Meet the Christian Ministers

Rev. Steve Peach



IN the 12 months since Pastor Peach took over at Tipton Christian Centre (TCC), the church has reached out to all 14 schools in the town and has also been awarded the title of Community Champion.

So how did all this come about? It started when Steve heard about a project called the Big Spring Clean last year.

He explained, ‘I haven’t changed the vision of the church because having been there for ten years I was part of the existing vision. It was a bit like Joshua taking over from Moses.

‘But I was given more of a community focus to branch out into the town.

‘We got involved with different community organisations and discovered that there was a massive void for us to fill.

‘Then I heard about a project called the Big Spring Clean, where the council, the government, and other organisations got involved in cleaning up the streets and wanted to get the schools involved. We heard of it and got ourselves into its The Big Spring Clean culminated in TCC being invited into a local school after meeting with the headteacher. Steve said, ‘They wanted to get involved in the Big Spring Clean but didn’t want to go out of the school grounds. So we went into the school and cleaned the grounds.

‘Hundreds of kids got involved, then the parents brought their kids to our kids’ work and that’s helped us as a church and has increased our congregation.

‘Just the other week, I was in a school preaching to over 1,000 kids and around 70 staff – and I got invited back for a three-hour RE lessons ‘It was a great time of my youth leader and I explaining the gospel, sharing Jesus and our testimonies. From there all the schools and people who were involved nominated us as a church and we were given the title of Community Champion’.

This year the church is getting even more involved with the Big Spring Clean, and has offered to help the council run the project because of budget cuts. Steve said, ‘It’s amazing how we’ve seen God move since we went out into the community’.

Another success that the church will be repeating this year is their involvement in the local Canal Fest.

Steve said, ‘Last year we were involved in that and did a big open air, where three churches shut down on a Sunday and held their Sunday service in a marquee.

There were 150 inside the marquee and the same number outside. This year they’ve promised us a bigger marquee!’ And Steve said the church loves to help people in a practical way, which they were able to do last Christmas.

He said, ‘An organisation that we worked with told us about a family that only had three beds for their four children, and no bedding.

‘We were able to provide a brand new bed and brand new bedding for the other beds.

‘The family didn’t just get touched by us, but by God through us. Just being in the community has made a massive difference.’

And this Easter looks set to be no different with the church planning to be part of a Good Friday March of Witness around the town’


Meet the Christian Ministers


               Rev. Matthew and Sian James

Mathew James is the Pastor at The Rock Community Church. He is married toSianand they have 2 grown up children, Tom and Carys.

TheRockCommunityChurchis an outward looking family church, centred on Christ, and relying on God’s Word and God’s Spirit. People of all ages and backgrounds find a warm welcome among us.

The Rock Community Church meets at the OldInfantsSchool, High Street, Gilfach Goch. As a church, our aim is to practically serve the communities of Gilfach Goch and Evanstown, demonstrating the love of Jesus in everything that we do.

We have weekly activities for children aged between 6 and 10, and also a youth club, on a Friday evening for ages 11 to 16. Our church prayer meeting is held on a Wednesday evening and our services on Sunday begin @ 11.00am and 6.00pm, with Sunday School being held for the younger children during the morning meeting.

You will receive a warm welcome at any of our services. We look forward to seeing you.

TheRockCommunityChurchoffers a FREE bus service to and from the church for both of the Rock Solid meetings.

If this is something you would be interested in, for your children, please use the contact details listed at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.

Email : info [at]


Meet the Christian Ministers


                 Rev. Sidney and Cathey Ceney

The church was started by a small group of people in the late 1940s.

For some time the services were held in a rented room above the Wheatsheaf pub in Brownhills.

In May 1952 the building in Brickiln Streetwas opened.  

In 1981 an extension was built to accommodate the growing congregation, and other major refurbishments have been completed more recently.

Pastor Sid Ceney and his wife have led the church since 1976

MISSIONS – San Antonio, Philippines

The Assembly Of God Church,San Antonio,Zambales,Philippinesstarted in 1979 through the pioneering efforts of the then newly wed couple, Pastor Eduard and Sister Vivian Advincula, together with an English couple Ian and Pauline, who at that time were missionaries sent toSan AntoniofromCalvaryChurch,Brownhills,UK.

From nothing, they scouted for a place and shared the Word of God by God’s grace and guidance. Praise and Worship started in a small rented room, until such time that they had to rent a separate and bigger place for holding services because the number of members grew as the days went by. Glory to God!

Crusades were held and Pastor Sid Ceney from Calvary Church was the quest speaker. Two to three families gave their hearts to the Lord at that time. From this theAOGChurchinSan Antoniowas born. Since Ian and Pauline, and Pastor Sid returned to England they have continued to raise funds for the AOG Church in San Antonio.

In 1982, a lot for the Church building was acquired through the help of Sister Pauline and her family and some generous people from her place. Praise God because in just a few months, the church building was erected. Church services then became more comfortable for the members, and Bible Studies grew as new members were added.



Meet the Christian Ministers


                          Rev. John and Pam Hibbert

I was born in 1946, son of a coal miner and brought up on a counsel estate.  We were quite poor, resorting to coats to supplement blankets in the winter months.  I often helped scrape the ice of the INSIDE of the windows. 

My parents were Christians and took me to church, which became my favourite place in the entire world.  Even as a little boy I loved the presence of God and I yearned to know Him.  When I was eleven I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and have never been the same since. 

Although after leaving school I became a draughtsman in light engineering, I knew that my calling was to preach the Gospel.  Through a miraculous arrangement by God, when I was 21yrs old, I became assistant pastor to David Powell at Rotherham, where I remained for five years. 

In 1968 I was married to my wife Pam and in 1972, again by an overwhelming answer to prayer I moved to Mansfield Woodhouse, where I have remained to the present. 

My passion is to know God more and serve Him by winning the lost.  The evangelistic wing of our church is called International Outreach (see and we have been active in Honduras, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Colombia, Turkey, France and other parts of the world. 

In 1980 we held a campaign in the Las Arenas Bull Ring in Barcelona.  At that time the Lord told us that one day we would return and gave us a promise of thousands of souls.  We have prayed for Barcelona for 30yrs until God indicated to us in September 2009 that it was time to return.  We are planning six nights in the Palau Sant Jordi stadium in June 2012 (capacity 18,000).  We need God’s people to pray and give, so that multitudes might come to Christ (see 

I have four children and six grandchildren and am so thankful that they are all in His Kingdom. 


Meet the Christian Ministers


                    Rev. Ron and Elvira Crahart

I was born in the West Wales village of Loughor, the home of the 1904/5 revival, where I grew up with first hand accounts of that Sovereign move of God.   My maternal grandparents were George and Rachel Vale, who were converted to Christ during the revival.  They went on to pioneer two Pentecostal Churches: one in Tonypandy in 1907 and the other in Gorseinon some years later. 

My grandmother led me to Christ when I was six years of age and from that early age I was aware of the hand of God on my life.   During my teenage years I was greatly helped and encouraged by my pastor, Selwyn Hughes.

In 1957 I entered Kenley Bible College, where Donald Gee was the Principal.   This proved to be an invaluable time in a number of ways.   It was there that I met my lovely wife to be, Elvira Seary, who had already spent one term at the College.   Elvira came to know the Lord under the ministry of a Canadian Evangelist.

After spending two terms together, Elvira returned home to Crosskeys in south Wales.   We were married at the Crosskeys Pentecostal Church on September 12th 1959, when Pastor Wilfred Mercy conducted the service..

Elvira then joined me in ministry at the Ramsgate Assembly.   We went on to pastor churches in Skelmersdale, Middlesborough, South Kirkby, Ivy Church in Bristol and Norwich.

Under the clear leading of the Lord, we returned to the Newport area of south Wales.   There we served on a ministry team at an independent Pentecostal Fellowship before pioneering another work, where we continue to serve on the ministry team.

Elvira and I are now in our 52nd year of a very happy marriage.   God has blessed us with four children, ten grandchildren and five great grand-children.     


Meet The Ministers


                           Rev. David Flanders

David Flanders has lived in Cornwall all his life. He was converted when he was 14, six months later he was filled with the Holy Spirit and soon after began to preach in local churches. On leaving school he went into management with the Milk Marketing Board but the call of God was still strong upon him. In 1981 David felt compelled to leave his promising management career and give himself entirely to the Lord’s service.

Since then he has led hundreds of campaigns and missions from the Arctic Circle to Peru and from Romania to Houston. He has been involved in planting churches in Malta, Andorra, Sicily, Liechtenstein, Estonia and England. David holds a BA in theology from Calvary Bible Seminary and lectures in evangelism and mission in Bible Schools. He is the author of `Turning Yourself Inside Out’ as well as numerous tracts, pamphlets and articles.

He formed Jesus is the Answer International Mission (now DFM) in 1981 when his full time Christian work began. The ministry covers crusades, conferences, seminars and camps. David lives in Camelford with his wife Joy. They have two grown up children Thomas and Joanna two grandsons Solomon and Logan and a granddaughter Isabelle.

Soul’s Harbour was founded in 1987 by Pastor David Flanders  and his assistant Roy Little who is now with the Lord. A small group met in the Flanders’ home for a few months until they outgrew it and then moved to the St. John’s Hall. After about three years the Church moved into a leased property in Fore Street where it met for nine years.

In September 1999 Soul’s Harbour moved into the present building. Initially it was going to be a short term home but the Lord began to give us great vision for the Church in this situation. The Church united behind the vision to create a youth café and extensive facilities for youth and children in different parts of the building.

In May 2001 Soul’s Harbour bought the building and began renovation and remodelling. Financial help has come form a number of charities and local businesses have been very generous in donating materials.

Unusually for a rural church we have a distinct international flavour At Soul’s Harbour we are committed to creating a “Climate for Change” ~ changed lives, changed communities and a changed world.



Meet the Christian Ministers


                      Rev. Russell and Sarah Westfield

Hi and welcome to New Life. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

We believe that church is both a fun thing to be a part of and an important thing to belong to and we would love to have you visit us anytime. Here at New Life we try and express an enthusiasm for life in all we do and we’re excited that a message of hope and transformation through Jesus is reaching the community of North Lincolnshire through our events and projects.

We believe in a big God, build big people and belong to a big church.

You can find out much more about New Life throughout this site but why not just pop along to our weekly Sunday Celebrations at 10am where you can get a taste of our flavour and also receive an invite to our regular Fresher’s Buffet.

Thanks for dropping by. God bless you.


Our Message: Hope to the People of North Lincolnshire
With a population of just over 150,000 North Lincolnshire may not be the largest county in Britain but it has no shortage of needs and one in particular – Hope.
People place hope in so many things but their hope is usually in vain and sometimes their hope is abused. New Life wants to lead people to the one true source of eternally reliable hope – Jesus the Christ.

Our Motto: Same Jesus – Different Flavour Church

There are so many great churches out there. We applaud all the bible-believing churches in North Lincolnshire that point to Jesus as God’s rescue plan for mankind – they are doing an awesome work.
We at New Life celebrate God’s diversity and creativity and recognise that he is like a gardener who plants different types of flower, plant, shrub and vegetable in His garden.

Within the garden of North Lincolnshire there are wonderful bible-believing churches which have a common dna yet their fragrances and flavours are totally distinct. New Life is a large lively Pentecostal church with an enthusiasm for life and a love for our county. Come along and have a taste.

Our Mandate: Making Maturing Mobilising Disciples

New Life aims to give every man woman and child in our county an opportunity to respond to the great news of Jesus. We are committed to not just making nominal Christians but to fully obeying the instructions of Jesus and making disciples. The teachings of the Bible are geared to helping people deal with their past, delight in the present and discover their God-given destiny. Disciples love and serve God despite their circumstances and know what it is to live life to the full.

Our Method: Discipleship through Cells and Twelves

The basic building blocks of New Life are its cell groups. This is where Christians are best grown, best equipped and best loved. These cells are designed to multiply and new believers and people looking for answers are always welcomed. Our Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Children’s ministry are all done through cell groups with each separate grouping being called a Net. The Cell Leaders themselves are envisioned and discipled in groups of twelve and each is encouraged to raise their own “12”. This principle of twelve makes sure that every leader is ministered to and that each one is accountable.

We are committed to helping people progress in their faith and ministry in Jesus and our four stage Ladder of Success has helped many new believers develop into great cell and department leaders.



Meet the Ministers


                           Rev. Jeff  Brunton

Jeff is the senior leader of Life Church and has been part of the leadership for 25 years including around 10 years as Senior Minister.

He is responsible for the vision, strategy and oversight of the church and his heart for Europe takes him regularly to Crimea, Ukraine with NLI.

Married to Trish, Jeff has one son Matt, and two stepchildren Adam and Amie.

 Life Church is probably not what you would expect a church located in a small town in the North of England to look like.

 All our events and activities are packed with energy, enthusiasm and fun.

 We have a building (and are constructing a new one) but we are not a building. Life Church is a large and growing community of people, of all ages, from many different walks of life.

 We are here not to be relic of a bygone era, but to present a credible and relevant message in a contemporary style.

 We are passionate about Jesus and the transforming work He is doing in the lives of individuals and communities.

 We are a local church with a long history in Burnley. Both as a faith community and in practical service to the people, government, organisations and businesses of the town.

We are also a regional church; connecting with neighbourhoods and networks across East Lancashire. Through small groups, community projects and schools work from Clitheroe to Rossendale and Blackburn to Colne.

Vitality, community, relevance, transformation, journey; to sum it up in one word… LIFE!


Life Church exists to impact our Neighbours, our Nation and the Nations with the good news about Jesus. Leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. 


A Relational Community
People are our priority. The church is a living community not a building, event or style.

 A Welcoming Community
Presenting a message of grace in a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

 A Devoted Community
Following Jesus with full devotion to Christ and His cause is normal for every Christian.

 A Worshipping Community
That honours God in corporate gatherings of praise and a life of service to the King.

 An Authentic Community
Helping people live the Christian life with integrity in a non-religious, relational and practical way.

 A Generational Community
Where all ages worship, serve and share life together as we build for the future.

 A Biblical Community
We value the Scriptures and believe in the transforming power of God’s Word.

 A Networked Community
Spiritual growth and Christian community happen best in small groups and ‘church’ must happen where people live, work and play. Not just where they go on a Sunday.

 A Relevant Community
Contemporary in style and practical in application whilst remaining biblically consistent.

 A Well Led Community
Churches should be led humbly by men and women with leadership gifts and an awareness of their accountability to God and role as stewards of the body whose head is Christ.

An Excellent Community
Excellence inspires people, honours God and reveals His nature.

 A Missional Community
We exist not for ourselves but to transform the world in service to others.



Meet the Christian Ministers


               Rev. Danny and Joanne Miller

Danny grew up in a stable but non-christian family in Portsmouth, Hampshire, but has always been conscious of the existence of God as long as he can remember.  In the late Seventies Danny was invited to attend Sunday School by his mother who may have wanted to get him and his brothers and sisters out of the way on a Sunday morning. 

Danny absorbed the incredible stories of Moses, Noah, Joseph and many others.  In 1979 Danny was given first prize for Sunday School attendance at the local Methodist Church and received his first ever bible.  He read it, kept it in his bed at night and began to want to know where God was.

In 1983 a younger couple joined the church and started a youth group which Danny joined from day one, and every summer the group would attend a bible camp with other church youth groups.  In 1985, the theme was the return of Jesus and it was clear that the Lord was working in Danny’s life.  On Thursday 15th August 1985, Danny went for a short walk, and upon his return to the camp, all the other seventy teenagers had disappeared.  No one was at the camp field and Danny began to think that he had missed his opportunity to accept Jesus into his life, however to his surprise he saw his tent leader, a man called Bryan Ayrton who worked with the London City Mission.  Bryan explained that all the other teens had gone to Winchester to go swimming.  The conversation soon went to Jesus coming again for those who loved Him and belonged to Him.  It was that sunny afternoon that Danny knelt down in his tent and asked Jesus into his life.

In March 1987 Danny was baptised in the Holy Spirit, he later felt the Call to attend Bible College and attended one in Scotland.

In 1994 Danny was back in Portsmouth when sadly his older brother was killed in a car crash, the following months were very difficult for him and felt particularly hurt by the church who had little contact with him following the loss of his brother and because he had pulled back from his duties in the church. 

This hurt led to being quite bitter, and decided to leave his church.  However, Danny still loved the Lord and therefore wanted to move to a place where he felt there wouldn’t be any Christians…so Danny left Portsmouth, his local church and got a job a Soccer Coach upstate New York in the USA.  He found new friends that use to take him into New York at the weekends, but as the months ticked by, he began to miss the fellowship with Jesus. 

Danny eventually got his life right with God and returned to the UK, Danny even returned to the very church he was once bitter with.  However, Danny felt that the Call on his life was over.  He had sinned, he had messed up and felt though there was a God, he felt he blown it in being used by Him.

All that changed in August 1995.  By then Danny was working at a Family Portrait Photographers and became good friends with Paul, Paul also worked for the same company.  Danny and Paul use to talk about their hopes and dreams, Paul would say how he wanted to travel around Europe and he’d ask Danny what he wanted to do.  I don’t know anymore’, was the response.  All his life Danny had dreamt of serving the Lord, being a preacher, a pastor, serving him on the mission field.  All of that was before Danny left for America.

‘How about going out tonight into Portsmouth with me and my two friends?’, Paul asked Danny one afternoon.  Danny said yes but later changed his mind and told Paul he’d see Paul the next day at work. Danny never saw Paul again. That night Paul and his two friends were all killed in a car accident, all were just 21 years old.  The driver had been drinking and hit a tree just outside Portsmouth.

At the funeral, Danny sat the furthest at the back of the church and as the coffin came down the isle past Danny, the Lord spoke to him in such a clear powerful voice. ‘You could have been among the dead, but you weren’t because I have plans for you, you belong to me and no matter what you have done, or where you have been I have chosen you and set you apart to fulfil the calling I have given you’.

From 1995, Danny ploughed himself into the work of the Lord, and for the next few years worked in Romania.  Danny soon joined a Christian Radio station and later hosted a show with a daily audience of thirty-five million listeners.  This work took Danny all over the world, and was able to see incredible things the Lord is doing in many other nations.  From praying in the Knesset in Israel, to presenting radio shows in Las Vegas, or Miami.  To speaking in far away nations such as Bible Colleges in Namibia, or Cape Town, or Zambia the Lord has taken Danny to minister the Word of the Lord to many places around the world.  

Danny also met his future wife, Joanna at the radio station and married in 2002 Danny has always had a shepherd’s heart, and accepted the role of Youth Pastor in Pennsylvania. Danny also hosted a radio show with WCTL and even became Head Soccer Coach at the local High School, converting the team to follow Portsmouth FC. Danny & Joanna had  Grace their first daughter in America, and Elliana was born in the UK.

In September 2010 Danny was appointed Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Rotherham, UK where he is now living and serving.  The church is growing and developing in becoming a beacon of hope to the South Yorkshire region. 

Meet the Christian Ministers


           Rev. Kindah and Joan Greening

Pastor Kindah and Joan Greening recently celebrated 25 years of extraordinary ministry at King’s Christian Centre.

Under the leadership of Ps. Kindah and Joan and their ability to empower those within their sphere of influence, King’s has grown into a sizeable Christian organization comprising King’s Christian Centre, King’s Christian College, King’s International College, Community Support Agency as well as Healing Hurting Hearts Ministry of which Ps Kindah is the founder, running “Coping with Grief and Crisis” seminars for over 30,000 participants around the globe. He has also authored two books on the subject.

This attitude and faith in a God through who all things are possible has been foundational in building a strong “can do” culture at King’s that continues to impact the local church and affect the Gold Coast community.

As Ps Kindah has said so often before, no matter where you are today – the best is yet to come!

The heart of our church is to expand our sphere of influence; impacting lives and building people to reach their full potential through the life of Christ.

It is our prayer that you would be welcomed into our church and discover all that God has called you to be.


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