Meet the Christian Ministers


                    Rev. Kevin and Ann Pimbott

Kevin and Ann Pimblott are travelers at heart; explorers to be more precise and discovering new places and ideas are a big part of who they are.

They have lived somewhere between North America and Europe for many years and have gained a wide variety of experience in Christian ministry.

Almost two decades in youth and schools ministry added to church planting and senior leadership positions on both continents have provided experience in both the pioneering and management of both larger and smaller churches.

Their commitment now as ever is to help equip the local church to fulfill its God given destiny whilst helping launch and nurture. They have launched ministries including a nationwide schools ministry and a local church with a strong emphasis on reaching and equipping.

In 2010, in partnership with the ‘Pais Project’ they have begun the process of launching a church planting and nurturing movement

SAINTS CHURCH IS NEW. New in it’s journey and new in its perspective and ideas.

Our vision is to:

To equip people in their gifting, offering everyone equal opportunity.

To empower people in their vision, by training and inspiration.

To encourage people to make a difference with ancient methods of discipleship, study and mission. 


Our aim is to bring honor to Jesus through everything we do by resisting the temptation to own both responsibility and credit. We seek to re-discover the roots of our faith and the message of Jesus.


The Leadership team will have as a personal core value and desire both to serve and equip others to share the load.


We will have a discipleship process in place to help each person to take the next right step for them until they become a fully devoted follower of Christ.


We will train those with a ministry and calling.

At the heart of this ministry will be church launching and nurturing that will require us to help people discover their gifting and be empowered in their ministry calling.


 We will offer opportunity and training irrespective of race, gender or age.

We embrace diversity and the equal value of each person created in the image of God irrespective of race, gender or age.


We endeavor to be a missional church that brings hope to the poor and marginalized.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                Rev. Peter and Jane Cavanna

The Senior Leader of King’s Church is Peter Cavanna. who has been in Cambridge since October 2000. Peter is an accredited minister with the British Assemblies of God, one of the oldest Pentecostal movements in the world. As well as leading the Cambridge church, Peter also serves on the Assemblies of God Regional Leadership Team and operates in a growing international itinerant ministry, teaching the Word of God and seeing wonderful demonstrations of Christ’s healing power everywhere. He is the author of two books: “Discerning the Spirits” (2006) and “The Healing Ministry of St. Paul” (2009), and regularly writes for Christian periodicals.

Peter is married to the wonderful Jane who serves the church in a pastoral role and as the Community Officer, initiating and running the Christians Against Poverty debt counselling centre along with other community services. She also heads up the Treasure Kids Childrens’ Ministry on Sunday mornings.


As a contemporary, soul winning church in Cambridge, we are committed to seeking the lost, loving Christ, making disciples and helping the poor. We do this through the following series of connections, which we believe are biblical, attainable and inspirational. These four principles constitute our church visio


King’s is a charismatic church, connected to the world wide Pentecostal Movement and part of the UK Assemblies of God network. As Christians, we believe in being “born again” by repentance from sin and trusting in Jesus Christ as Saviour.  We are passionate about knowing the Lord, hungering and thirsting for His presence and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, giving us power for service. Our church meetings are full of life, as we seek to touch God through worship, prayer and the manifestation of spiritual gifts. The Bible as God’s infallible Word is central and we are dedicated to its study and application for today. Members of the church are expected to exhibit genuine holy lifestyles and righteous conduct through a daily connection with God.


King’s is also a fellowship church and believe it is important, where possible, to do life and faith together. This is outworked especially through our “connect groups” which meet on a bi-monthly basis during the year, usually in people’s homes, and give opportunity for people to have fun and get to know each other outside of church. There are also special times when the men and women meet up separately for breakfasts and ‘soaking’ evenings, as well as in larger gatherings. It is part of our church’s DNA to welcome new people among us and to consolidate them into the fellowship. We are serious about unity with other churches and among ourselves, and church members are expected to love and speak well of one another at all times.


King’s is developing into a community church. We have adopted a strategy called “Sunday Monday Church,” desiring to connect with and care for an additional group of people who perhaps don’t share our Christian faith but are able, through their use and application of the church’s resources, to become part of our “Monday Church” community. Each week, we host a  free Parent and Toddlers’ group, a youth club, and a safe meeting place for those struggling with mental health. Every two months, we run CAP Money – a night class for those wanting greater power over debt and finance, and we are currently looking at ways to minister to those in prisons.


King’s is also a mission church. We believe that it is important to share the good news about Jesus both at home and abroad (Acts 1:8) and we give time for evangelism training. The church supports missions’ work financially but is also committed to being a missions-going church as well as a missions-giving church. Through partnerships with World Ministries, Next Level International and Tear Fund, the fellowship is seeking to develop strong links with missionary opportunities in other nations, and to send teams on short-term missions. We are convinced that any church, whatever its size, can have an impact upon the world and we are seeking to do this by God’s grace.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                      John and Jenny Willoughby.

I was not privileged to grow up in a Christian environment, unlike my wife, Jenny, who was born into a very devout Christian family. In my case it needed years of witness and prayer, before I was born again in 1977, alone in a farmhouse in South Africa, where I was working. This was to me a Damascus Road experience, which changed my life completely. Shortly after my conversion, I felt the Lord guiding me to return to England to witness my new faith to my family.

It was soon after my conversion that I felt a call to ministry, but that Jesus needed to do a deep work in me first. I am very thankful for the ministry I received both of deliverance and healing at Bible College and later with YWAM.

During these three years I was mainly involved in an evangelistic team, travelling to Africa and South East Asia. In 1988, I felt called into the pastoral ministry at Liskeard in Cornwall. After another visit to South East Asia and nearly six years of pastoral ministry, I became a missionary to the Philippines. My subsequent ministry covered the main areas of evangelism, teaching and preaching. It was exciting and fruitful, but also a lonely time as I was still a bachelor. After eight years I felt the Lord guiding me to return to the pastoral ministry in England, where I pastored two more churches in Cornwall, firstly at Lostwithiel then at Bodmin.

It was in 2003 that Jenny and I married after many years of friendship. This was fully in the guidance and timing of the Lord and the following years since then have proved His hand of blessing, being the best years for both of us.


Meet the Christian Ministers


         Rev. Stephen and Anette Williams 

Stephen was born in Nigeria and at the age of 3 came to live in England. His home was in Birmingham and from childhood attended the Millpool Church, situated at Maypole. It was there at the age of five he responded to Christ and surrendered his a life to him. 

His wife, Annete hails from the Black Forest, Germany.

They met at the Mattersey Bible College where they were both students. When they left the college, Stephen went to be the Youth pastor at Newark in 1988 whilst Annette became the Youth Pastor Rothwell, Nr. Kettering.

They ultimately married and took over the pastorate at Retford where the Lord has enabled to do an amazing work for Him. New premises have been acquired which accommodates so many choices things to advance the Gospel. They have a beautiful café with a choice bookshop alongside. The church has grown under his loving leadership and they have to hold two services Sunday morning.

Besides leading the work at Retford, Stephen assumes leadership of the church at Worksop and has been greatly responsible in the acquiring great premises for the saints there. He is a leader, along with his wife, who are greatly esteemed.  Steve seeks to encourage the release and development of the gifts and talents of the people.

We are a lively, thriving, family based church where people are welcomed and valued.

New Life has been based in Retford for over thirty years and as it exits now is the result of the coming together of two smaller churches from Mattersey and Retford around twenty years ago.

Over the years we have grown dramatically in numbers and now have many hundreds of people being part of one or more of our activities in a normal week.

Most of our activities and meetings are housed in New Life Centre which is situated near to the Market Square in the heart of Retford. New Life Centre is also home to a diverse range of community groups and activities.

In addition to being based in Retford we also working in Worksop (New Life Church, Kilton) and Tickhill (Tickhill Evangelical Church) too.

We are in fellowship with the Assemblies of God group of churches of which there are over 600 in the UK alone.

However, you may of got this far just to find out more about us here at New Life Church. In that case, use the links in the box to the right.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                          Rev. Andy and Mel Watch

Hi, we’re Andy & Mel Watch and we are the pioneers and leaders of Guest Church.  We have been married for 12 years and have two young children.  Between us we have over 20 years of experience of working with children, youth, and families in many different contexts; nurseries, primary and secondary schools, churches, family centres etc.

As a church we are affiliated to ‘Assemblies of God’ (see Links page); an international network of churches.  

Andy is also a probationary minister with the AOG. 

Our aim as a couple is the same as the aim for us as a church:

To love GOD, love PEOPLE, and love LIFE!

If you want to know more, we would love for you to contact us. Guest Church started meeting in Andy & Mel’s house in September 2007 and 7 adults were present.  We now hold our family meetings in Emersons Green Primary School, Guest Avenue, but still hold our ‘Deeper’ meetings in the home.

For those who are a bit bemused and bewildered by the idea of church meeting in a house, or intrigued and excited, here are some examples of where it has happened before:

A friend of ours runs One Church in Gloucester (which used to be known as Robinswood Pentecostal Church) – a thriving church of hundreds which began as a group of people meeting in home many decades ago.


To see a multi-purpose Christian centre established which spiritually and practically caters for all people in the community.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                Rev. Brian  and Jose Downward

Brian is the pastor of Wessex Christian Centre, Bournemouth, He has ministered under God for nearly 50 years. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, he has pastored in various places around the U.K and the World. His main focus is feeding the body of Christ with the full and balanced Word of God. Along with his family, he planted the Wessex Christian Centre in 1985 after leaving Mid-Wales by the ‘call of God’. To hear him speak, is to to  know him.

Jose, she works at the centre every day and mostly manages our entire administration department…but that’s not where her work finishes because Jose will do anything that’s needed of her, from cleaning and maintenance to counselling and helping to lead worship during our services….without her and the work she does…this Church might just grind to a halt!

The vision of Wessex Christian Centre is to reach out to the entire area and see many people won for Christ. We place a strong emphasis on preaching the Word, prayer,  praise and worship and most recently, evangelism

We want the Wessex Christian Centre to be a ‘House of prayer for all Nations’ so we welcome people of many different Nationalities on a weekly basis

We long to see revival in The U.K more than anything else, and for many years we have prayed and sought God for this…and will continue to do so until God’s glory is seen in this Nation!

We like to think that every age group is catered for, here at W.C.C whether it’s the balance of different styles in our worship, our contemporary yet comfortable auditorium, or our extensive Youth and children’s department. We work hard to ensure that, no matter what your age or background, you will feel at home and at ease. We place high importance on fellowship as the family of God and want to learn to support each other more and more

When it comes to the social aspect of the Church, we have a wide variety of events that go on throughout the year ranging from our simple tea and coffee time after our services, through to our family days out in the spring and summer. We spend at least 4 bank holiday Monday’s a year on the parks or at the beach, just playing football or cricket, having lunch together and chatting whilst the kids have a great day on the swings and slides.

Many changes have been made to our building in the last 10 years, including a major foyer and entrance renovation, a complete re-fit of our main sanctuary, including seating lighting and sound system. Added to that, the entire service is broadcast throughout the building from the foyer and offices through to the mother and baby rooms and lower auditorium.

This is a simple outline for you to think about and meditate on. The introduction, main thoughts and conclusion need further material to be added. It is an outline for you to expand, develop more fully and fill in to spiritual profit and inspiration.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                                     Rev. Alan Silver

Alan joined BCF in September 1998. He is a gifted church leader who has pioneered a number of churches. He is married to Ruth and has two children Luke and Rachel.

Alan is also an experienced accountant and runs Christian Finance helping church leaders and churches to properly manage their finance.

Alan played a key role in bringing the two churches together

Ruth came to Blackheath in 1998, as well as regularly ministering in the church, she is a key leader of the Children’s work in the church and is very talented in this area. She is married to Alan , has two children, Luke and Rachel. She also works with Alan in Christian Finance.

The Flame Community Church is a Pentecostal church, formed by the merger of Blackheath Christian Fellowship(Assemblies of God) and Cornerstone Community Church (Elim Pentecostal).

We believe that God sends His Holy Spirit to enable the Church to do the things that Jesus did when he was walking the earth. We also believe that God has called us, as indeed He has called all Christians, to take the Gospel (Good News) to all people.

We also believe that the Church is far bigger than The Flame Community Church, Assemblies of God and Elim Pentecostal Church(our parent groups). We are therefore committed to working with other churches to build God’s kingdom and are glad to be actively involved with Blackheath Churches Together a group of local churches committed to building God’s kingdom.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                 Rev. Derek and Heather Dudfield

Dek is the Senior Pastor of the church alongside his wife Heather. Dek is a self employed haulage contractor and has run ‘DA Transport’ in partnership with his brother for 25 yrs. As a keen footballer he manages Bilston Beacons who play in the WMCFL, of which he’s also the President.

He has a real heart for mission and is a trustee for World Christian Ministries. In October 2005 he went on his first missions trip to Romania. Dek’s desire is to equip and empower the local church to have a significant impact on the surrounding community and to see many come to know Jesus.

Heather is the organiser of the team. She has been married to Dek for 20 yrs and together they have 2 children; Gemma (17) and Lucy (12). Heather qualified as a Probation Officer in 1990 and is currently working for the Dudley Youth Offending Service.  She particularly enjoys working with children and young people and has run the church’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ Carer and toddler group for 11 years. Heather’s desire is to see the Church reach into the local community by showing God’s love through acts of kindness and service.

Bilston Pentecostal Church is part of Assemblies of God, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the UK. Our Sunday congregation is about 100 people of all different ages and nationalities including British, Jamaican, Italian, Nigerian, Asian and South American.

We are a lively church. We have a worship band, which includes a keyboard, guitars, drums, vocalists, and wind instruments. We use a variety of songs, with Soul Survivor and Australia being our main sources of new material.

Bilston Pentecostal Church has always been a church that supports missionaries as well as supporting Bible College students, widows, children, orphans and feeding centres right across the world.

We are very much involved with World Christian Ministries (WCM) who have a massive input in many nations, David Taylor in Columbia and also Joanne Simpson out in Albania. We realise the importance of giving into certain projects and helping those who are at the forefront of doing what we can’t.

WCM’s motto is “We can’t change the world, but we can change someone’s  world”. Individuals within our church sponsor children in various countries ranging from £5 – £20 a month.

We are looking to open a charity shop over the coming months in Bilston town Centre in partnership with WCM to help raise money for children in 3rd world countries.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                    Rev. Ian and Liz Fergusson

 Blackburn RAF pilot gets his wings as a church minister

A FORMER Royal Air Force pilot has quit the cockpit and be-come a preacher after a near-fatal crash brought him closer to God.

Pastor Ian Ferguson was officially inducted as minister of the Grace Community Church, Oakenhurst Road, Black-burn, only six months after his retirement from the RAF.

Ian, 57, had been a member of the Royal Air Force for over 30 years, and he is certain that his survival of the crash was down to the “absolute power of God”.

On January 7 1986, the Phantom FGR 2 XV 434 jet he was flying, along with navigator Steve Williams, crashed into Buckden Pike in the North Yorkshire Pennines after the flight controls failed to respond correctly.

Ian said, “I felt the aircraft change, it began to nosedive and it over-responded to any adjust-ment I tried to make.”

The Phantom jet entered a 600mph nosedive, and Ian had only a split-second to decide his next move.

He was only 250ft from the ground when he pulled the ejection handle.

Ian said, “There’s 3000lbs of dynamite under ejector seats and can go from 0 to 60mph in 0.3 seconds.

“It was like something out of a Hollywood movie.

“As I shot upwards, I could see the aircraft sliding away beneath my feet and crash into the side of the hill.

“I felt no real fear, there wasn’t this feeling of life flashing before my eyes’ because I knew God would carry me through, even if I died.

“They were only able to recover 400 bags of dust from the crash site.”

The official RAF Aircraft Accident Report which was carried out in June of 1987, stated that “in the circumstances, the pilot had no realistic chance of recovering the aircraft.”

Despite his serious injuries which included a broken left arm and broken right leg, Ian does not regret what happened and has used his experience as a positive way to instill the Christian faith in others.

The crash cemented Ian’s Christian beliefs and made him decide to begin train-ing to be a minister. He said: “It has opened up Christian contacts we would never have made and has brought many people closer to God.”

Ian grew up in Bampton, Oxfordshire, near RAF base Brize Norton. He said: “Ever since I was 11 years old, I had always wanted to fly a Phantom.

“I tried and failed to join the RAF many times, I had a real inferiority complex and was a disaster in education.

“When I finally got my wings’ in 1974, I knew that God had given me the gift to fly.”

Grace Community Church exists to reach the global community with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus, encouraging believers to grow in love with Him and with each other, and seeking to empower all of God’s people for service so enabling them to fulfil the purpose to which God has called them. 

We are a lively, friendly, family orientated church with a passion for reaching the community in Blackburn with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Our pastor Ian Ferguson and his wife Liz warmly welcomes you to view our web site, and personally invite you to visit our church.


Meet the Christian Ministers


                     Rev. Andy and Becky Dilnot

Pastor Andy Dilnot has spent two years transitioning his church before relaunching it in September. Andy is 30, married to Becky who lives in the twon of Eastwood Nottinghamshire. 


TELL us about the journey you have been on in ministry.

I worked in the flooring trade for a number of years and then went to Mattersey Hall Bible College part-time for five years. I was the youth pastor for approximately ten years and I am now the senior leader.

When I was 16 God spoke to me through Exodus 3:9 that he has heard the cry of this generation. This generation is crying out for purpose, acceptance and love. There are a lot of suffering people in society. God has heard them and wants churches to rise up that will be relevant.

Over the past two years we have transitioned the church in order to repurpose and relaunch it.

You’ve changed the name of the church as well. Why?

The name of the church is New Horizon AoG Church. The title comes from a prophetic picture speaking of what God wants everyone in the world to experience.

God wants the church to be a light and to influence the world around us. Isaiah talks about nations coming to ‘the light of our dawn’, and even though the world is in ‘thick darkness’, the light of Jesus will penetrate it. I want all people to experience the new life that comes through knowing Christ. When we look at the woman caught in adultery outlined in the Bible, we can see that the only horizon this woman was facing was death by stoning – that is until she met Jesus. An encounter with Jesus brings a new horizon.

We want people who face despair and shame to know a second chance and freedom through Christ. Our ultimate desire is that our church will do exactly what it says on the tin!

What does New Horizon Church do to reach out?

We are in the world to influence people, culture, communities and nations. We put these values into our church activities.

We reach about 500 young people a week in schools, and have a lunch club for the elderly. We’re involved in partnering with local agencies in improving the lives of young people who are homeless.

We also have a contemporary Sunday morning service, life groups, a toddler group, youth events and Bible seminars.

We are currently involved in planting a church in the Czech Republic and we support missions work in Serbia and Zimbabwe. We’re also seeing young people released into short-term missions.

And you’re actually moving out of your church building.

‘We relaunched the church in September and we meet in Eastwood Theatre,; which is part of Eastwood Comprehensive School, from 11am to 12.30pm on Sundays.

We hired out a theatre because we want to extensively expand our seating capacity. We are keeping our existing building as an operations centre for the outreach activities and other services put on in the week. We had an extensive marketing campaign to launch the church, ranging from advertising in the local news- paper to billboards.

So, what is New Horizon Church like?

We want to establish a culture that is not just about Christians attending church, but about Christians being church. This is so that people who don’t know Christ can read our lives and experience Jesus on the factory floor, in school and at the office – through us being the church out in the world. The church must be missional and realise that it exists for people. We have put the needs of this generation before our own preferences, and we must creatively tailor our worship and presentation of the gospel in order to be relevant and understood clearly.

It is a team effort, and I work alongside some amazing godly men and women who are working to fulfill God’s purposes. The challenge is great, but we want to build an influential church, not so that we can boast about the numbers and status, but because the need in society is so great.

For more information visit 


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