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Dec 13th

Rev. E. Anderson


One must never permit others to run your affairs but to be quietly subject to the Lord and His Word in everything. Do not be steam-rollered into any hurried act. Sometimes one has to patiently wait for the right choice and move to make before going ahead. Although you may be in a hurry, the Lord isn’t, and He knows the best and right time for things to be initiated and fulfilled. Just waiting before Him does give you the opportunity to charge your batteries and allows more opportunity for meditation on Him and His choice designs for your life and pathway. Be assured, you are to come forth at this hour to live, believe and serve God and your generation with telling effect. Later on, in review, you will be both grateful and glad that you did not hasten to follow the crowd!


A FATAL CONFESSION – John 13: 18-38

After making known the fact that He was about to suffer and die, Peter makes a very bold confession: “I will lay down my life for you” – v37. Certainly, this was how he felt and expressed what he believed was the conviction of his being. It was a great gesture on his part but unfortunately he did not really know himself or the events that were soon to overtake him. Christ had come to mean a great deal to him over the recent years and he was convinced of His person, hence the confession of loyalty even to the point of death.

In no way was the Lord in the dark regarding His own future or of His disciples. He knew what was to be His own and Peter’s lot. His servant would go through a traumatic ordeal just like Him and he would disown his Lord. Christ forewarns him about the experience so that when it happened Peter would be deeply conscious of the fact that his denial did not take the Lord by surprise. The incident as it occurred would only make him realize not only his own inherent weakness but also the Lord’s extraordinary perception and knowledge. His restoration would come about in spite of this awful let-down and instead of denial there would be declaration.

Christians have to be most careful with their words especially in relation to their avowals. In making bold statements of commitment to Him it has to be recognised that they will be duly tested. The time and moment will arrive when they will be called upon to fulfil what has been spoken. Satan would seek to get Christians to disown Christ and make a mockery of their words. Through Christ’s grace and strength it is possible to live up to your confession of commitment.


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Dec 129h

Rev. E. Anderson


One of the essential things for a Christian is make sure that they are not only rightly planted but become rooted and productive through spiritual nourishment. It is one thing to be initiated into the Christian faith and life through regeneration, but this has to be quietly and quickly followed by becoming grounded and to manifest growth in the way that Christ has planned and ordained. There are vital spiritual considerations to come into operation and to intensify as life progresses. Talking to God regularly through prayer is a dynamic exercise that inevitable yields development through God. The Scriptures must be read and meditated on so they become a means of nourishment and strength. Attendance in continual fellowship with the saints in worship adds to the build up of life and character. The giving of one’s total self is a must if the heights are to be reached. May you be the kind of person that Christ is pleased with because of the growth factor.



On this occasion, Christ was not simply seeking to show His disciples up for their lack of commitment to serve one another in a humble manner, but wanted, above all, to reveal to them the need of being able to do things for each other in a gracious and generous fashion without ado. They failed here to express courtesy to one another in tending to the simple washing of feet which was a custom in those days. It was the job of the servant to do this task but none of them were prepared to lower themselves to this menial function. There was the element of pride in their hearts and this needed to be dealt with in a personal and powerful manner.

Who better than Christ to show the way and give the lead in the right spirit! In an unassuming fashion He donned a towel and took a bowl of water and lovingly washed each one in turn. The sight of their Master doing this to them was a masterful message and must have quietly spoke volumes. He gently pressed home the message by showing if He their Lord and Master could do this humble yet honourable duty, so they should be able to do the same. In serving this way the disciples were being honourable to each other and sowing the best attitudes.

Christianity does involve the great matter of service and it focuses attention on the Christian community serving each other in the spirit and nature of Christ. Within each Christian believer there should be a humble disposition to do things for others in the body of Christ that seemingly are of a mean order but they must be performed with grace, good-will and cheerfulness. Doing the less prominent deeds in a spiritual and modest manner reflects very much what the Kingdom of God is


THE LIVING LORD – Revelation 1

REVELATION: There is this magnificent disclosure given to John on the isle of Patmos of the Risen and Glorified Christ. The apostle had seen and known Jesus Christ after the flesh during His earthly life and ministry and been greatly affected by that sight and knowledge. He had had the privilege of witnessing His unique glory on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17), but now he was to behold Him in new form, glory and ministry. He is not in the tomb as one who has been but is alive and in an administrative role as the Head of the Christian Church.

ASSURANCE: The word of assurance that comes from the lips of Christ and that is voiced with certainty is that He lives and that He lives for evermore – v18. He had tasted death but death had no authority or dominion over Him. He is its eternal Master. He wants His Church, the whole composite body, to know and live in the assurance of the fact that He not only lives but also is in command and control of His people and the Church’s destiny.

EXPERIENCE: The fact that He is alive must be noted and that He is alive to be present and active in the life, faith and affairs of His servants and people in many capacities. The whole truth has to be experiential in many ways. His people can discover that He is near and at hand to fulfil many roles in their lives and experiences. It should excite the spirit, inspire faith and expectancy and lead on to much occurring of a divine nature and order.


One of the things they discovered so soon after His resurrection was that He was round about to be their true associate and travelling Companion. The two on the Emmaus Road were to find out that He could meet them on life’s journey and understand precisely where they were, what their need was and to minister most dynamically into the situation. It was possibly the most electrifying experience of their lives. He had the capacity of making them see things differently and to be raised out of a spirit of e meet us on all of life’s roads: the Jericho Road – Luke 10 – in time of great difficulty and need as the Good Samaritan. On the Damascus Road – Acts when we need to know who He is and enter into the experience of conversion. Or even on the sea of life when all is in jeopardy – Acts 27. He comes alongside to prove His friendship and give His input.


Everyone needs some one to wisely administrate life with all of its demands and affairs. Someone of great skill and ability is needed to put us properly together and to enable to construct something of worth and significance. Paul makes the confession: “For we are His workmanship . . . .” This means to see that He is there to providentially and personally see to the making and building of our lives and work in a positive manner. Paul knew that Christ was in the business of both making and using him so that all would be wisely administered and constructed.


But they couldn’t exile him from the Head of the Church. The Chief Shepherd had so much to impart in the way of teaching and prophetic revelation. He was there to counsel him and the whole of Christendom as to what was to be. He also comes in the presence of the Holy Spirit to be its Teacher – John 14-16.

He comes to John when he has been exiled because of His faith and commitment to Christ. It was possible to seemingly cut him off from the churches and fellowships he loved so much and cared for as a shepherd,


He is the One above all who is able to keep a watchful eye and preserving hand upon those that he is with. In considering the life and work of the apostle Paul, he lived and served in many threatening circumstances and conditions, but he discovered that the Lord was present to safeguard him. He could rest and be at peace because the Lord was at hand to keep and protect and how well he did it – see Acts 27. When he has to make his defence for Christ, when no one else was around, the Lord was him – 2 Timothy 4:16


The Living Lord comes to us to make known the fact that He really is alive in our day and generation and in the realm of our one experience. He comes to dispel all fear and unbelief and to assure He will be our constant Companion and Friend; our Administrator and Constructor; etc. He wants to break into our lives and situations to show and prove that together it is possible to live a powerful and effective life and fulfil a dynamic role whatever that might entail.

There are occasions when we need someone to come around and pour fresh strength into us so that we can rise and be renewed to fulfil important vocations and callings for God. The Lord came to Peter to show His care, to pour in His life and to renew his calling. What a great job He did on this occasion!

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Dec 119h

Rev. E. Anderson


It is very important for an orchestra or band before a performance to make certain that their instruments are perfected tuned so that all harmonises when they combine together in a act.. They do not want to hear a discordant note, hence the intense preparation. Jesus Christ has lovingly placed you in His community and extended gifts to be used in accord and agreement within it. Each and everyone is personally responsible to be sure that life and gifts harmonise and are beautifully joined to others to present a glorious presentation of Christ. Spend some private time today in drawing aside with the objective in bringing all into alignment with Him within His Church. The world at large is waiting to see and hear the Christian Church in perfect unison and harmony sending out a powerful and winsome message in its music centred in Christ.



There is no wonder that Christ appreciated this little family of three, two sisters and a brother. They each revealed a great personal appreciation of Him. Lazarus was thrilled beyond measure to be there on this occasion following his resurrection, celebrating and honouring the Lord who had demonstrated a miracle on His behalf. Martha found no difficulty in donning an apron to serve all who had been invited, especially the Lord. Instead of mourning they were in a happy mood after the turn of events.
Mary did something that little bit extra. She had a costly pint of pure nard perfume and she felt that her Lord was the One who had to be blessed with it. She is so overwhelmed and grateful that she bathes His feet with her tears, then dries them with her hair and pours out the ointment on them. What she was doing was in symbol form pouring out her life before Him in gratitude as was her sister and brother. Christ was visibly affected by such esteem in a loving home. It must have made Him feel that it was worth going to the cross just to save them! 

Every Christian, at some time or other, has the opportunity of doing that something extra for Christ which gives evidence of their love and esteem of Him. The privilege is afforded of being able to pour out the life in some meaningful kindness and gesture that reflects how greatly He is admired. In the light of what He has done for you in such a wonderful manner and measure, how ready are you to pour out your life in response? Seize hold of the time to show to Him your intense gratitude by sharing your life within the Christian community His love in some way.

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Dec 109h

Rev. E. Anderson


The steady progress of the tortoise to its destiny is far better than the hare that seems to have a short-termed enthusiasm for the journey and wastes a great deal of time in spite of its ability and agility. You may be seemingly one of the slow individuals that appears to need time to get going and to know the best route, but you have learned in this stage that if you press on as you are doing you will make the grade and prove your worth. Do not be subdued or depressed as you compare yourself with others in their work and ministry. You will be surprised, delighted and blessed as you review the track you have taken that it has yielded positive and lasting factors. Just keep renewed by God’s Spirit and Word and you will full attain all that one could wish for.



This is a wonderful case where it can be particularly observed that Christ is tending specially to His Flock. He had become very special to the two sisters and their brother, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. A crisis arose of major note that required the care of the Shepherd. Lazarus became very ill and did not recover. This upset the sisters enormously and it looked from the outward standpoint that Christ wasn’t too bothered. They sent for Him when He was sick and He did not hasten to respond. They believed if He had come Lazarus would have fully recovered.

But the Shepherd of their souls knew how best to deal with the problem even though it had reached extremity. The delay was in order to prove to them how much He loved and cared and to show that whatever the emergency He was bigger than such. This Shepherd was able to more than deal with the issue of death. He had said: “I am come that you might have life” – John 10: 10; and here was a situation where He would totally justify His words and ability. In a simple and powerful manner Lazarus was raised and made a living testimony of Christ’s tender care.

It is imperative for all to see and know within the Church of God that Christ the Shepherd can deal successfully with every kind of emergency that comes to any of His Flock. He knows the exact state that each of His sheep is in: where they are and what the need is. He is ever committed to tend and look after each one whatever the circumstances they are in. As you are one of His own, know that He is vigilant and diligent and will come to your aid and minister in His own way.

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Dec 9th

Rev. E. Anderson


God is always at His finest and best and never does anything second rate especially for His own offspring in Christ. If you truly belong to Him He will ever be committed to your welfare and blessedness. Your heavenly Father is both watchful and mindful and has everything sorted out for your development, security and usefulness. Learn, above all, to place yourself and all your ambitions, aims and aspirations into His hands and let Him totally direct and you are sure to turn out a winner. Malignant and evil agencies under the direction of Satan would seek to subvert everything your Father designs, but he and his allies are doomed to fail. Your success is assured as you remain in love, faith and obedience to Him.



Not only does Christ the Shepherd speak of the sheep listening to and knowing His voice; He said also: “and they follow Me –v27. This truly identifies them as being His flock. It is in the following they evidence their accord and oneness with Him. It is not a forced domination over the flock or individual but a glad and wholesome acceptance of the worth of the Owner and Overseer. They follow by reason of the spirit and nature of the Shepherd and know that they could not be better catered for. The sheep are intelligent enough to be aware of the fact that the one who leads is to be relied upon totally to look after their interests at all times.

He promises a number of choice things as they follow: “to give eternal life, that they shall never perish, and that they are secure in his keeping” – v28. Earlier He said, “I am come that they might have life, and have it to the full” – v10. No wonder they follow! What a big deal and hope! There is no way that He is going to lead them astray or to a disastrous end. He is not assuming authority over them in order to give them the worst, only the best. He is the Good, Great and Chief Shepherd that is able to achieve only the choicest for each and every one.

Each sheep has a spiritual responsibility, to make sure that they continually hear, know and follow the divine Shepherd. Each sheep should be giving evidence that they are living under His sovereign rule and care. There is to be a divine blessedness known in those who abide under the covering of Christ. David stated that as he lived under Jehovah as his Shepherd, “Goodness and mercy followed him all the days of His life” – Psalm 23: 6. As he followed the Lord, goodness and mercy followed him. So can you be encompassed in and with the favour of the Shepherd.


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Dec 8th

Rev. E. Anderson


The apostle Paul encouraged the Ephesian believers to ‘be strong in the LORD, and in the power of His might’ – Eph 6:10. It would indicate that Christ has made His extraordinary strength and ability available to all of His saints. You were never meant to live the Christian life by your own will-power and muscle but through the impartation of the supreme vigour of Christ. It is possible to know what latent strength is in Him when it is noted what He accomplished. He took on life with all of its demands, faced the crushing fact of death but prove He was Sovereign-Master. He will achieve the same in and for you as you learn to draw by faith of His fullness of life and your weakness will give opportunity for Him to show what he can and will do.


THE SHEPHERD’S VOICE – John 10: 1-21

Those who belong to Christ and become closely associated with Him are able to discern His voice. Just as the sheep are able to sense the presence and accent of their shepherd, so it is so with those who have a definite, divine union with Christ, the Shepherd of His people. It states: “they know His voice” – v4. It is to be distinguished from all others. Somehow, in a beautiful way, He is the One to be trusted because He knows leads, provides and protects in a manner like no other individual. Behind that voice is a person who cares and desires to cover the well-being of all that would live under His wing.

The voice is representative of the Shepherd who loves the sheep to such an extent that He is prepared to give up His life for their lives and security. He is not a hireling but one that lovingly and tenderly seeks to see each sheep totally provided for. This Shepherd knows each sheep by name and maintains a diligent watch over them individually. As He ministers to them, it is in this capacity, so each has to come into an intimate and near relationship with Him. It is to their distinct good that they develop this close liaison with the Shepherd.

It is a challenging thing for every Christian to know and develop at a personal level. The fact that Christ affirms “I Am the Good Shepherd” declares that He is ever existent in this calling and capacity. He has always known the ones that belong to Him but it is imperative that all know Him in His special and general care of their lives and future. Have you and are you cultivating this close bond with Him so that you are always sensitive to His voice and words into your life and daily situations? Let this day see an intensification of your relationship with Him.


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Dec 7th

Rev. E. Anderson


Often that which is complicated and difficult comes across in your course of life and duty and you are in a quandary as to what to do. Your inadequacy becomes the opportunity for you to prove that your God does exist and that He is interested and committed to you. Further, know that He has all the answers and there is absolutely nothing that baffles or bewilders Him. Do not be dismayed about your seemingly helpless condition because He has allowed it in His wisdom for you to draw upon those invisible resources and reserves of infinite knowledge. Like a Joseph: you will be raised to be an answer to the many dilemmas others face! Instead of being full of problems you will know heavenly revelation that will be the perfect guide.



Little did this blind man know that he was going to have such a wonderful experience and become the focus of great attention? He was met and ministered to by Christ in a beautiful and remarkable manner. From birth he had been born blind, never seeing the light of day. Then all changed in a moment through the unique intervention of Christ. In a simple way He gave the answer to his need and the man was given his sight to the astonishment of all. He was put through a real test to prove that what took place really did happen.

He was called to witness both to neighbours, friends, family and the Pharisees as to what had occurred. He became very bold and unashamed as he affirmd as to what took place. In the process of sharing about his healing, his spiritual, inner eyes become opened and he began to recognize the true worth of the one who performed the miracle – vv17, 25, 27, 30, 31. He saw beyond his own wonderful deliverance and valued the healer. Later he was to have a bigger testimony as he came face to face with Christ and placed his faith in Him – vvv37, 38.

Christ is still the One that gives sight to the blind. He can do so both naturally and spiritually. He came with the objective of opening the inward eyes so that man could see things of a divine and spiritual nature and reveal the splendour of the eternal world. It is important that people possess this illumination of life within so that all can be interpreted aright. In the today of your life, the Lord would cause you to see the things of real value and cause you experience His miraculous grace and power within so that you will become a worshipper and a true witness for Him.      

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Dec 6th

Rev. E. Anderson


Paul’s observed that the saints the Corinthian fellowship had learned to ‘abound in everything’ – 2 Cor 8:7. That was a most commendable thing to write in testimony of this company of believers. It was truly a church on the move with rich spiritual hunger and possession. This is what the LORD has ordained for you. You may have to confront your tests and trials but they are stepping stones and a means of enlarging your capacity to receive so much more from Him. He wills that you serve as inspiration and example to countless others how life can be lived and blessing with His abundant grace and goodness. Where you are now i8s but the bais on which he would extend the riches of heaven and Himself.


KNOWING THE TRUTH – John 8: 31-59

Jesus Christ was not only sure of His person and identity, He was absolutely certain of the words that He spoke. He taught the things that people really needed to know about God and reality. He made it clear that what He said was the truth that needed to be believed and acted upon. As the embodiment of truth, He delivered it so that it might be understood, accepted and applied so that it would do its work. The ways to prove the fact that they were His disciples was in following out His perfect teaching and so experience its impact and effect. The assured means to know He was true and His teaching was in this procedure.

There would be a dynamic consequence of doing this: it would be in the actual knowing of a wonderful freedom that would testify to the genuineness of Christ and His teaching. They would not only be set free from lies and deception of the worst kind, they would positively sense a true understanding of God with regard to His person and purposes. They would live in the freedom of knowing who they were, what they could be and accomplish. No longer would they be victim of vain philosophies and traditions that created bias, bondage and superstition.

Christ came as the Prophet of God to speak the words that would bring true revelation to the mind on the critical issues of life. He is the Divine Messenger with the words and answers to the baffling queries in life and as He is listened to and His teaching received, He brings a person into perfect liberty. It is good to have the brain washed by Him with pure knowledge so that life can be perfectly based and constructed as God meant it to be. Be sure you live in the revelation of His word.



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Dec 5th

Rev. E. Anderson


It is one thing to commence with great love, passion, faith, determination and service, but it is another thing to continue in the same way throughout your whole Christian experience until your final breath. Consistency is required in all these dynamic factors to make them fruitful, worthwhile and be ultimately approved by Christ. There is so much to distract, weaken and drain the inward being of spiritual desire and drive. Only by a wholesome communion with Him will ensure the maintenance of a healthy and vibrant state. He has made such possible and available and nothing and no one should be allowed to come between you and Him so that you can be constantly supercharged by Him. There is no substitute that can replace Him. He is with you to maintain the both the spiritual go and glow at all times until the final appearance before Him.


THE LIGHT OF LIFE – John 8: 12-30

How vital it is that man’s mind and being be lit up with true understanding with regard to life. He needs to be fully in the know concerning what life is all about, what it should be producing and where it is actually leading to. For this to be so he requires light of a divine order so that he can perfectly perceive, know and proceed on the right course of belief and behaviour. Christ affirmed in a clear manner that He alone is the answer to this basic requirement. He said: “I Am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” –v12.

This is a divine claim that He will have to justify and is prepared to do it in everyone that is willing to receive and follow Him. Looking at His life, it is obvious that He knew the reason for His existence and perfectly accomplished His mission not only for Himself but for all men. He has made a highway for all to enter that leads to God and to eternal life and destiny. He is the shining, divine light that lights up men within and lights up the path and the way ahead. Those who acknowledge Him are freed from darkness and walk in light.

This is a personal issue that has to be applied within the life of every individual. Christ must be the one to whom all men should turn to and be believed in and the moment that occurs, He, the Light, begins to illuminate the life with truth, faith, knowledge and divine purpose. It does not say, “I was the Light” but that “I Am the Light” thus revealing He is the ever present, divine Light. Remember, He is the One that seeks to give you true understanding and knowledge so that you rightly believe and proceed on the highway of life to your divine destination and destiny.



PRAYER: In-built in man is the agency of prayer, this is especially so in those who have really come to know God. Even in false religions there is this factor. And it is quite revealing to see people who profess to have no faith that when extreme crisis and difficulty come, prayer. There is this inward monitor that has been divinely implanted and it is vital that it has a true relationship with God. This is vividly portrayed in the account of Hezekiah.

LISTENING: The Lord is revealed in the Scriptures as possessing the capacity to hear and listening to those who would sincerely and rightly call upon Him. Later on the prophet makes the point that “His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear” – 59:2. The thing that prevents God listening is the fact of sin. It blocks and restrains Him from taking any notice of the pray-er and prayer.

ANSWER: The purpose of listening to prayer is to effect an answer. It is pointless praying if there is to be no answer. The widow woman who went to the unjust judge with her persistent appeal because she knew she would get an answer although he was not ready to listen too much at the first – Luke 18ccccc. The Lord is always and ever in the place of power where He can respond positively. He is also sympathetic to those who are in accord with Him – Hebrews 4:15,16.

INSTANCE: Hezekiah’s situation and petition gives some insight of prayer and the Lord’s ability to hear and hearken in a powerful manner and we should find great encouragement from it.


The king had received a message from the Assyrian monarch demanding the yielding up of Jerusalem, the city of God and from all natural reasoning it looked as if that the city would fall. Rabshakeh had sought to intimidate and shake the spiritual moral and confidence of both king and people and make them submit. They were no doubt a formidable and conquering host and surely the Holy City would fall as the next victim


There is no under-estimating the emergency and the humiliation is felt and expressed before the Lord. Hezekiah expresses immediately his total dependence on the Lord. If the situation was to be dealt with in an effective manner then it would require supernatural intervention. The king is rightly humbled and all human pride is removed in the acknowledgement of need and of the Lord’s help. 3.


There is the coming to the prophet of the Lord, the messenger of God, Isaiah, with the fact of the situation. The king knows that this man knows the Lord and is in a strong and wholesome relationship and stand in the gap to help. Isaiah is only too willing to play his part and fulfil his role.


Isaiah has the attention of the Lord and is very swift in bringing the divine answer. It seems that there is no long waiting but that heaven is sensitive to all that is happening and can speak with confidence and allay any fears. In a short answer the Lord affirms that the enemy will be dealt with and sent on his way.


The opposition does not like the developments because he has to return because of other problems but is not ready to give up on its intentions for the taking of the sacred city and seeks to create further panic. He tries to create a further condition of unrest and weakness by sending a letter with His plans, affirming what had been. This is one of the ways of the wicked one. The prophetic word comes and he does his best to negate it.


The king is not to be outdone or to give up but brings the letter direct to the Lord into His house. He does a very simple thing: he spreads it before the Lord and prays to Him. He makes a good and great prayer by: * recognizing the greatness of the Lord and His dwelling place – v16;  * by honestly making known the subject matter of his petition vv17-19;  * by affirming the vanity of all the idolatrous systems of faith and practice;  * by stating his conviction that the Lord was well able to attend to this issue immediately – v20.


The Lord in His omniscience informs Isaiah what was occurring and gives the prophet ‘the word in season’ and appropriate for the situation. He makes it obvious that He is fully conversant with all that is taken in place. “Before anything is known and takes place on earth it is known in heaven.” He is no ignorant on any front. The Lord will deal with it single-handed and He will deal with the Assyrians as they have dealt with others, v29. And He did v36.

We must live in the assurance of the Lord and in the knowledge He hears and answers prayer! There is no problem, however big and demanding, for Him to attend to but we must be ready to place the issue in His capable hands.



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Dec 4th

Rev. E. Anderson


It is the desire and provision of God that you live in a spirit and state of victory. He has rescued you from defeat and disaster and made available the graces and gifts of Himself so that they may be exploited in and through you in an overcoming life. No longer are you to exist in despair and hopelessness, rather, proceed daily on your appointed victorious route. As Israel, and later, David, moved into action with God and saw extraordinary things occur, so you, too, are to join the ranks of the over comers. As Winston proclaimed in Britain’s darkness hour in the last Great World-War: ‘This is your finest hour.’ Join the ranks of Christendom in its overall conquest of sin, Satan, self and all other opposing factors!



As this woman was thrust into the presence of Christ amidst a grave accusation of committing adultery, she looked to be in a serious situation. Not only was Christ put on the spot, she also was in real difficulty, too. His opponents wanted to expose Him as one that did not uphold the law or as a person that lacked compassion. Christ looked to be in a no win situation and the woman was the focus of attention. These adversaries were not really interested in the woman’s good, only in the downfall and destruction of Christ.

The Lord was able to free her from the sentence of stoning and justify Himself and His ways before all. He turned the spotlight from the woman and Himself on to His inveterate enemies. He simply called the person who was without sin to cast the first stone. Conviction fell upon her accusers and that sense of divine condemnation compelled them to leave and Christ was left alone to minister to the woman. Grace and forgiveness was extended and then the directive to go and live a life free from sin. He upheld the law yet manifested the abundant grace of God.

The gospel that Christ came to introduce into society is all about the goodness of God towards guilty sinners. All men appear culpable before God and are worthy of death. Christ came to seek and save the sinner from the grip of sin and has created a way of forgiveness and freedom. Through His death on the Cross the penalty of sin has been atoned for and by His resurrection a new power and way of divine life is open for all. The Lord has freed you from judgment and now it is your spiritual obligation and opportunity to live a life that honours Him and the law.


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