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Yet another LORD’S Day is before you where you can meet with Him and His people, hear His word into your ear and heart and receive a new charging of your being. As you open up to him He is waiting, ready and able to give you a real season of refreshing and renewal that will make you sufficient for the days ahead. The past is now a history and testimony; what is before can be the brand new experience of His greatness and goodness that will have a telling impact on you and others. So shake of dull sloth and put on the garments of praise and worship, be anointed afresh with the oil of gladness, so you will be in the best condition you have even been in and open to heaven’s best.

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Just for YOU Today



It is important to have a daily review of your life noting the wise and good things that have been wrought to gain. But there should be given due concern and thought to those issues where they could have been done better.  Because you are not perfect and have all ability there will be slip ups that cause regret. Do not stay for ever moaning or murmuring over them but take remedial action so that you can deal with things that cause you to occasionally stumble. The great thing is that the things dealt with well and can turn out to be greatest strengths and be used to help others. Peter failed but he did not stay amidst them but successfully answered the\m to immense profit.

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The LORD takes infinite thought with all that He has created and can never be charged with neglect. He possesses a pure and wholesome love and respect especially for His creatures and of note those who have been born into the Family of God. As the song truly records: He has not only got the whole world in His hands; ‘You and me’, are there, too! You can live without fear or threat in the knowledge your present and eternal welfare are all to be taken care of. It does not mean that you will not experience crisis or difficulty but that you will discover He is always there to more that answer such. Have a blessed day knowing He neither slumbers or sleeps and Hi eye is upon you!

Just for YOU Today

welcome to this Christian website

JUST FOR TODAY – 23.01.20


There is much that could happen today intended to take the wind out of your sails and for life and work to be drag and drudgery. Reject the thought and possess an inward resolve to take all on in and through Christ and experience His renewing and strengthening each moment for all that comes your way. One thing that could be said about Joshua that made him a winner and inspired others to contest and conquest, he knew that with the LORD leading the way and supplying all requirements he and all in Israel’s ranks could become great possessors. So mark today as a further move forward with courage to do and be extraordinary!

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JUST FOR TODAY – 22.01.22


It simply means don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today. There are some things that are secondary and can wait until the next day but there are issues that have to be sorted out and settled in the immediate ensuing hours. For instance, if you have not settled your eternal future as to where you are going, heaven or hell, such cannot be put on the back burner. The Bible teaches and underlines the fact that ‘today is the day of salvation’. The most vital issue is whether you have been born anew by Jesus Christ and are now a child of God and in His Family and now can call God your Father. Now is the moment to decide the matter and make absolutely certain of your eternal future.

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Just for you Today – 21.01.20

The psalmist expresses his great desire which has been laid hold of by many who have wanted to know the LORD in a greater way. He said in Psalm 27:8 ‘When you said, seek ye my face; my heart said, Thy face LORD will I seek’. He sensed an inward pressure and earnest longing to be in urgent pursuit of Him that mattered most in his life. There is no doubt about it, the greatest need of our our lives and experience is to possess a revelation of the LORD so that a meaningful daily oneness and partnership is established with Him. He wills to be all in all so that we shall have an answer to every current demand to great satisfaction. When He puts on His appearance all is sure to be well!

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JUST FOR TODAY – 20.01.29


One of the reasons for the creation of Eve that would be real helpmeet to Adam No, not a slave or bond-servant but an equal partner seeking to be a positive assistant to her husband, and one might add, vice versa. As she was sincerely motivated she would be looking out for opportunities to be supportive in his life adding some beauty and lustre. She must have looked glorious in her unfallen state, a woman to be exceeding pleased with. Each day there was the presentation of being able to do things that only a woman can really perform. In the Christian Church Paul refers to people being ‘helps’ – 1 Cor 12: 28. True, quiet, unassuming helpers are indispensable for the work of any Christian fellowship. Join the community!!!

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JUST FOR TODAY – 19.01.20


This is truly so when you desire a meaningful relationship with the Lord. Whilst there are many choice promises of a far-reaching order to be brought to pass, it is also true to say and teach that there are His commands to be heeded and hearkened to. Someone made the remark: ‘Never think that God has commanded a trifle, and never trifle with anything He has commanded’. If there was one thing Satan succeeded in doing in his communication with our first parents was to be-little God’s Word and consequently the fall took place between God and Man. Make it your daily business to know and love what the Lord has to give in direction and carry it through. You will be the rich benefactor!!

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JUST FOR TODAY – 18.01.20


In the most congenial surroundings Satan is present to seize the opportunity to steal the show and spoil the union with the LORD. The Lord permits it because He desires that His new creatures would learn as quickly as possible how to distinguish true communicators. If only they had spent time knowing who had formed them and his daily holy and heavenly incursion they would have coped an dealt with the distraction and not to have been led astray by the wicked one. Keep on guard in the immediate hours so that your fellowship with the LORD is kept in a wholesome state. There can be no substitute for Him for He is life, health and constant blessing

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JUST FOR TODAY – 17.01.20


If you are to really live a blessed and victorious life that can be approved of by heaven then definite requirements are demanded. It is good to know them:

First and foremost is the demand to know and hear from the LORD in a regular manner. This surely is to be gathered from His dealings with Adam and Eve. He wanted to set up a healthy and meaningful relationship that would be to their advantage and to the LORD’S purpose. The daily visit was to trigger of a whole future that would advance in accord where He could dynamically converse with Him and be their Teacher and where they could move from the primitive to advance levels of thinking, understanding and realisation. It has not changed, as the LORD seeks oneness with you at all times!

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