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Just for You Today – 8.04.20                            


All is in hands and that includes you. That means you do not have to secure by yourself a place in them because He has already foreseen and taken this course of action. After all, it was his genius hands that formed you in your mother’s womb and such have been caring and open to you since. Now is the time in sweet confidence to rest in them and allow Him to resource all that you require for the now. Know the warmth of His heart and the thoughts of His infinite mind flow in His sacred hands. In these traumatic times you are well situated, in his hands.

welcome to this Christian website

             Just for You Today – 7.04.20


There used to be years ago a program known as ‘Opportunity Knocks’ which gave ordinary people to show off and launch their seeming extraordinary talents. Many never looked back after their public display of gift. Everyone daily is given the opportunity to prove and exploit their worth in the common round and task. It is so imperative to make the most of every moment because such never returns again. Know in particular what you really must be about, who to give your times and monies too, where you should go and make a valid expression of your talent, and so on. Today you can make someone’s day by your visit and ministry. Try it!!

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           Just for You Today – 6.04.20


It would seem that Israel following their outstanding deliverance should be very slow to pass their tests. The LORD was desirous of increasing and developing their faith and expectancy but they were not able to grasp this knowledge. He delivered them in a unique way from Egypt, parted the waters of the Red Sea and from thence was to manifest His infinite providence. But they failed to love and cotton on to His great capacity to do wonders. Do not make the same mistake but expect Him to work miraculously for you today.

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               Just for You Today – 5.04.20


One of the wonders of adverse times that are quite amazing and wonderful to note is that if they are handled wisely and without acrimony they can turn out to be great steps forward in life and accomplishment. Joseph knew he was born to be a winner but eventually discovered the route to it was fraught with tough and rough stages. Through the input of God’s grace and favour he truly made it and his dreams realised. He was always ready to move on a nd receive more and so must you. Do not settle in the doldrums as if all is finished but know there are new beginnings and fresh chapters of progress and success to be written to bless others. That is prophetic!

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Just for You Today – 4.04.20


It is good for you to know that the LORD has already taken care of all your tomorrows so that you do not have to be anxious or fretful in any way. You can live care free in the sure knowledge that whatever lies ahead in demand He will more than deal with it from a loving heart. This personal information should cause you to live in a condition of divine freedom knowing that His favour is always extended towards you and is to be enjoyed. The smallest and the greatest detail and all in between is overseen and acted upon by Him who does all things well. The LORD not only precisely marked out the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, the demise of their enemies, the way through an awesome desert but the possession of a permanent homeland for His people. But there is more envisaged by Him for those in the Christian Church!!

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    Just for You Today – 3.04.20


The LORD ever desires that the memory He has graciously given you be used in the wisest manner so that you gain a great deal. One of the things He called upon Israel to do was to ‘Remember all the way He had led them’. They made it to the Promised Land due to the fact that He knew the best route and would guide unerringly. Besides this, He would always be around to provide and protect. Remembering the whole story it is most apparent He was up to every situation. It is good to reminisce on His constancy and providence knowing that just for today he will see us all through with grace and blessing. Use your mind in the best way to reflect and obtain the greatest results.

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Just for You Today – 2.04.20


We are exhorted and encouraged in love to serve one another. This is a very good exercise and nullifies selfishness. It should be a joyful thing to be able to go out of our way to perform some gracious demand for others when it costs us something. The parable of the Good Samaritan is an excellent illustration and inspiration to minister to the call around us. At time all that some folk want is a word and message to put a new lift in their hearts and lives and impart the will to press on and through. May be a simple phone message to someone today will make impact of worth and gird them to greater quality and position. A captain serves his team well when he can put fresh drive into his teammates!

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            Just for You Today – 1.04.20


It would appear that there are three stages of life to be negotiated which are related to each other. One is purposed to be connected with each other. The primary thing that the Lord did with our first parents was to test their love and loyalty, faith and worth. Regrettably it is a sad record of failure.  It is important to know when you are on a test run! Abraham had to face the fact that he was to be tried concerning his faith. He was prepared for its and on two demanding requirements was loyal. He moved out into a new land and lifestyle and was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son. The Lord honoured him as an outstanding man. Being triumphant in and over-all is vital. Christ set the p[attern and we must follow in His steps and live a victorious life – Rom 5:37.

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Just for You Today



“He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY’, so says Psalm 91:1. There is no doubt about the substance and reality of this Biblical quotation. To those people who place their confidence and hope in JEHOVAH, the ever living GOD, they will discover He is well able to look after those who simply trust in Him. Being self-assured is not enough and will fail. Many people fall flat on their faces when they are merely self-reliant. Learn to live knowing you are always covered by God’s hand of omnipotence and loved with an eternal love is the best way to live. Abide in Him and be assured today!

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Just for You Today – 30.03.20


Being seemingly closed in seemingly has its advantages and blessings. It gives time for the pulling off on a lot of non-essentials and focusing on spiritual realities and fellowship to be known with God. It is possible to be far too busy where the LORD does not really get a look in or have a message into our lives and situations. The loss known by this is irreparable. Take the forthcoming hours and day to relate to Him so that He can communicate vital knowledge that will make all the difference to your growth and attainment in heavenly matters. He does not want you miss out on anything that will serve to your usefulness and blessedness. Note: this can be the day which will spell the turning point to greater things!!!

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