarrassing to do so, it is a wise move. It can become the start of success and something commendable that others are impressed and encouraged by. If defeat occurs that is a real let down to you, sincerely attest it and then seek the LORD for ways and means to deal with it and turn it to something special. Failure can be the building base and block from which a glorious enterprise occurs and eventually consummates in a credible and usable factor. Peter had to discover he was a failure before he could be a dynamic leader and founder for Christ. So accept and acknowledge where you have failed and move on to bigger opportunities and things.


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