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Rev. E. Anderson
Welcome, if it is your first visit to the site. I trust that you will enjoy reading and noting the contents and benefit enormously from the material presented. If you visit often, thank you very much. It gives me some pleasure to know that what is presented is being of service to you to bless others.

If you will look at the left hand side of the page you will see and note, select category. Place your cursor there and it will give you a list of many categories on this site. Click on any subject and it will provide much material relating to the subject. It is a library of contents that has been placed on the site for over three years. There is much material for you to see, note and use as desired.

I have been a Christian minister for over fifty years and now in my retirement am engaged in encouraging all who are in the later stage of life still to be active for the Lord in releasing the spiritual potential still waiting to be released with much blessing. God’s will for us is that we shall be possessed by divine zeal and usefulness. May we who lead others have such a passion and commitment.


The primary truth that is yours and is to persist in life and through eternity is that you are forever loved by your God. He loved you before your arrival, loves you consistently whilst on earth and will be known and experienced in the infinite ages yet to unfold. This is your security and true happiness. It is an unreserved and undeserved passion that He holds within His being for you and it is that which continually moves and motivated His thoughts and actions towards you even today. It is essential that you know and learn to rest and rejoice in His personal emotions towards you. Because of this pure inspiration your present and eternal future is sound and secure. Note the promise: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Him” – 1 Cor 2: 9.


minor prophets

Uganda 649

Rev. E. Anderson

Zephaniah 1-3:8

There are occasions, because of the awful mess that has been created, that there has to be a clean sweep of the rubbish and ruin. When things have deteriorated to such a level that all that can be seen is garbish and rot, then there has to take place a complete removal of such, and this is usually known as “a clean sweep.” Before anything is likely to arise of worth and value this must precede. There is no other way of getting a fresh start and of causing things to improve and develop in a right and profitable manner than this to occur. The Lord has to do this with nations and situations that arise on planet earth and it is unfolded in this prophetic revelation. In fact 1:2 says: “I will sweep away everything in all your land.” It is quite an awesome disclosure.


Although they had a special and unique relationship with Jehovah, He was going to take measures out against them because they had miserably failed to fulfil His expectations and their destiny. They were to be the first in line to experience the clean sweep. They ought to have known better because they had so much wrought for them and been the recipients of divine revelation and grace but they missed out and finished as rubbish. It was mainly due to their acceptance and worship of pagan deities and so the Lord makes it clear He will remove the rubbish. This state of affairs cannot continue unless a genuine experience of repentance was manifest – 2: 1-3, but this was not to be. The slate would be wiped clean in readiness for something better.


Nations situated around would not escape. If God is to judge His Church, His elect household, the rest of peoples must not think that they will go without divine action. The principle with the Lord is judgement begins at His house, that which is closest to Him and then further afield. Here there is a list of nations: Philistia, Moab, Ammon, EWiiopia and Assyria. In each instance there are expressions that make it obvious that by the time the Lord has finished He will have swept away the wicked and the wickedness. The language portrays what happens when He moves in judgement. For example He says: “Moab and Ammon will be destroyed as completely as Sodom and Gomorhha” – 2: 9.


It seems that the lessons of history has never been learned by the nations – vv6, 7. There is a relentless procedure of evil and civilizations arise continuing the former practices of their forbears. Sin is so inbred and prevalent it is still around in the great finale. The ultimate times will birth and bring an enormous amount of filth and corruption. One should not be surprised as to what will be spewed out in the climax of this world age. The cup of iniquity is getting full worldwide. It is about to experience the final clean sweep of God. The present floodtide of sin is to be dealt efficiently by the Lord in His just wrath and anger – vv8, 9. It will not be tolerated and it will be in readiness for something better and lasting – v9.


message by rev rick warren

rick warren

Rev. Rck Warren

“I will never lay aside your laws, for you have used them to restore my joy and health.” (Psalm 119:93 TLB)

God’s Word is full of commands that are meant to protect you and give you life. If God says to do something, he means for you to do it, and if he says not to do something, you shouldn’t do it. So why should you follow God’s Word? Why should you make this book your standard?

Because the Bible is dependable because it doesn’t change. Fads change, opinions change — even science changes. By the time a science textbook is in print, it’s already out of date! A few weeks ago I threw out a thick stack of computer books because they’re all worthless and irrelevant — wrong operating systems and wrong programs. Everything changes, but God’s Word doesn’t change, because the truth never changes.

During an interview, Alan Shepherd, the first American astronaut in space, was asked, “What are you depending on?” Shepherd replied, “That God’s laws will not change.” That’s a pretty good answer! What if gravity worked every other day?

God’s laws are immutable. They are unchanging. If you want to get healthy again emotionally, relationally, physically, or any other way, you need to make Jesus Christ the manager of your life and you need to make God’s Word the authority of your life.

And, you need to make the commitments David did in Psalm 119:112 — “I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever, no matter what” (CEV) — and in Psalm 119:93: “I will never lay aside your laws, for you have used them to restore my joy and health” (TLB). Have you made the commitment to obey God’s laws forever — no matter what? God promises to restore your joy and health if you’ll just do what he says to do and exhibit true meekness, where you let go and let God.


What parts of the Bible are more difficult for you to obey or follow?
How have you seen God restore your joy because of your obedience?


message of note


Dr. Hormoz Shariat

There aren’t many pastors that can claim to be experts in artificial intelligence, but Hormoz Shariat is far from average. iBelieve spoke to the man with a plan to make a difference in Iran…

Dr. Hormoz Shariat is perhaps the most unlikely candidate you could ever have met for Christian ministry. Brought up as a Muslim, he found himself disenchanted with the religion of his youth and leant into science instead, embracing all that his education in electrical engineering was saying to him.

Now, though, he leads a church plantJing organisation (Iran Alive Ministries) and 124/7 Satellite Broadcast to the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

“I was born and raised as a Muslim,” he explains. “I was pretty devout until my teenage years which was when I started i think that completing the rituals didn’t lake sense and was empty. I didn’t have any relationship with God. I just quit the rituals and pursued science. “Then, I was finishing my degree during the Iranian revolution and I thought, ‘Maybe I should look again at Islam? Maybe I’m missing something?’ I studied the Qur’an le more time and I realised that there was some truth in it but it didn’t satisfy my soul.

“I got a Bible, and I didn’t expect to find anything new. I thought I’d read it in a few days!I read Genesis and then started Matthew. I realised Jesus was not who Islam said he was. It took me three months get to Matthew chapter five because every sentence was a challenge to who I thought Jesus was.”

It was only when confronted by the similarity between the Bible and the Qur’an that Dr Hormoz realised just how divergent the two religions were. I struggled with deciding which one was true and I started going to a church. I heard the gospel. I heard how simple the message of the gospel is and I received Christ. My life was changed, and that’s how I came to Christ.”

Brought to the USA to complete his PhD in computer engineering, Dr Hormoz found himself a world away from the on-going Iranian revolution and surrounded by the best and brightest minds chipping ‘at the problem of artificial intelligence. “Many in that field are Christians,” he adds. “The more you understand the human brain, the more you realise it is not just chemical and electrical interaction; there is something supernatural!”

Internally, though, Dr Hormoz was undergoing his own revolution.

“My life was changed so much. It was dramatically altered from the inside. The emptiness I had, and my search for God was finished. There’s something supernatural living inside of me and changing me.

“As an engineer, I wanted something that worked practically. I was not looking for poetry! I had high standards and the gospel works – it transformed my life and I have seen it transform the lives of many others. I just feel it would be selfish not to share it when it’s made such a difference in my life.

“I started sharing the gospel with others in the beginning. I started planting churches as I was doing my scientific research. The churches grew, and I felt called to pastor the mother church. I became a pastor after years of doing research!”

Although considering the complexities of electrical circuitry in a bid to make a synthetic brain might not strike you as the best prepa¬ration for ministry, God began to use Dr. Hormoz to make a difference. The vision was never just local, though.

“I planted the church in our home, with only three people; myself, my wife and a lady,” he remembers. “But I felt the Lord telling me even then, ‘I’m going to do a great work in Iran and I’m giving you the honour of being a part of it.’ That was a message I felt every time I prayed, so I’ve always had a vision for Iran. It was always there for many years, as a promise.”

That dream has begun to become a reality in recent times. For the past eleven years, Dr Hormoz has been broadcasting Christian television programmes into Iran and other countries in the Middle East.

“We are seeing Iran being saved according to Jeremiah 49:38 before our eyes. It is happening. It’s not just faith. We started broadcasting, and from day one we saw a great response from Iran.

“Iranians call us and many are praying to accept Christ. The Lord is opening the nation. Iran is more open now than ever. People are coming to Christ and dedicating their lives to serving the Lord in an amazing way.

“We have the names of over 25,000 Muslims who have called us to pray to receive Christ over the last eleven years. There are probably ten times that many who made the same decision, but did not call us.

“These people aren’t just there to enjoy Jesus, because they are under persecution. In the latest Operation World manual, Iran is listed as the fastest growing evangelical population in the world.” For security reasons, Dr Hormoz can’t go into detail about what is actually going on on the ground, but he’s very clear about the purpose of his TV programmes.

“Television for me is not a goal, it’s a tool. I want to plant churches, bring people to Christ, identify leaders and invest in those leaders. The broadcast is the part of our ministry which is public. It is a tool, ultimately, to build churches in Iran. The end result is strong, healthy, and multiplying churches.”

Dr Hormoz’s Iranian outreach is also a kind of revenge mission. When he was still young in his faith, his younger brother was arrested, held for two years and then executed at the age of 18.

“I went before the Lord and asked why,” Dr Hormoz relates. “I cried and searched and sought God. I wanted revenge. The Lord says no revenge, but that I have to love and not even be bitter and angry, so I asked, ‘What can I do?’

“The Lord told me, ‘If you want revenge, there is only one enemy – Satan. When you evangelise, that is your revenge.’

“I felt a new call at that time. I decided that I would not hate even the murderers of my brother and that I would share God’s love.”


meet the ministers

Dave  Elaine Lawrence

Rev. David & Elaine Lawrence

David & Elaine married in 1991 now have three children, Joel, James & Rebekah. David has been in full-time ministry since 1990, initially as a voluntary youth and schools worker for 3 years then as an Assistant Minister for 4 1/2 years in Dagenham before moving to Stafford with his family to pioneer.

Elaine was also very involved in the ministry at Dagenham, especially with the youth; she also headed a successful Parent and Toddler group. Elaine is a fully trained nurse and has been in the profession for over 20 years.

David and Elaine are very excited about their work in Stafford and they have a real concern for the needs of the people of Stafford. Their desire is for Harvest Community Church to be a church that is relevant and welcoming to all people. To create an environment where the Gospel is powerfully and relevantly communicated and where people see God in ACTION!


We value:

YOU!! You’re important because God thinks you’re important! Therefore, we accept you for who you are! FULL STOP!! Please note, that God loves us too much to leave us as we are! He desires to release us into our full potential which is awesome!!

COMMMUNITY!! Life is about relationships! No one ever said at the end of their life, I wished I worked harder or worked longer hours! Life is far more fun when we share the journey with others! Where we’re free to be ourselves without judgement!

OUR TOWN!! Church is not just about us. It’s about others too!! One of Harvest Community Church’s aims is to be an influence in our town by helping practically as well as spiritually.

DEPLOYMENT!! Our desire is to help you discover, develop and deploy the gifts that God has placed within you. When you discover why you’ve been placed on this earth your life becomes an adventure!!

THE BIBLE!! It is the final authority in our lives and in our church community!

PRAYER!! Connecting with God is what we’re about. There can be no better investment!!


living devotions

ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson
Senior Living Ministries

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight”
— Proverbs 3:5-6

When Sujo John and his wife moved to the United States from India in February 2001, things were looking great. He lived in New York City, and got a well-paying job on the 81st floor of One World Trade Centre. God was at work in Sujo’s life, and at 8:11 a.m. on September 11th, 2001, he wrote an email to a friend saying, “I know I have the call of God”.

The first plane hit just a few floors above Sujo’s office at 8:46 a.m. His office caught fire, and it was difficult to see where he was going. By God’s grace, he made it to the stairs, walked down, and made it out of the building just minutes before the collapse of Tower 2.

Today, Sujo has a new purpose in life. He said in an interview with CBN, “If the terrorists are willing to die for the cause they believe in, how guilty am I for not living for the greatest cause ever—the cause of Jesus Christ?” Today, Sujo has a platform to preach the gospel all over the world because of his experiences that day.

If people are willing to die for the cause of hatred, how much more should we as Christians be willing to live for the cause of Christ? Remember that truth today, and commit yourself fully to God’s plans and purposes for you!


Ask God to show you how He wants to use you to accomplish His purposes.


leadership factors

andrew smith
Rev. Andrew Smith

A few weeks ago a young Asian guy wandered into my church one Tuesday afternoon. I quickly realised he was tired and thirsty so invited him into my office and four cups of tea later he began to tell me his amazing story.

In 1972 his father and grandfather had to flee mainland China, their large family home, and ended up in Hong Kong, which at that time was part of the British Commonwealth.

Thrilled at the kindness shown to his refugee family Bosco decided 42 years later that he would take a year out from his journalistic career to say thank you to the UK and raise awareness of the work of the United Nations Refugee Department.

His plan – a simple one – he would walk from Hong Kong to London in 365 days. Months of meticulous planning went into mapping the route, booking flights and getting sponsorship from companies such as Nike etc.

And so it was that Bosco ended up in Whitburn, Scotland on a warm Tuesday afternoon 201 days into his marathon walk. His plan, as always, was to knock on doors and ask if he could spend the night there.

On hearing the story and realising it was genuine we booked Bosco into a local hotel and looked after him for the night. Meeting him for breakfast the next day confirmed that the past few months had been full of incident and adventure. It had not always been easy and he had faced all types of rejection and misunderstanding but he was determined to complete his task. As he headed off to Edinburgh on the next stage of his walk I admired the enthusiasm and passion Bosco had for his mission.

It got me thinking: how do we compare as leaders in our determination to seeing our mission fulfilled and the good news of the Gospel shared in our communities?

The qualities and characteristics Bosco had can be summarised as follows :

1. He was focused on his task
2. He prepared well in advance
3. He did not allow discouragement or rejection to get him down
4. He believed that his needs would be met along the way
5. He embraced new things
6. He was determined to enjoy the journey
7. He made it priority to raise awareness of his cause

I learned a lot in just 24 hours from my friend Bosco who is currently in France and on target to complete the walk in October and hand in a petition from the United Nations to our prime minister at No.10 Downing Street.

An amazing guy who inspired me to look at the task in hand and determine to give it everything possible. After all, Jesus deserves nothing less and so do the thousands of people in our twins, cities and villages.


just a thought


Rev. Aaron Linford

The incident of the lost axe-head recorded in 2 Kings 6:5 where the unfortunate “son of the prophets” cries out, “Alas master. For it was borrowed”, teaches us three things.

First, The principle of dependence. 0nly God is sell sufficient. We mortals depend on Him for being and becoming. But our emptiness attracts His fullness, for “Blessed are the destitute in spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt 5:3).

Secondly, the principle of stewardship. If all our gifts are from God – time, talent, strength and ability – we are under stem obligation to use them wisely as faithful stewards. We owe all to our Creator; we should not only recognise this, but also respond by devoting ourselves to Him.

Thirdly, the principle of accountability. God’s gifts imply responsibility, and for this we must all eventually “stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ” to give an account. The righteous Judge will praise or punish, to our eternal gain or loss.

But what if we fail? The young enthusiast felt his loss and cried out, “Alas, Master”. And “whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. The Master was at hand, and on the confession of the loser, introduced a new element into the hopeless situation. As Elisha cast a branch into the turgid stream, so Christ in His cross. A miracle ensues; “the iron did swim”.


illustrations that light up life

Uganda 649

Rev. E. Anderson

John Green

No greater moral change ever passed over a nation than passed over England during the years which parted the middle of the reign of Elizabeth from the Long Parliament. England became a people of the book, and that book was the Bible. It was read at churches and read at home, and everywhere its words, as they fell on ears which custom had not deadened, kindled a startling enthusiasm.

As a mere literary monument, the English version of the Bible remains the noblest example of the English tongue. But far greater was the effect of the Bible on the character of the people. Elizabeth might silence or tune the pulpits, but it was impossible for her to silence or tune the great preachers of justice and mercy and truth who spoke from the Book.

The whole temper of the nation felt the change. A new conception of life and of man superseded the old. A new moral and religious impulse spread through every class.


great stories

ernest reading pose

Rev. E. Anderson

by Linda Hanick

Letting go is often the hardest thing.

Our daughter, Erica, came into this world blind.

Later, grave medical problems followed. Erica was almost four when it became clear she was dying as Jack and I kept vigil at her hospital bedside, our prayers for healing gradually became prayers for wisdom and acceptance.

Then Jack looked at me searchingly. ‘Linda,’ he said, ‘we should do more than pray to God about Erica. We need to talk to Erica about God.’

I knew he was right. Erica was afraid, afraid of dying. Despite her pain, I sensed she was holding on to us because we were the surest love she knew.

Cupping her tiny hands, we told her that God’s love was so much greater than ours, and that she had to try to let go — of this hospital room, this bed, even us.
‘Where you are going is a safe place, more beautiful and full of love than anything you’ve ever known . . .’

In my mind I saw Erica running and skipping over emerald grass through fields of rainbow coloured flowers. Her golden hair blazed in the sunlight. Her voice was laughter and her eyes were like the sky, cloudless and blue. She was no longer blind.
A nurse came by to record Erica’s vital signs. Though it was clear Erica’s physical condition remained the same, I sensed a change, something deep in her spirit. I was about to tell Jack what I saw in mind when he said, ‘You know, just before the nurse came in I had the strongest image. I saw Erica, so vividly, skipping and running across a field of beautiful flowers. She was laughing. And her eyes were clear and blue as the sky.


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